PREPPER FICTION – Solar Storms 2012 Part Three


Solar Storms 2012


by Ted Howe and Shirley Swift

Part III


Frank showed up at the crack of dawn with a large wild turkey. He and Sally, much to everyone’s surprise, cleaned it in the basement. Every once in a while their laughter drifted up the stairs and Gert kept winking at Nancy.

The women outdid themselves in baking breads and pies with only a wood stove to use. Gert made her famous turkey stuffing and the children decorated cookies. Hank and Tom had gone hunting and had bagged a deer. They hung it in the barn and brought in a rump roast that also graced their Christmas table.

The fresh cream from the milk had been made into butter and heavy cream to whip for the pies.

Henry and Ralph had chopped down a small fir and everyone helped string the popcorn that they didn’t eat and cranberries together. They cut paper strips and glued them together with a paste of flour and water. It looked like a turn of the century tree.

The men sat together talking about the whole situation, making plans for the rest of the winter. Hunting parties were planned at regular intervals as well as continuing the guard duty.

They moved the dining room table into the kitchen so everyone could sit down together for this holiday meal.

“Thank you, God for us all to be together, Ron started.

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