Last Trip to the Supermarket-80 Items to Get

If you are one of those people who are aware and paying attention, you may have some advanced notice that the S is about to hit the fan. If you’re like most preppers you are already stocking up on the supplies you know you will need.

But it never hurts to add to your stockpile with one last trip to the supermarket if you get the chance and if you can get there and back before the majority of people around you start to panic.

Below is a detailed shopping list of 80 items to get while the getting is good on that last trip to the supermarket.

Obviously you may not be able to get all of these items and many of them you will already have in your stockpile. When SHTF and you’re in the grocery store, it can be easy to overlook items that might be useful later.

Manual Can Openers will be in short supply after a SHTF event as many people have adopted the convenience of electric powered can openers. Get several of these, a couple for you and some to barter for something else down the road.

Bottled Water is always on the shopping list for a SHTF event. No matter how much water you may have stored, grabbing extra bottled water is never a bad idea.

Hand Sanitizer is something you can never have too much of. Water and soap may be in short supply. Using hand sanitizer for washing hands when you can will help conserve soap and water for when you really need it.

Aluminum Foil is great to have on hand for many things but especially for cooking. There are over 40 different things you can cook in aluminum foil.

Instant Coffee is great thing to grab extra of on your last trip to the supermarket. Even if you don’t drink coffee, you can use it to barter for something you do need from someone who is a coffee lover.

Baby Wipes are a wonderful thing to have around when water is scarce or you just need to conserve water. Use them to clean hands and face or to wash

Goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris and tear gas are always a good idea.

Canned Meat such as tuna fish, sardines, spam, or chicken is a great thing to grab on your last trip to the supermarket. You can never have too much in your stockpile.

Bug Repellent following any kind of natural disaster or SHTF event will be critical to maintaining your comfort level as well as preventing diseases.

Paper Plates, Cups, Bowls aren’t a necessity following a SHTF event but will be great to have on hand if you can grab them on your last trip to the supermarket. You can conserve water by not having to wash as many dishes and you can burn them to reduce the amount of trash and prevent attracting rodents.

Plastic Silverware is always a great thing to have on hand if you can get it. Conserve water by using plastic silverware instead of utensils that need to be washed after every meal.

Slingshots might not be available at every supermarket but if you see them, definitely grab them up. You can use these to hunt, to defend yourself, or even to barter for something else you need.

Electrical Tape has many different uses and you can never have too much of this in your stockpile.

Sewing Kit is great to have on hand so that you can repair or patch clothing as well as use for sutures if necessary.

Glow Sticks won’t provide immense light but they will provide enough light for you to see to walk through the woods or around your home in the dark without wasting lamp oil or battery power.

Condiments may not seem like a necessity but they are great to have on hand to help make otherwise bland food taste better.

Maps of the local area as well as the neighboring towns and states. If you need to evacuate or bug out, knowing where you’re going and the best route to get there will be critical.

Rope/Paracord will be invaluable following a SHTF event so make sure you pick up any extra that you can find on your last trip to the supermarket.

Shoelaces have a multitude of different uses and are great to have on hand. Broken shoelaces mean shoes don’t fit snug and this leads to greater risk for blisters and injuries.

Socks are another thing that are great to have extra of. Socks are more difficult to sew and wearing shoes or boots without them can lead to injuries. It doesn’t hurt to have several extra pair in your BOB or stockpile.

Replacement Auto Supplies are definitely something you want to grab extra of on your last trip to the supermarket. Grab things such as fuses, motor oil, wiper fluid, spark plugs, headlight bulbs, etc. so you can keep your car running yourself.

Car Chargers will be great to have on hand following a SHTF event that takes out the power grid. Use them to charge your phone so you can access any information you have stored there. Also use the adapter and wiring to DIY a charger for other things too if you have the knowledge.

Condoms are going to come in handy not only to prevent pregnancy during and after a SHTF event but also for carrying water, creating a moisture-proof protection for a wound, etc.

Ear Plugs might come in handy if you need to use your firearm indoors to defend your home and family against intruders. These are also great for children to help block out noises and help them sleep through the night or catch a nap during the daytime.

Books will come in handy during and after a SHTF event to help you to identify edible or medicinal plants, perform first aid treatments, learn additional survival skills, and even just to help pass the time and keep your spirits high.

Games such as playing cards, dice, chess, or checkers, will come in handy to keep children and others entertained, especially if you’re stuck indoors for a long period of time.

Repair kit for glasses is a must have item, especially if you need your glasses to see!

Vitamins can go a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy when your food supply becomes lean. The healthier you stay, the better chance you have of surviving whatever comes next.

Pet Food is something that is important to have on hand, especially if you have a pet who is picky about what they will and won’t eat. Make sure you grab some extra on your last trip to the supermarket.

Baking Soda is one of those ingredients that has so many uses that it’s always good to have this on hand.

Spices such as Cinnamon, Turmeric, Garlic, and many others are not only great for cooking, but they have medicinal properties as well that can help keep you healthy.

Calendars aren’t exactly a necessity, but they will come in handy for those who want to keep track of time.

Clocks that wind up will be a must have item to keep track of how many hours you have before dark, how long you’ve been traveling, etc.

Hard Candy is not only something that can boost morale and distract your body from feeling hungry but it’s great for bartering with to get other items that you need.

Cooking Oil will be something to keep on hand not only, so you can make delicious meals for your family but used cooking oil can be recycled into fuel for heating, used to lubricate various things, and much, much more.

lubricating a wheel bearing with cooking oil
lubricating a wheel bearing with cooking oil

Yeast doesn’t have a long shelf life but it’s vital for making breads and other pastries.

Lip Balm will be vital for comfort when you have to spend long hours exposed to the weather.

Dental Supplies will be a critical resource following a SHTF event because dental professionals won’t be easily accessible.

Plastic Zip Ties have a ton of different uses so grab extras of these on your last trip to the supermarket.

Bandages and other first aid supplies will be critical to survival following a SHTF event. You’ll want to get OTC pain relievers and triple antibiotic ointment as well if you can.

Tools like hand saws, axes, screwdrivers and hammers will come in handy for survival tasks you need to get done. Having extras of these also puts you in the position to barter these for something else you need later.

Extra Batteries for Cordless Drill are a great thing to have extras of if you can get them and if you have a solar powered charging system already set up at home.

Lanterns that are solar powered or battery operated are a good thing to grab extra of on that last trip to the supermarket.

Lantern fuel is a necessity if you plan to use propane or oil fueled lanterns.

Sunscreen is something that can protect you from serious sunburn when you have to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Whistles of any kind could come in handy to signal for help or communicate with other group members.

Cigarettes will become scarce when stores are closed down and shipping has stopped. Even if you don’t smoke, grab some of these to use to barter with someone who needs them, so you can get something else you need later.

Ziploc bags are something that are great to have in your stockpile. They can be used to carry water, to waterproof your devices and other valuables, or even just to organize supplies in a bug out bag.

Toilet Paper is one of the things you won’t want to be without following a SHTF event. There are alternatives of course but having extra TP can also be a bartering item.

Feminine Hygiene Supplies have several uses other than their intended one.

Lysol Spray and Disinfecting Wipes will be a vital thing to have on hand to help prevent infection.

Lighters will be useful since the ability to start a fire is a critical resource.

Non-GMO Seeds are something you’ll want to have on hand following an extended SHTF event so you can grow your own food from year to year.

Activated Charcoal is something to have on hand not just for an upset stomach but also to induce vomiting in case of poisoning.

Fishing Line and Hooks are great to include in your stockpile so that you can have the equipment needed to catch your dinner from nearby water sources.

Calamine Lotion will come in handy if you come across poison ivy or poison sumac while in the woods but also for those annoying insect bites.

Sugar is something that can have a decent shelf life if you know a bit about preserving dry goods. Although it’s possible to survive without sugar of course, you’ll be happy to have it to sweeten your coffee after a long day of physical labor.

Flour is one of those things that takes a lot of time to grind yourself even if you have access to the grains. Save yourself some time and get as much of this on your last trip to the supermarket as you can get.

Table Salt/Pickling Salt is useful for cooking but especially for preserving food to give it a longer shelf life.

Cotton Balls can be used for many different things but especially as fire starters when soaked with a little Vaseline or rubbing alcohol.

Candles will come in handy following a SHTF event that takes out the power grid, so you can never have too many of these.

Baking Powder is one of those cooking ingredients you need to make food from scratch so grab these if you see them on your last trip to the supermarket.

Cream of Tartar is another of those ingredients that is used to make a ton of different foods from scratch.

Batteries will be a must have resource following a SHTF event. Get as many of these as you can in a variety of sizes.

Bleach is helpful for keeping things clean and sanitary but also for purifying water so grab a couple extra gallons of this on your last trip to the supermarket.

Coconut Oil has a multitude of uses and it has a fairly long shelf life if kept cool.

Clothesline and Clothes Pins

Bungee Cords are one of those things you don’t need until you need them so make sure you have at least a few of these in your stockpile.

Cookbooks are something to grab on your last trip to the supermarket, especially if you’ve gotten used to convenience foods. You need to know how to make the basic recipes from scratch and you can’t afford to waste food by guessing and getting it wrong.

WD-40 and/or Silicone Spray is a multi-purpose lubricant to have in your stockpile.

Crowbars can be used to pry open locked or warped doors, to lift objects, or even as a weapon to defend yourself if need be.

N99 Masks are something you can never have too many of. Humans can only live up to 3 minutes without fresh air so make sure you have plenty of these available following a SHTF event.

Window Plastic is great to have following a SHTF situation. Not only can you use it to insulate windows and trap heat into your home, but you could use it to create a temporary greenhouse, distill water, etc.

Meat Thermometers are something that will be a vital resource, especially if the grid is down and you need to cook with an alternative power source. Eating meat that hasn’t gotten to the proper internal temperature when cooking can be deadly.

Strainer or Colander is useful to have for cooking, but it can also be used to help filter water, as a makeshift basket for foraging, or even to catch fish.

Steel Wool can be used for scrubbing obviously but it also makes a great fire starter when used with a 9-volt battery.

Vaseline is another one of those items that is handy to have. Use it as lip balm in a pinch, use it to help keep moisture in your skin and protect it when you are continually exposed to extreme weather, or dip cotton balls into it to make a fire starter.

Plastic Tarps of course have a multitude of uses including creating a temporary shelter and sectioning off smaller areas of your home that can be heated more easily.

Blue Coat is an antibacterial/antifungal ointment or spray typically used for animal wounds. It can work great for minor cuts and wounds on people if other first aid supplies are not available.

Hand crank or solar powered weather radio will be a vital resource if you don’t already have one in your stockpile.

Which of these things would you prioritize on your last trip to the supermarket before SHTF? Is there something you would be looking for that we didn’t include here? Let us know in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Last Trip to the Supermarket-80 Items to Get”

  1. I would add vinegar, both white and cider- many uses. Soap, liquid and bar. Dr Brommer’s is excellent. Not that you necessarily find it at the market, but garden/construction lime is useful not least to help keep odors down in your latrine pit. Books on preserving food- most good cookbooks will have a section on canning, but not necessarily smoking, drying, etc. Teabags. Rubber gloves- disposable. Vitamin suppliments.

  2. Hi. I enjoy visiting your site and the articles.
    Personally, I would always make creamy Peanut Butter a top priority. It stores and travels well. Can be eaten alone or as an ingredient. It’s nutrient dense with Protein (Essential 8 Aminos), Carbohydrates and Fat (Omega 3). It can quiet fussy children and dogs. It’s a big time Barter item (watch people beg for it on Survivor TV show). It can be used to bait practically any wild game: squirrel, deer, catfish, raccoons, pheasants, bear, practically anything. You can even use it in a pinch to silence squeaky hinges, clean leather or substitute for Shaving Cream! And when it’s gone you’re left with a useful jar for storage or water collection. Peanut Butter FTW.

    • OH!
      Important Detail: Read The Label and avoid any that contain Xylitol.
      It’s an artificial sweetener that’s DEADLY for Dog.

  3. Tootpaste, Toilet Paper, Plastic Garbage bags, Salt, Canning supplies – pectin / lids etc. for jars you have. (You do can food now, right?). Matches, Lighters, Fire starter sticks (You do know about making fire?). Ammonia, Bleach, Baking Soda, etc.

    Then head to the nearest gun shop and get ammo for what you have, and what you think you can use to trade for what you need.

    You can never have too much because it will vanish faster than you expected. Just ask any Venezuelan.


    • I’ve forwarded this article to the members of our ‘tribe’ along with a few side notes. DO NOT wait until the last minute! Just picture Wal-Mart when a hurricane has been predicted….enough said. Also, many of the items on the list can be gotten for FREE. Harbour Freight sends out a sale paper every week with 3 free items (with purchase) and a 20% off coupon. I buy a .49c box cutter and get a free plastic tarp, or buy a .59c carpenter’s pencil and get a free flashlight. Then I use the 20% off on something like the $1.99 cable ties and it only costs about $1.59 and I still get my free item with that. You can only use 1 coupon per person per day, so I go every day but Sunday (I don’t shop on Sunday unless it’s an emergency). About $5 a week and before you know it you have some of everything on the list! Happy hunting ya’ll!

  4. all the wooden and paper matches and lighters you can get. That includes the grill type lighters too! And any fire starters that are in the camping or grilling section of the store. Like charcoal lighter fluid. If you buy the matches ahead of time like you should have done. Than vacuum pack them while they are still new and dry. They will keep for years that way.

  5. Solar should be in here: spot lights, path lights, rechargers, stoves, even string lights help.
    Propane. Keep those bbq going until the fridge is empty.
    Baggies- lots and lots of them
    I agree with vinegar. I use vinegar as my main cleaning agent at home.
    Those nice 5 gallon bottles- you can fill them at home. Ice chest- ice if you can get it.
    Canned fruit- both for the fruit and the juice.
    Generic medicines- aspirin, allergy, itch and pain stuff. No need for top of the line.
    Yeast for your septic tank
    Fishing line and hooks
    Duct tape
    Garbage bags in every size

  6. Diapers, diaper rash ointment, baby formula (powdered last longer I think), baby food
    Laundry and dish soap
    5 gal buckets for using as a toilet or for doing laundry
    Cornstarch (for cooking and for rashes)
    Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide
    E-Cigarettes WITHOUT “flavor” for those who smoke. They don’t give off the tobacco odor like a regular cigarette does, and are just as effective for taking the “edge off” when you can’t smoke somewhere. I am a smoker. I worked as a cab driver driving 12 hour shifts during nasty weather kept us busy and we were not allowed to smoke in the cabs. There wasn’t always time to stand outside the cab to smoke between passenger pickups.

  7. If an Emp strike’s already happened; the store’s computer network’s probably already fried. so how’ll they check out your purchases?

    • Your right as now days most don’t even know ow to add & subtract when you have multiple items, that happened to me, although since I’m honest I gave her he difference


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