How to Stockpile for your Motorcycle

luggage on motorcycle

by Megan When properly modified as a bug out vehicle, a motorcycle can get you over terrain that only a handful of vehicles can traverse. It can also get you over some rough territory that would give a lot of “regular” trucks pause. The key thing when stockpiling your motorcycle as a bug out vehicle … Read more

How to Make Clay for Survival Purposes


When you are faced with a survival situation where you have to bug out, you won’t be able to take all your containers, dishes, and tools with you. There just won’t be room in your backpack. Hopefully, you will have a bug out location already set up where you can store extra containers and tools, … Read more

How to Become a Gray Woman

gray woman

It’s no secret that in a post-SHTF situation, most women will be at a distinct disadvantage. Men are perceived as stronger, more prone to violence, and naturally more intimidating than women. The only thing women can do to combat this is to use this perception to their advantage when becoming a gray woman. We notice … Read more

What to Have in Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Kit

If you are new to prepping, or interested but not sure that it’s for you, a great place to start out is with what to have in your Every Day Carry (EDC) kit. Your EDC kit is made up of items that you commit to carrying with you every day, at all times. The only … Read more

What is TEOTWAWKI and How to Survive it


“TEOTWAWKI” means The End Of The World As We Know It. Wow, that sounds pretty bad, right? The truth is not many of us can truly have a real idea of what TEOTWAWKI will actually be like until it’s happening. Your grandparents or great grandparents might have a small inkling if they lived through any … Read more

Keep Breath Fresh and Germs at Bay Post-SHTF with DIY Mouthwash


When planning for post-SHTF, a do-it-yourself (DIY) mouthwash recipe is one way to keep your breath fresh, keep nasty bacteria at bay, and help your gums and teeth stay healthy. Sure, your stockpile includes some store bought mouthwash, but that will eventually run out. Personal hygiene, especially oral hygiene, is still an important part of … Read more

On Situational Awareness

young girl in crowd

One of the things that is so chaotic about emergencies, including criminal acts like home invasions, riots, and other disasters like tornadoes, floods, power outages, or even a SHTF event, is that they are unpredictable. They often come out of nowhere and the situation is made worse by the fact that most people panic. Okay … Read more

Clothing Yourself for Post-SHTF

You’ve been prepping for months now, maybe even years. But how much thought have you give to clothing yourself and your family post-SHTF? If you’re planning to bug out, you won’t have much room for extra clothing and what about those folks planning to bug in? As a wise prepper, you should plan ahead to … Read more

How to Manage Starvation in a Post-SHTF World

starving featured image

Any smart prepper has studied how to prepare for an economic collapse or some other disaster that wipes out the power grid and basically sends the world into chaos. Most preppers have a get home bag and/or a bug out bag in an accessible location, and have either a bug out location selected or a … Read more

The Best Bushcraft Axes


The survival knife may be the most talked about tool, but smart preppers know some tasks are better suited for a bushcraft axe or hatchet. First assess what kinds of tasks you will be doing most often and then decide the type of axe you need. The distinguishing factors between axes is primarily in handle … Read more

The Ultimate Winter Survival Guide

frozen water on tree branch

“It’s a jungle out there” refers to not just a tropical jungle but a dense forest or even tough city streets. Winter brings cold temperatures, blowing winds, dangerous ice storms, blinding snow, and power outages. To survive whatever is ahead, you have to include the unexpected in cold winter weather. What do you do when … Read more