It’s Time to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Now

It’s Time to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Now

One day in May 2013,  when I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I wrote a little piece and called it  “ What Finally Has Me Shaking To The Core? Beyond Fear to Sadness”,  and sent it to some friends . I had no intention of having it published anywhere online. I did not want want exposure, to be incriminated or ‘marked’ , but I had to do something.  Here is a small excerpt.
There has been fear in my heart for the direction of this country, that certainly escalated to new heights when our President signed the NDAA on a December 31 eve, when no one was looking. That did it for me. To what stage of descent into Nazi Germany have we descended?
So why I am writing NOW? What crazy, little item has been stopped in my tracks? Just scan the lists of things coming to light and being presented now. There are countless dramas on stage to be concerned with. So, what is shaking me to the core, and ringing my bells NOW?

I am a prepper, and frequently order from Efoods, an excellent company, by the way. Yesterday, I received an alert notice from them that LDS Canneries was being forced to “halt canning”, and to take note, the implications are huge. Here is a link to more about this story that I tracked down and l will let the article lay out the facts. The upshot of government control is not new to me. That writing is on every wall, every day now. (The government, who has found a clever way around their not being able to walk in and take your guns yet, has decided to just take the ammo away. Have you noticed how hard it is to even find? And we certainly know now who will be running out of ammo first… but please, let me not digress…) Well, now they are coming to take the food away. Please understand, I know that there is provision now for government to come into your home and take food, or you, or anything, away. For whatever reason, or no reason. But it was one sentence that just sickened me in the article on the LDS shutdown. THE GOVERMENT came into LDS, and WANTED THE NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO HAD BEEN GETTING FOOD FROM THIS FACILITY. A church facility. It serves thousands of people. They want to KNOW who has FOOD. I knew this. But to see it in print in this article, made me sick for what has become of this country. Sick enough to finally get on a computer and start writing.

I imagine as realities are confirmed for AP Press agents that no communication will ever be secure now, or as diplomats in foreign lands now realize their government no longer has their back, for the veteran who served sees they have been been abandoned, every day life seems irrevocably changed, in not very comforting ways. My life changed yesterday realizing is it that as an American about to submit an order for bulk food, I might have to consider that a FEMA tank may be rolling to the door one day to confiscate it, or me, because I am on a list. That is one home invasion I would surely not survive.
I signed it “Summer Rose”,  May 18. 2013
There was just a fire under me. I thought it was a little extreme at the time,  but I sent it out.  The reactions were mixed to shocked. One friend. who is very special to me, was deeply disturbed.  I thought for several long, sad days that I had lost her. It took a while for her to come back around and see me more clearly, and that I had written with all my intention, to shake trees, as I myself was being shaken.  She admitted I had been effective. Once all the dust had settled, among several people, I realized I had a vehicle for making some points. I was desperately looking for some way to just stand up. Though, and even so,  I am not up running marathons, I feel I got up from the proverbial couch with the writing of those several hundred words, and I was off to a wobble. I am glad and proud to be wobbling, because I feel I am at least moving in a direction I want to be going.  I can no longer just passively be swept along in these terrible directions without exclamation.
And then, thanks to Modern Survival Online.  One day I was reading a “survival” article  and came across the notice for a writing contest.  A reason to write! Somehow, even though I have not identified as being a writer, I heard this as a call.  I felt directed and submitted an article. I found people out there who were very supportive.The act of writing and posting was empowering. If ever you had something to say, and get out,  say it now. Oh, God forbid some spelling or grammar is not perfect. Get over it. Just start. Try.  Was Picasso a painter before he started painting? Good thing he was not self conscious about his work possibly being too different. Somewhere online,  I saw a little banner that said “If you are not on a list yet, you should be ashamed“.  I am taking that to heart. I am pretty sure I am on lists, if for no other reason than I was married to someone with extremely high clearances, and I bet someone knows exactly who I am. I do not want to die a sheep. And I also know it is no game anymore. Aside from our military doing it every day, we know those out front  just speaking out, are literally risking their lives. Some are losing them.  I myself will have no life left to lose, if half the plans they are looking to implement are allowed to come to pass. I am making preparations that I need to.
How fantastic, that you all have an opportunity and invitation to write for a great site, another contest. It is a call. Why not wake up and do it? Could be fun. Could be serious, but I promise, it will be something. All of us have to discern and compartmentalize, but maybe you could shock a few friends or neighbors who never knew you had it in you. It’s just time. Maybe they will find it in themselves. I am close to some very successful people. I  never hear them utter or infer a peep to me about the incredible tyranny and destruction of our country. All is well for them. They have great jobs and plenty of money for all they need. I am not planning to rock any boats, or alienate people that I truly love. But once in a while, you can get something in and across. I remember bringing up the issue of the pending Syrian offensive several months ago with a good girlfriend. She literally said, “Oh well, What can you do?”  I said to her that I had just gotten off the phone with three congressman, and two senators’ offices, registering my vote for NO WAR. I told her I had also sent email. I understand, my action or pro action, may or may not have made a difference. But taking action made a difference to ME, just as making a sign and joining the rally against Monsanto made a difference for me. I was encouraged, thrilled and very proud that I was at least out trying. I will never forget all the people who stopped to ask what the rally was all about, who really had no idea.
Take action. Volunteer for your causes.  Make a youtube video. Write for a contest. Uh oh. You will be listed. Yes, you will. Yes, you are, don’t worry. Write your congressman and senators. You will start to get letters from them telling you how they voted. I have appreciated hearing that my senator voted for the right to have food labeled. I get form letters, yes, but headed with my name, explaining where they stand and why. I get to call and talk to young interns in these offices and tell them they need to know what the heck is going. Believe it or not, they seldom know who Monsanto is. They don’t get why it might be bad that their senator just voted to keep funding the NSA surveillance.  JUST DO SOMETHING. Or, for those that feel they can just keep up the coast watching mainstream television and sitting on the couch, at least they will be home when the knock on the door is for THEM. They will be home when they come to install the smart meter, and maybe they can serve coffee. I don’t mean to be snarky, the choir is reading. But you get it. This is the Endgame. The other side is pulling out every possible stop. Pull some yourself.
Though I am primarily a music teacher by profession, I also work with a tremendously loving group of women. Together we have formed a holistic healing center. Correspondence is typically signed and punctuated with the “Love and Light” type salutations. Yoga, meditation, reiki, shamanism, acupuncture, you name it, we are it. I overheard one of the girls saying last week, “You have to be careful. (They) are always trying to scare you with things”.  Now I wondered a little the rest of the day. Am just plugged into being scared?  Ah, the old dichotomy thing.  Now, Jesus threw over the tables of the money changers, the same central banksters of the day, yes?  Dichotomy? He taught and brought us love and light, but faced and fought the darkness head on. He proved and taught by action, that the two are not mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite. The picture is not complete as just yin or yang. Gandhi’s tremendous love did not make him a wimp. Archangel Michael is always pictured with a sword.   I have finally dropped my consternation about possibly being a “Mystic Harper” by day, and Activist by night. It has been a long time coming, and I am just getting started. In fact, I think I might just be coming into my own.
I have tiptoed around so much. I think it’s time to mention government orders of guillotines to a few people, especially the ones who think I might be living in fear. I will be sure to make it crystal clear there is a difference between fear and just plain awareness. Is this possibly true? If so, my fantasy is to spend big money and buy two page spreads in major newspapers asking “Guillotines. Really? WHY? Can someone tell us?” Do you think even if I bought the space it would get published? Or would it be censored, now that our amendments are being crushed daily? Does the dollar still talk? (Maybe only trillions talk now,  all else is a whimper.) I have no idea. One day, the dollar and cash and all our remaining rights, may be a thing of the past, with chips the New Order of the day. Then, along with many other things, unless we speak up while we still can, before all the steel traps are closed tight,  it will all be very moot.  Or should that  be “mute”?  That is not a question of spelling.
(It’s Late) Autumn Rose
November 24, 2013

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  1. Wow, strong commentary,and very thought provoking…Thank you for sharing! I had previously heard about the changes to the LDS canneries, but wasn’t aware of the gooberment involvement in that decision.

  2. I can at least tell you why the guillotines, AR. It’s all in the Bible, the Word of Holy G-d. In the last days, they will be used to behead people, by the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who do not take the mark of the beast – who do not conform to “The Antichrist’s” worship doctrines (that means to actually bow down to and worship HIM – his image); who do not join the New World Order, who do not worship the Beast (“The” Antichrist) by taking his mark. I personally believe that Obama is looking more and more like “The” every day.

    Revelation 13: the great beast (Antichrist) and his False Prophet arise causing all to take the mark of the beast in the forehead or the hand, without which no man can buy, sell, or trade (survive).

    There really is not anything original about satan or his ways; the old liar emulates everything Holy G-d does; the Word teaches us that G-d’s people are sealed with His mark. Well, satan will have his own imitation of that, too.

    Revelation 20:4
    4 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those WHO HAD BEEN BEHEADED for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. (EMPHASIS ADDED)

    Here’s a blog site that may interest anyone wanting to read more on the guillotine legislation being introduced into U.S. Law and its connections to the end times (which we ARE in, my friends):

    You will have to read these blogs and decide for yourself the validity. However, given that they are supported in the Word of G-d, it stands to reason that the claims made are quite legitimate.

    You will find much more about end times, and see how rapidly it is being fulfilled – RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES from the Old Testament (Tanakh) to the New Testament of Y’eshua/Jesus Christ our Lord and the days following Him up to now. Books that are critical to understanding our days include Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, all of the minor prophets (Hosea, Joel, Amos, Habakkuk, Malachi) 1 & 2 Chronicles; which most certainly foretell and are fulfilled by the New Testament scriptures.

    If you read the Word, I believe you will see that “The” Antichrist will be of Muslim extraction, for many reasons. That would fit B-HO. He is a Muslim; he will soon be “coming out of the closet”. And if you really want to chase that rabbit, go to

    Which “faith” practices beheading? Muslims. They didn’t invent it; they’ve just been practicing it for thousands of years, along with man other cruel and inhumane acts in the name of their “god”. It’s in the Qu’ran; you can read that for yourself, too. Beheading of “infidels” (anyone who refuses to worship their false god, allah) is to be beheaded. If you’re worried about political correctness here, you’ve got big problems, and you probably will be taking the mark, if you’re still around.

    It’s all in the Word of Holy G-d; none of what has happened, is happening, or will happen should come as a surprise.

  3. I was born and lived in a communist country for 14 years until communism fell in1989.
    My grand father had a proverb. “During WWII when Germans were taking Jews , I was silent. When they took gypsies, I was silent. When they took Christians, I was silent. When they came after me, there was no one to shout. ”
    All firearms were registered, hunters and sportsmen. It was the government rule that all firearms would be confiscated for the government need in case of war. What ever kind it would be.
    People be aware of what is happening around you. Fight the gun registry. It has just one purpose. One day it might be too late to take any actions.

  4. Thank you for your writing!I imagine half of the country is on some sort of list by now. . . . all we can do is stand firm, and try to do what is right.we must fight against evil, however we can, wherever we can. . . .pray for God’s mercy, and prepare. . .

  5. If you surrender, you will die.

    In WWII, the Batan death march – In Germany, surrender led to death camps, in Thailand surrender led to the killing fields.

    Never, never, never ever surrender. Fight to your last breath, go down fighting. In their view, you must die anyway.

    Whether they move you to FEMA camps, or starve out the general population, there will only be one goal, and it isn’t OUR survival, it is only theirs.

    Grow your own food. Learn to can and preserve food and meat. Your life, and that of your family will depend on it.

    It was also how our grandparents survived before electricity and fuel was instantly available.

    Learn to be independent of the system for the day that the system may be shut down to control or limit travel and communication.

  6. Thanks Servant Heart. Nothing surprises me now.
    The fantasy for the paper was just to get it out in front of people, like the Monsanto rally. People don’t know that this is all really happening.

  7. After Rourke posted this on Before It’s News, I was more than a little surprised to open up the Self Sufficency category and see a banner listing this as a Top Story. That was fun enough, but to find I am not scathed at all by a comment someone left saying,
    “Wow… you sure took things pretty far and twisted the truth in your own way and that’s sick.”, is almost even more intriquing…

  8. I agree with you AR, I’d like to believe “that guy is right”, as well. But he is not. He clearly does not know the Word of G-d, or, he would know that.

    There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe, and those who are about to believe.

  9. Thanks very much, SH. And how do you like that we are both in the top Before It’s News stories together at the same time?

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