So, Can You Eat a Cactus for Survival?

cactus plants

Cacti thrive in hot and dry regions but can be found all over the world in areas that don’t reach below freezing. While admiring the vicious-looking appearance, you might be surprised to learn that it offers much in terms of survival. Yes, you can eat most cacti, though some varieties are toxic for humans. Generally, … Read more

EMP How Long Does It Disable My Electronics

emp electronics to protect

One of the most worrisome and sadly also most plausible destructive events we could face is an EMP, specifically an EMP powerful enough to disable or destroy electronic devices and the infrastructure that can help us power them. Whether it is caused by a nuclear weapon detonation, a non-nuclear device or even a potent solar … Read more

So, Do EMPS Affect Batteries?

rechargeable batteries and chargers

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is incredibly destructive for electronics, as it renders them inoperable. It is a primary concern amongst the various prepper communities as our reliance on electronics puts us at a disadvantage if an EMP were to go off. If all of your electronics are going to be fried from an EMP, then … Read more