To Flee or Not To Flee……Weapons: Part 2

Part 1 can be read HERE.   To Flee or Not To Flee That is the Question… PART TWO (…Well one of them anyway) A (Short) Beginners Guide to Preparing for Emergencies Proverbs 19:20 by M.B. Now onto some other weapons. Knives are good. They’re quiet, concealable, never run out of ammo & are easy … Read more

Fashion for the apocalypse

 Fashion for the Apocalypse by AniOre   Ah ha ~ those that know me, will say, ‘oh that’s so her’, because in my previous, lah de dah lifestyle, I was all about fashion ~ and still am in a fashion (pun intended); so I can’t pass up this opportunity of talking about fashion in the … Read more

Bug Out Vehicles

Bug Out Vehicles There are an almost infinite number of choices when it comes to bug out vehicle options. You have your 4×4 trucks and SUVs, retired military vehicles, ATVs, Track/Trail bikes, and even mountain bikes. Rather than make any recommendations I am simply going to tell you about my choice for a BOV and … Read more

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation………..

by Millie   Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Whether it’s nuclear war, an environmental disaster or overcrowding, in some cases the urban environment might be the most dangerous place to be in after a TSHTF situation. In this case, it might be necessary to get out quickly, which would mean leaving your carefully prepared homestead behind. So … Read more

After TSHTF – Uncommon places to find supplies

In a significant TSHTF incident—there may be a need to obtain additional supplies. This need may come from having to replenish your stocks over time. Also—you may be caught away from your cache or traveling—and need to access these valuable items. Once the “event” occurs grocery stores will be completely out of food within hours. … Read more

Alternate Home and Bug Out

Alternate Home and Bug Out by TMM   There has been discussion before on the use of boats for bugging out.  However, I would like to expand on that some.  I also think that boats are highly under rated for normal day to day living as well.  There are not many homes that you can … Read more

One preppers survival kit/bug out bag system…..

Irish-7 was nice enough to share his survival kit/bug out bag system with all of Rourke’s Patriot’s – that’s you. He sent this in response to my article   Thanks Irish-7!!!  – Rourke     As mentioned in my post, attached is the listing of the different size kits that I put together in the … Read more

Sailing for Survival

One survival option I have considered over the last year is a sailboat. Within the survival community there are two major camps, the bug-out doctrine and the castle doctrine. Needless to say, each has many variations and are highly tailorable to personal needs and available options. I think for many families the castle doctrine is … Read more

16 Hiding Places and Small Caches

gun inside fake book

Every prepper understands the need to be prepared, materially prepared, with all of your equipment and supplies that you might need in a crisis or major disaster close at hand, accessible and most importantly intact. It is easy enough to take care of the first two but the last one is fairly difficult. After all, … Read more

The Obsession with Bugging Out and Bug Out Bags

by L.M. “If you can’t evacuate your house in 5 minutes flat then stop what you’re doing right now and…”   Ever heard that before?   Did it scare you?  Make you think, Oh my gosh I better get prepared! Most people who have been in the “survival” or “preparation” mode for any period of time have … Read more

Thinking about Bug-out Vehicles

I am in the process of looking for another vehicle after selling my previous “bug out” vehicle – a Chevy Blazer ZR2. My thoughts on what to get and what might be the best bug-out vehicle is beginning to change. Previously – I had based my needs something that could haul my family of 4 … Read more

Possible Bug Out Location Visited

outpost on the homestead

A few weeks ago I visited my brothers property in Georgia. I have been considering setting up to relocate to this property should it look like it’s about to hit the fan and staying put turns out not to be a good idea. For shelter – I am looking at placing a medium-sized RV somewhere on the land and … Read more