The Top Bartering Skills to Have Post-Collapse

shaking hands after a barter

by Tara When preparing for a doomsday disaster, we must also prep to survive (perhaps even thrive) during what comes next. Stockpiling items for bartering purposes is a common prepping practice, but thinking beyond what might be needed after an apocalyptic event, could vastly enhance the chances of long-term survival. Eventually, society will begin to … Read more

Scavenging for Supplies Post-SHTF

abandoned factory

by Charles The image of a rugged and ragged survivor picking their way through the charred, ashen corpse of society after some pivotal and epoch changing catastrophe is an enduring one in apocalyptic fiction of all kinds. In search of food, a few rounds of ammo, a part or screw to repair a gadget, or … Read more

How to Heat Yourself in an Emergency

wood stove

Staying warm during a long-term disaster will be as essential to your survival as having access to water and food. Failure to stay warm can lead not only to the obvious frostbite and hypothermia, but also cause a person to become sick at the exact time it is most dangerous to contract even a mundane … Read more

These 14 Urban Survival Skills are Critical


by Megan When SHTF, the most important thing for you to understand is that everything you know about how the world works can change very quickly. Most new preppers do their planning as if they will all be at home when SHTF. But the truth is you and your family members could be anywhere when … Read more

How To Find Water: The Most Valuable Survival Skill

water in forest

You probably already know that water is essential to your survival… …and a huge problem if you’re stuck without. (In fact, just 3 days without can be fatal) Imagine you’re stranded outdoors with no water, desperate to stay alive. What would you do? How would you get water? Today I’m going to show you the … Read more

The Many Uses for a Bandana


by Ryan At first glance, you would not think that a square of thin cotton cloth would be all that useful. However, the humble bandana is one of the most useful tools you can have in a survival situation. Its simplicity makes it more versatile than just about anything you can bring with you. I … Read more

Master These Basic Survival Skills to Survive

lean to shelter

by Ryan If you want to become more prepared for a survival situation, the information available can be overwhelming. Some sites are trying to teach you how to start a fire with a block of ice, while celebrities on television are telling you to drink your own urine. What? Thankfully there are a few simple … Read more

How to Become a Gray Woman

gray woman

It’s no secret that in a post-SHTF situation, most women will be at a distinct disadvantage. Men are perceived as stronger, more prone to violence, and naturally more intimidating than women. The only thing women can do to combat this is to use this perception to their advantage when becoming a gray woman. We notice … Read more

How to Tie a Handcuff Knot

handcuff know on feet

by Karen Sometimes, when we are in a situation where our survival is at stake we have to deal with people we would rather not have to deal with.  We have food, water, and supplies to protect.  More importantly, we have people to protect and we want to be sure we have a way to … Read more

On Situational Awareness

young girl in crowd

One of the things that is so chaotic about emergencies, including criminal acts like home invasions, riots, and other disasters like tornadoes, floods, power outages, or even a SHTF event, is that they are unpredictable. They often come out of nowhere and the situation is made worse by the fact that most people panic. Okay … Read more

How to Tie a Two Half Hitch Knot

I have continued my quest to learn how to tie a variety of knots. Last week I covered the Bowline knot which looks to be a very useful one to know. This week I have been practicing the Half Hitch – or really the Two Half Hitch. I am not a knot-guru by any means and … Read more

Tying a Bowline knot

One skill I have never had has been tying different types of knots. Over the years I have wasted a lot of rope using the wrong knot in different applications. Recently I have been working on that and learned how to tie a useful and very easy knot called the Bowline. The Bowline is useful … Read more