20 Food and Stockpiling PDF Downloads

Starting a food stockpile may be easy if all you want is be covered for 1-2 weeks, but things get tricky if you want enough supplies to last longer. In what follows, you can download over a dozen resources related to stockpiling, canning, and root cellars.

To download any of the files, right select on Link, then Select “Save As” , then select the download location on your computer.


A super-useful chart of the most common foods and their shelf life in both the fridge and the freezer. Get it here.

Shelf-Stable Food Safety – from the USDA

A handy table of most common canned foods and their shelf life both before and after opening the jar. You’ll also find a nice FAQ section before the actual table. Download it here.

Food Storage and Shelf Life Guidelines

Another collection of lists of foods and their shelf life in both the fridge and the freezer, along with further info on what the various dates on commercial products mean. Get it here.

Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks – from the American heart Association

A PDF outlining a basic survival stockpile, with additional tips on where to store everything, and much more. Get it here.

Keeping Food Safe in an Emergency

A really handy PDF telling you how to maximize the shelf life of your food in an emergency. Particularly useful if you have a lot of perishables in your fridge. Download it here.

Family Emergency Kit Checklist – from the CDC

This 7 page checklist is a very good start if you’re prepping along with your family. Download it here.

The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist

A solid 59 page report on how to build a survival kit. You definitely don’t want to miss this one. Full download.

FOOD STORAGE IN THE HOME – Utah State University

A 21 page report with lots of useful info on how to stockpile nutritious foods, and how long they last in different storage conditions. Free download.

Food and Water in an Emergency – by FEMA

A 16-page report showing the basics of starting an emergency food stockpile. Get it here.

Emergency Checklist – from Broward County, FL

A 2-page checklist that covers most of the essentials. Print it out and make sure you have most if not all items on this list. Get it here.

3 Month Food Supply

This 2-in-1 food stockpiling plan not only gives you a printable daily meal plan template, but also a printable inventory list. Get it here.

Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

A handy guide with tips on how to keep food edible for longer, and when to throw it out to avoid eating rotten food. Free download.

Home Storage of Foods: Shelf Storage

A comprehensive list of foods that can be stored in the pantry, and for how long. Free download.

Food Storage for Safety and Quality

Probably the most comprehensive table I have found, with shelf life for storing foods in the fridge, the freezer, as well as the pantry Get it here.

Principles of Home Canning – form the USDA

A very good introduction to home canning, that will teach you safety precautions and solid tips in order to safely can foods at home. Download it here.


A 62 page guide on home canning. Full download here.

Smoking Meat and Poultry – USDA Guidelines

A brief overview of meat smoking and some of the precautions you must take when doing it at home. Full download.


A good overview of the main smoking methods, diagrams of how a smokehouse works, as well as a few smoking recipes you can try on your own. Full download here.


A step by step PDF guide to build a root cellar on your own, from A to Z. Get it here.

Vegetable Storage in Root Cellars – from the University of Alaska

A good reference for how to best store veggies in a root cellar, complete with ideal temperatures, humidity, and shelf life for most common veggies. Get it here.

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