19 Survival Books and Military Manuals PDFs

if you ever wanted to ramp up your prepping knowledge by getting lots of quality survival books for free, then you’ve come to the right place. You can download any of these right now, and save them on your phone, tablet, laptop or Kindle to read offline.

Are You Ready? – from FEMA

This 200 page eBook from FEMA takes you through the basics of preparedness. Immediate download here.

Build a Shelter

If the idea of nuclear war scares you, a fallout shelter is something that should offer protection. This 48 page booklet will touch on all aspects you need to keep in mind before building one. Free download.

The Effects of Nuclear War

This 154 page ebook is full of no=nonsense advice on how to prepare for and survive a nuclear war. Get it here.

FEMA – Nuclear War Survival

This 42 page booklet talks about a nuclear war and what it means for the general population. The last chapter is also the most interesting, with tips on how to live after the blast. Full download.

Nuclear Weapons Effects

This 34 page report goes really in-depth in analyzing and explaining the effects of a nuclear blast, telling you what to expect depending on the distance between you and ground zero. Get it here.

Survival & Austere Medicine – An Introduction (3rd Edition)

This 614 book is a true gem of survival medicine. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of survival medicine, or you’re trying to take your knowledge to the next level, this eBook has what you need. Full download here.

FM 21-76-1 – Survival-Evasion-Recovery

If you think you’ll be bugging out in the next disaster, this field manual covers everything from escape and evasion to procuring water and food, personal protection, and even radio communications and signaling. Get it here.

FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual

This is probably the most basic military survival manual you can read. It’s mainly focused on wilderness survival, so you can learn about making shelter, procuring food and water, basic first aid, having a basic survival kit, and even about more advanced things such as identifying poisonous plants. Get it here.


If nuclear and biological weapons are of concern, this very in-depth 250 pages military manual will cover all the bases. Get it here.

FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination

This is probably the most comprehensive manual I’ve come across. It talks about the possibilities of contamination with various nuclear and biological substances, and the various procedures to decontaminate. Full download.

FM 3-9 – Potential Military Chemical / Biological Agents and Compounds

If you want a deeper look into the various chemical and biological agents that are being used to cause harm, this military field manual is really in-depth.

FM 4-25.11 – First Aid Military Manual

This first aid course for soldiers will just easily be of help when you’re on your own in a survival situation. Full download here.

Medical NBC Battlebook

I you’re worried about chemical, biological or nuclear threats, this 300 page first aid ebook will teach you what to do to maximize the odds of survival. Get it here.

Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT – 1998)

If you’re prepping on survival war or extended riots inside a city, this 368 pages military field manual may teach you a thing or two. Get it here.

Rangers Handbook

This really interesting military eBook will reveal ranger tactics you army apply when dealing with bad guys on your own. It even teaches you various survival skills such as knot typing. Full download.

US Army FM 90-10-1 An Infantryman’s Guide To Combat In Built-up Areas

If you’re looking to learn some combat tactics that could come in handy during a home invasion or a bug out, this military field manual will offer some really in-depth advice. Full download here.

US Marine Corps – Survival -FM 21-76

Another useful military manual with basic survival advice. This one is pretty hefty at 571 pages get it here.

First Aid in armed conflicts and other situations of violence

A really in-depth 286 page manual from the red cross about giving first aid in various situations. A must-read.

U.S. Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide

If you’re looking to at least try to train yourself like the Navy SEALs, what better place to get their workouts than their own military manual? Full download here.

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