Easy DIY Carpet Cleaner Recipe

Stockpiling the ingredients to make a DIY carpet cleaner should be worked into every prepper’s budget. Cleaning your carpets might not initially sound like a priority chore on your survival plan list – but it should.

The bacteria and germs lurking in carpets can spark or spread illness in a short amount of time. When calling 911 is not an option, remaining keenly focused on thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your bugin location or prepper treat must be a top level concern.

DIY carpet cleaners can be used to regularly eliminate blood, livestock manure, dirt, bacteria, decomposing food, and other potentially harmful pathogens from your floors.

Using natural ingredients to make your DIY carpet cleaner not only may keep you healthier by decreasing your exposure to possibly toxic chemical ingredients, but allow you to use multi-purpose ingredients that may already be a part of your preps to make the DIY carpet cleaner.

When making an all natural carpet cleaner to remove dirt and debris from your floors, there will be no need to ensure the process is conducted in a well-ventilated room, nor will you have to worry about babies, young children, or pets being coming into contact with the carpet even immediately after the cleaning.

Easy DIY Carpet Cleaner Recipe Active Ingredients


Something as simple and cheap as standard table salt can help keep your carpets clean when used in conjunction with a DIY carpet cleaner recipe. If you are cleaning up an especially grimey, thick, or dirty patch of carpet I do recommend using sea salt instead.

This type of larger and more abrasive salt can help break up and pull up the dirt and scum better than standard table salt.

In addition to using salt as an ingredient in a cleaner recipe, it can also be used as a pre-treatment. To use as a pre-treatment, liberally sprinkle your chosen salt onto the carpet, and allow it to settle for roughly 15 to 25 minutes. Next, vacuum up the salt, then proceed with the carpet cleaning.

Distilled White Vinegar

The uses for vinegar are seemingly endless. Distilled white vinegar not only helps remove even tough protein stains and debris in carpets, but helps to eliminate odors, as well – even pesky pet odors.

Due to the highly acidic nature of distilled white vinegar, it is best to dilute it slightly with Lukewarm water. Typically, using a 2 to 1 ratio of vinegar to Lukewarm water is recommended. But, if you are dealing with a particularly big mess or especially thick carpet, consider diluting the vinegar slightly less.

Essential Oils

There is no absolute need to infuse essential oils into your DIY carpet cleaner, but doing so will add a fresh and lingering pleasant scent to the carpets. If children age 2 and younger or pets will be on the carpet make certain you are using only essential oils deemed to be safe for them to come into contact with – even after the carpet has dried.

Easy DIY Carpet Cleaner Recipe


  • 2 cups lukewarm water
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 2 cups salt
  • 15 drops your favorite essential oil pet and baby safe


  • In a squirt bottle, pour the distilled white vinegar and the lukewarm water.
  • Next, pour the salt into the same squirt bottle.
  • Put the nozzle lid on the squirt bottle, and screw it in place firmly.
  • Shake the squirt bottle for 30 to 60 seconds vigorously.
  • Remove the nozzle lid again.
  • Drop in any essential oils being used – if any.
  • Replace the squirt bottle nozzle once again and shake vigorously.

How to Use The Carpet Cleaner

  • Before each use shake the squirt bottle for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • You can mix a larger batch of this DIY carpet cleaner recipe and use it to fill up a carpet shampoo machine or a carpet steamer. If
  • Usage Tips
  • Always shake the container for about 30 seconds before using.
  • Squirt the carpet cleaner onto the carpet section being cleaned or the entire room of carpet.
  • This DIY all-natural carpet cleaner can be squirted directly onto a stained or dirty carpet area. Some folks use this mixture in their carpet steamer or shampooer machine. Pour in 1 cup of carpet cleaner, and fill up the rest of the steam or shampooer reservoir with hot water.
  • Let the carpet dry for an hour before using the sweeper to vacuum up both the DIY carpet cleaner and the debris and bacteria it has lifted.
  • The amount of carpet cleaner created by this recipe should treat a 10 X 15 room of thin to mildly thick carpet.
  • This easy DIY carpet cleaner can be made ahead so it is always ready to use when the carpet is soiled while in the midst of rendering first aid, after food is spilled, or manure is tracked on it. Typically, the ingredient combination in this carpet cleaner recipe will retain their potency for about one month.
  • When treating soiled carpet that is also particularly odorous, I highly recommend pre-treating with not just salt, but baking sodas well, to better pull out and eliminate the smell.

This easy DIY carpet cleaner can also be used on upholstered furniture to remove stains, odors, debris, and bacteria. Use a thickly bristled cleaning brush or old toothbrush to scrub clean the upholstery.

Rinse the upholstered furniture with lukewarm was spritzed onto the area with a spray nozzle. Next, use the hose attachment on your vacuum to suction up the DIY carpet cleaner, debris, and water after your done cleaning and rinsing.

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  1. I found this recipe on another site. It’s exactly the same amount of ingredients, but uses 2 teaspoons salt instead of 2 cups. Which amount of salt is correct? Thanks


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