Preparing Your Home for a Fire


Every day, hundreds of homes burn to the ground. We hear it on the news channel and read it on the newspapers. The report usually comes with what caused the fire, who got injured and how long it took for the firemen to subdue the flames. House fires and wildfires can cause a ton of … Read more

How and to Make a Temporary Shelter

tarp shelter

by Jonathan If the SHTF and you find yourself in a situation where you are in need of a temporary shelter, what would you use? Sometimes it isn’t possible to rely on a pre-built shelter or dwelling, so you will need to be creative and able to use whatever resources you can. Or, maybe mobility … Read more

How to Make Delicious Survival Bread


by Jack Woods These are by far the easiest camp breads that you can make, and they are all delicious. Most of these recipes are for campfire cooking using Cast iron pans or a Dutch oven. The first example can also be cooked over a fire using just a green willow branch. The French Canadian … Read more

A Few Delicious Outdoor Cooking Recipes

pan on open fire

by Jack Woods I have spent years in the outdoors. Over that time, I have accumulated many recipes from simple home cooking recipes, camping, and survival meals and some very unusual meals that seem truly desperate. When I asked for this topic, writing about outdoor cooking, I figured I could simply list out a few … Read more

How to Make a Rabbit Snare


by Karen When society collapses you will eventually have to find a way to get your own food by hunting and foraging for it.  If you think prepping is all about storing away food and water, you are absolutely not going to survive.  There is simply no guarantee you will have food at any point … Read more

Surviving a Dog Attack

dog logo

by Nicholas A fun, relaxing day in the park can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re ever threatened or attacked by an unfriendly dog.  If an attack were to happen, would you know how to react and how to treat yourself after you have been wounded?  And even more importantly, do you know how … Read more

How to Tie a Handcuff Knot

handcuff know on feet

by Karen Sometimes, when we are in a situation where our survival is at stake we have to deal with people we would rather not have to deal with.  We have food, water, and supplies to protect.  More importantly, we have people to protect and we want to be sure we have a way to … Read more

Finding the Perfect Bug Out Location


by Jeanie First off there is no such thing as perfection, but there is the best available property for your needs. Finding the best Bug Out Location (BOL) depends on your requirements and personality – yes personality. Some people thrive on their own just with their immediate family while others need the support system of … Read more

How to Escape Quicksand

Based on my assessments when I was younger, I thought that quicksand would be a much bigger hazard as an adult. It used to be everywhere, but now you’d be hard pressed to find a modern Hollywood movie showcasing a quicksand rescue attempt. This imagined threat was so severe that even NASA scientists speculated that … Read more

Things You Can Cut Back on When Prepping

piggy bank

We all know prepping isn’t easy. Heck, with increasing grocery prices and uncertainty in the economy, is extremely difficult for most of us to afford to live in the here and now. Trying to purchase extra food, water, and supplies can stretch some people’s budgets so thin it can be difficult to manage. If you … Read more

Can you make fire under a lean-to shelter?


That’s what one writer I wanted to hire wrote in the demo article. According to her, “the smoke goes out the sides while the heat trapped”. Now, although I have strong opinions on things in general, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. I don’t know anyone who’s actually put fire inside a shelter which, in my opinion, is downright … Read more

How to Make a Family Survival Plan

family in forest

by Karen It’s one thing to stock up on all the necessary food, water, and supplies and make a survival plan for a single person, but let’s face the truth of the matter. Most of us have more than one person to plan for and stocking up on necessary items is not enough. Many of … Read more

Preppers: How To Keep Your Food Rations Safe


sponsored post When you’re prepping for anything to happen, then you need to make sure that you’ve thought of everything in the process. This is essential to ensure that everyone staying within the area, or the bunker is going to be safe for whatever comes your way. One of the biggest considerations is having enough … Read more

Making Your Own Walking Stick

boots and a walking stick

by Pearl A walking stick serves a number of uses. It is often used in hiking, to help navigate uneven terrain. It can also be used by those injured and the elderly for support and balance. If you have a lot of miles ahead of you, using a walking stick will help you cover more ground … Read more

How to Make Your Own Survival Equipment


by Karen Part of survival is having enough food, water, and supplies to ensure you can survive for a period of time in any emergency situation, such as a natural disaster or any major catastrophic event, whether it is natural or man-made.  But if the event lasts long enough to chew through that food and … Read more

The Top 25 Rope Knots You Need to Know for Survival

rope knot

by Anna I can’t tell you how many situations I’ve been in with people who’ve needed to tie something and have absolutely no clue how to efficiently nor correctly. Knot tying is something that is so often overlooked, but crucial for every survivalist to know. Time is of the essence when SHTF. Improving your survival … Read more

How to Organize a Bug Out Bag

man with backpack

You may be at the point where you have spent several months, if not entire years, researching different types of bug out bags and the gear to put inside of it. In your research, you’ve likely come across a great variety of opinions on what the best overall type of bag is and which equipment … Read more

What are the Best Survival Flashlights?


by contributing author When you are preparing for a potential disaster, the type of flashlight you buy can make it or break it. Most people think all flashlights are equal. If it shines pretty bright and is fairly durable, it will get the job done in any situation. This way of thinking, however, is foolish … Read more

The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Gear List

shovel, tow rope, duct tape, and more

Though a bug out bag can help you last anywhere between a couple of days to a week, a well-equipped bug out vehicle can help you survive for weeks away from home, just in case you didn’t get to or don’t have a bug out retreat. In today’s article I want to focus on the gear … Read more