The Right Way to Shoot a Bow

how to shoot a bow collage

Humans have had bows for millions of years, before that the ranged arrow was loosed from an atl-atl, which still exists today. The invention of the bow changed hunting and over the years changed warfare… The English used longbows to dominate warfare for hundreds of years, as the bow could be nocked, drawn and loosed … Read more

Prepping and Surviving in an RV

rv in camping location

Millions of people around the world use RVs or Motorhomes or even day-vans for a variety of reasons. They provide some of the comforts a house provides, heat, an oven, table, comfy chairs and a bed to name a few. Preppers will modify an RV for their Bug-Out Vehicles for the same reason, as comfort … Read more

The $250 Bug Out Bag

green backpack with two water bottles in side pockets

Welcome to the second in the trilogy of Bug-out bags, here we look at putting together a bug-out bag within certain budgets. Today we will be looking at how to put together a bug-out bag for $250. A bug-out bag is vital for a prepper, you might carry it in a vehicle or have it … Read more

Using a Van as a Bug-Out Vehicle

bug-out van

Vans are a popular vehicle to convert into what are called “day vans”. A day van means the storage area in the back has been converted to have a folding chair/bed and a few cupboards along with a leisure battery or batteries. That’s a basic day van and they do not hold much when you … Read more

The 16 Best Survival Backpacks You Can Get

green backpack with two water bottles in side pockets

A backpack is incredibly important, they store and protect our gear from the weather and the eyes of others. They also organize our gear. For preppers, two backpack designs are useful: The Hiking Backpack and the Tactical Backpack. Both are different and come at different prices. They work differently from each other and depending on … Read more

The $500 Bug Out Bag

So we know how a bug-out bag can be important, they can save lives. But what makes them so important? The answer is what goes in them. From waterproofs to food, water and other items those are the items that are important. We have to pick each item carefully and this list is no exception. … Read more

The $100 Bug Out Bag

basic survival kit components

For readers new to prepping, a bug out bag is a bag designed to keep you surviving for at least three days and up to a week while evacuating or running from a disaster. Normally a bug-out bag contains three days of food and water as an essential item to be packed. Everything in your … Read more

How Long Will an EMP Disaster Last?

An EMP can be created through everyday items, or it can even be produced through a reaction via a nuclear explosion or even produced via the sun and each EMP can be placed into Phases: E1, E2 and E3. An EMP is a threat to our modern way of life. Why? Because everything we rely … Read more