Equipment Review: AQUAMIRA Frontier Water Filter Straw

I have several methods for making suspect water safe at home as well as while traveling. One of the most inexpensive methods incorporated in my system is the Aquamira water filter straw. I received this water filter from who carry the Aquamira as well as many other survival and preparedness supplies.


Why the Frontier? Like I said – it is inexpensive and allows me to stretch my dollar further. Small, compact and extremely lightweight – it works great in a small Get Home Bag or a larger Bug Out Bag.

 The Frontier is rated for filtering 20 gallons so obviously this is an emergency-use filter. The 20 gallon estimate depends on the level of contamination in the suspect water. Important is that the filter element will remove 99% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. I prefer to stay far away from those two protozoan cysts.


For my small test I grabbed a glass of water and threw in a mixture of dirt, leaves, and “stuff” I found outside on the ground. For this test I wanted to confirm that the Frontier would filter out particles likely to be found in a puddle of water and provide clean water.


As you can see from the picture above I mixed the concoction and drank it through the filter straw. Reading the directions I expected for the first bit of water to contain small filter particles. I had purged the straw prior to trying the dirty water. Drawing the dirty water through the filter a few bystanders looked at me like I had grown a third eye! I was happy to find that the water tasted like….clean water. No problems at all.

This is but a small test but so far the Frontier has worked as advertised. It will not take the place of my Big Berkey – but for its intended purpose this is an inexpensive emergency water filtration device.


For more information check it out HERE.

 – Rourke

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    Thank you for your time … Mark Hornbuckle

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