Prepper Christmas Guide – Survival and Self-Reliance Gifts for Everyone

Prepper Christmas gifts comes in as many shapes, sizes, and types as the survivalists who will use and cherish them. Our prepping holiday wish list includes gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas shopping list – no matter their age, self-reliance level, or even the degree of reluctance, they have shown to embrace the preparedness lifestyle.

Unlike so many prepper lists you will find floating around the internet, this is not merely a list of gear. Sure, there will be awesome and essential gear showcased in our Prepper Christmas Guide, but having all of the gear in the world will not save your life if you do not know how to use it or possess any other survival or survival homesteading skills.

The Prepper Christmas Guide list was created to an in-depth grouping of skill-building, emergency readiness, and survival retreat development.

Who Are These Prepper Christmas Gifts For?

  • Rural Preppers
  • Urban Preppers
  • Suburban Preppers
  • Tiny House Preppers
  • Prepping Families
  • Prepper Kids
  • Apartment Preppers
  • Senior Citizens
  • RV Preppers
  • Homeschooling Preppers
  • Survival Homesteaders
  • Off Grid Preppers
  • Newbie Preppers
  • Expert Level Preppers
  • Unprepared Family and Friends
  • Liveaboard Preppers

Yes, as you can clearly see the Prepper Christmas Guide has something for everyone… including yourself.

House and Home Essentials

Preppers who live in an off grid or tiny house home often live in modest houses that rely either solely or partially alternative fuel. These folks are also typically doing some type of homesteading and are extremely space conscious.

Survival themed gifts for tiny house and off grid preppers should not only enhance their prepping efforts, but embrace their particular lifestyle, and not take up space unnecessarily, and serve a vital function.

Tiny Salamander Stove

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The Tiny Salamander Stove is perfect for an off the grid prepper with a home to heat. It will work equally well in either either a mobile or stationary tiny house.

In addition to warming an off grid house or tiny home, the Tiny Salamander Stove can be used to both cook upon and boil water. A stainless steel cooktop can be factory added to the base unit, as well as a rea water boiler and outside air intake.

salamander stove
The little wood stove pic was used with permission of the manufacturer

The Salamander Stove is made of cast iron, but due to its petite size, weighs only 110 pounds. It will fit in small space but yet is still suitable for a vast array of uses. It still boasts all of the same common attributes and prime features of larger and equally efficient large cast iron stoves.

This survival stove was designed to function with pre-heated secondary combustion technology to ensure it is clean burning, and can harness the utmost energy out of ever single 8-inch long log or lump of coal placed inside.

Even if the prepper who receives this fine gift has never installed a cast iron wood stove before, he or she should still be able to set it up in a short amount of time and get a nice cozy fire started.

Wood Stove Salamander Install

Greenlight Planet Home Solar Indoor Hanging Lights

These solar light sets can be hung from a ceiling indoors or outside of an off grid prepper home or tiny house. The Greenlight Planet Home Solar lights sets come with three wall mountable switches and boast 200 lumen per lamp to provide multiple room lighting.

The lights are powered by solar and USB charging systems. The set of lights come with adjustable brightness settings.

Sun King Home 120 - Home lighting with 3 hanging lamps

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Indoor Propane Heater

The Mr. Heater portable propane heater boast an output of 4,000 to 18,000 BTU radiant heat. This indoor and outdoor safety approved propane heater is capable of heating up to 450 square feet of space and is 100 percent efficient.

This Mr. Heater Big Buddy model features an automatic shut off function if the heater is tipped over, if low oxygen levels inside the structure it is heating are detected, or if the pilot light goes out.

This Christmas gift idea has low, medium, and high temperature level settings, and connects in seconds to a propane tank for immediate use.

How Long Does Propane Last - Mr. Heater Big Buddy

Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

This Wall Mount Ductless Mini Air Conditioner is designed to be powerful enough to heat a typical small room, making it perfect to cool a tiny house or small off grid cabin.

If the tiny house prepper is not living off the grid, he or she may also like the Wi-Fi kit that can be purchased additionally to be able to control the functions of the wall mount unit for a smartphone when they are on the go.

This cooling unit has a sleep mode function, smart pre-heating setting, low-voltage start up, and a dehumidifier function.

Gree Mini Split Install

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer

This compact non-electric portable clothes washer is large enough to do a decent load of even thick materials like hoodies and jeans.

The Lavario Portable Clothes Washer is manually powered and cleans clothing in fewer than 20 minutes, while giving the user a decent arm workout in the process.

The Lavario Portable Clothes Washer is small enough to fit inside an RV, tiny house, apartment, or small on grid or off grid cabin.

The Lavario Portable Clothes Washer - Off Grid Laundry

Survival Homesteading

Preppers who live on a small to large parcel of land have far more options when it comes to raising livestock and growing your own groceries.

Even though rural preppers are better positioned to hunker down on a prepper retreat they create for themselves, their family, stockpiling the supplies they need to bug out with as much of their livestock and growing operation intact should also be taken into consideration when searching for a Christmas gift.

Urban, suburban, apartment, and small town preppers will not be able to raise large livestock on their survival homestead, but they too can often keep small livestock and grow a large portion of the fruits and vegetables they will need to feed the family.

Space conscious livestock enclosures, vertical gardening systems, and portable planters make ideal Christmas gifts for preppers and non-preppers who live in these types of environments.

The self-reliance seeds you plant (pun intended) by giving gifts that can be used to grow, raise, and preserve food to non-preppers can spark an interest in delving deeper into the preparedness lifestyle.

Children, especially homeschooled ones, can learn a great deal from homesteading related gifts. Senior citizens who may feel like a less vital part of a prepper group physically, may be able to provide a priceless amount of knowledge if they are included more in the daily self-reliance activities, perhaps ones they grew up doing on a family farm years ago.

Even if an elderly loved one might have mobility issues or staying at an assisted living facility, he or she could most likely be able to grow a planter vegetable in a room or herbs in a windowsill. Honestly, folks, granny really has no use for yet another pair of slippers this Christmas.

Lazy Buddy Chicken Coop

This small chicken coop is ideal for a prepper who does not have much space to keep chickens, or who may have large acreage that is already claimed by other structures and use.

Even if the beloved prepper on your shopping list has a chicken coop already and ample space, he or she may have been dreaming of keeping a different chicken variety or poultry bird entirely, and need a place to house them or something to use as a brooder.

A chicken coop is one of the great self-reliance gifts that does not immediately scream, “Prepper!” and could entice someone who might be more willing to consider themselves a homesteader or farm to table supporter, to engage in this type of common prepping activity.

A sturdy and easy entry poultry bird habitat like this LAZY Buddy Chicken Coop would also make a great gift for prepper kids and senior citizens. The egg box boast an easy entry from outside of the coop and is designed in a manner which will make it easy to clean.

This prefab chicken coop boasts a waterproof run for the small flock, and both an indoor and outdoor walking area, as well as sleeping quarters. Meat rabbits could easily reside in this habitat, as well.

The LAZY Buddy Chicken Coop is built from quality natural fir wood and finished with a non-toxic and eco-friendly varnish.

Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence

This portable livestock fence is designed to keep medium livestock like goats and sheep in place.

It can be used to rate the animals around a survival homestead when browsing for food or in a bugout scenario when the animals are taken along and need to be contained while feeding.

The Family Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence comes with 14 step in posts – no post hole digging or pounding required to set up this livestock enclosure.

The fence can be purchased in either 35-inch or 42-inch tall varieties, and is 165 feet long. A solar energizer – charger must be purchased separately to power this portable electric fencing system.


Terra Color Vertical Stacking Planters

These compact yet fairly deep vertical stacking planters are excellent for not only small space preppers, but also for folks living on a large survival homestead who also want to engage in portable gardening and indoor growing during the cold weather months.

Large Walk-In Portable Tunnel Greenhouse

This plastic and coated steel greenhouse offers a large amount of space to start seeds and to extend the growing season. You can walk through this hoop house without ducking, and have ample room to move about while working on your potted vegetables, dwarf fruit and coffee trees, as well as herbs and medicinal plants.

This economical greenhouse model also boast eight plastic flap windows to help ventilate the growing structure.

Greenhouse kits come in a vast array of sizes, prices, and materials. You could spend about $1,500 and purchase a glass greenhouse kit that would fit in a large backyard on large acreage, or go small scale and buy a closet style greenhouse kit that can be set up on a small patio or balcony.

Grow Lights

Growing plants indoors over the winter or to give greenhouse plants an extra boost of heat and light will require the purchase of grow lights. Like greenhouses, grow lights come in various sizes and price ranges.

Indoor plant grow lights can be hung from the ceiling, an accompanying stand, or are made with a weighted base so they can sit on a table or stand next to plants.

Like several other survival homesteading items in this section of our Prepper Christmas Guide, plant grow lights are another way to gently push some self-reliance skills and activities onto loved one who are resistant to your lifestyle – but could change their minds when continually urged into simple preparedness “hobbies” that seem more mainstream.

Insulated Coveralls

Survival homesteaders have a plethora of chores to get done no matter what the season or weather outside. A pair of insulated coveralls will be highly useful now as well as when the SHTF.

They come in multiple varieties, some with hats and some without, as well as designed in sizes specifically to fit men, women, and children.

Portable “Silent” Generator

Unless your prepping loved one is new to the self-reliant lifestyle, he or she should already have a generator to power their home. Smaller and portable generators, especially ones deemed to be “silent” or extremely quiet can be quite useful around a large survival homestead both not and during a long-term disaster.

A generator like the one linked in this section can also provide a clean and safe source of power for folks living in or bugging out in an RV, as well as those engaged in tiny house or off grid prepping.

[Video Gear Review] A-Ipower RV Inverter Generator

Self-Reliance Hobbies and Self-Defense

There is probably no better way to encourage non-prepping loved ones to garner some self-reliance skills and greater appreciation for DIY skills than parlaying something they want to embark on as a hobby into a survival or homesteading skill.

If someone you care about has shown an interest in one of your skills or at least enjoyed the benefits of your abilities, consider expanding upon that initial interest with a hobby style prepping gift this Christmas.

A prepper on your holiday shopping list may also want to delve more deeply into a skill they are already mastering with an upgrade in their existing supplies and equipment.

Increasing your ability to defend yourself and your preps is an ongoing state of affairs. The affordable items in this section can help preppers with both their self-defense goals as well as hunting prowess.

Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Learning how to make and repair your own clothing is a vital self-reliance skill. Sewing by hand or with an old-fashioned manual pedal machine would likely be necessary during a long-term disaster.

However, helping someone you love get bitten by the sewing bug with an awesome new machine that not only sews, but embroiders as well, could be the first step on the road to off grid sewing greatness.

Once your loved one learns how to sew (and embroider) with this combo Brother sewing machine, she could then be inspired to learn how to make her own patterns, turn old clothing into fabric and give it new life as something else useful – perhaps outfits for babies and little ones in your survival tribe.

Brother SE425 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Blacksmith Forge

Blacksmithing will be an essential skill to have during a long-term disaster – and for the years afterwards as society begins to rebuild itself. A single burner portable blacksmith forge won’t break your wallet, and is a perfect size for beginners to learn this pioneering skill.

Blacksmiths Single Burner Propane Forge with Stand for Knife Making Farriers

Pottery Wheel

A compact or tabletop version of a pottery wheel is yet another affordable self-reliance skill training gift that is perfect for a prepper, no matter where they live.

These small electric pottery wheels are large enough to make cookware and similar items, yet still small enough they can easily be moved after use, and tucked away until needed again.

My First Pottery Wheel

If you are handy, free plans abound on the internet teaching you how to extremely economically make your own manual kick wheel pottery wheel – which would be ideal for an off grid prepper – or someone preparing to be once the SHTF.

3D Deer Hunting Target

If a prepper on your list is an avid deer hunter – or would like to be, invest in a lifelike 3D deer hunting target, especially one with a replaceable core.

Even if your beloved deer hunter already has a similar target, getting one or two more would allow him or her to set up a full on 3D hunting trail in their woods for survival training.

Boot Knife

A boot knife is both a handy survival homesteading tool and a self-defense weapon. The knives are almost always fixed blade, and remain entirely hidden inside of a standard set of cowboy boots, work boots, hiking boots, or muck boots.

Smith And Wesson HRT Tactical Boot Knife For Self Defense

Books, Games, and Training

During the long, cold months of winter preppers have a little bit of idle time on their hands. There is no better way to fill a long evening than curling up with a great book that offers self-reliance tips or gathering around the kitchen table with loved ones and playing a survival game.

Doom And Bloom Survival Board Game

This board game for preppers was developed by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy (Dr. Joe Alton and his wife, Amy) and focuses on realistic survival scenarios in a world after a SHTF pandemic event. Doom and Bloom Survival can be played alone or with up to four players (an up to eight player version is coming soon).

Doom and Bloom's SURVIVAL! Board Game Intro

Medical prepping supplies and skills are always the most difficult to master as part of your survival plan. Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy are not only expert preppers, they are also wonderful people who strive to teach others how to protect and treat themselves when calling 911 is no longer an option.

Herbal Academy

If a prepper or gardening non-prepper you love is (or could be ) interested in medicinal herbs, consider an annual members to the Herbal Academy to put in their Christmas stocking.

An economical membership grants access to written text and detailed guides as well as illustrations, educational videos about herbal remedies, and growing tips.

I thought I was a fairly accomplished amateur herbalist until I took advantage of a membership sale. I only then learned that I had so much more to learn and excitedly began doing so – to the benefit of my family and survival tribe.

One Second After

No prepper must have book gift ideas list would be complete without One Second After. Bill Forstchen, who has often been dubbed the father of the prepping movement, who this best seller and launched an awakening across America.

Forstchen has now completed the One Second After trilogy as well as has written two other incredible survival books – Day of Wrath and 48 Hours.

Bill not only has been the featured speaker at Prepper Camp on several occasions, but proposed to his wife at this self-reliance gathering.
Children and Family Fun

Children are never too young to begin learning about self-reliance and survival homesteading. Our youngest grandchildren began taking responsibility for the chicken coop feed and watering at the age of 3, could identify at least six wild edibles before the age of four, could identify nut trees on our survival homestead, and helped in the making of natural remedies.

Older grandchildren helped with the processing of deer in our homestead butcher shop and went hunting under the guidance of adults.

Even if you live in the suburbs or the city and cannot engage in some of these important self-reliance skill training activities on a regular basis, you can introduce the concepts through hands-on and interactive games, activity kits, books, and role playing – pretend play toys.

Maybe some of the little loved ones on your Christmas shopping list were not born to prepping parents, but that does not mean you can’t play a significant role in helping them to grasp the importance of self-reliance.

Many of the items on this Christmas gifts for preppers kids would also make excellent hands-on learning resources for homeschooling parents.

Top 25 Christmas Prepping Toys

  1. Wooden Slingshot
  2. Walkie Talkies
  3. Education Outdoors – Camp Board Game
  4. A Child’s Guide To Whittling
  5. Nature Series – Science On Tracking
  6. Foraging With Kids
  7. Animal Tracks Game
  8. Wildcraft An Herbal Adventure Game
  9. The Scout’s Guide To Wild Edibles – How To Forage And Prepare
  10. Animal Tracks Rubbing Plates
  11. Play The Forest School Way
  12. Knot Tying Game
  13. Farming Game
  14. Needle Felting Starter Kit
  15. Pretend Play Camping Kit
  16. Backyard Safari Mini Lantern
  17. Backyard Safari Canteen
  18. Pretend Play 6 In 1 Field Tools
  19. Pretend Play Animal Caller
  20. Set of 2 Wood Bows And Arrows Set
  21. Fairy Garden Growing Kit
  22. Pretend Play My Little Garden
  23. Children’s Gardening Tools And Gear Set
  24. My First Tools Set – Real Tools In Kid Size
  25. Kids Size Leather Work Gloves

If the children are being raised by prepper parents or on a homestead, consider expanding upon their growing skill set by investing in a new pair of cowboy boots, muck boots, or maybe even a pony or goat of their very own to raise.

Gathering with your extended family members for a Christmas party at grandma’s house can be stressful – especially when you must find a gift for your liberal brother or aunt that thinks all preppers are hiding out in a bunker 24/7, and preventing their children from being exposed to the big wide world.

While it might seem like it at times, it is not impossible to get those folks you care about to see the light. Don’t let those you love be like the “Kungfu Panda” guy in the video above.

Help the unprepared loved ones in your life and all the preppers on your list become as ready as they can be for whatever might be looming around the corner.

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