How to Escape Quicksand

by Jared It used to be everywhere, but now you’d be hard pressed to find a modern movie showcasing a quicksand rescue attempt.  The fascination with the threat of quicksand in movies peaked in the 70’s, but it’s still out there in the wild waiting to suck you in. More or less. Quicksand is a … Read more

Can you make fire under a lean-to shelter?


That’s what one writer I wanted to hire wrote in the demo article. According to her, “the smoke goes out the sides while the heat trapped”. Now, although I have strong opinions on things in general, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. I don’t know anyone who’s actually put fire inside a shelter which, in my opinion, is downright … Read more

How to Turn Salt Water into Drinking Water

sea water

by Nicholas Even though you can’t drink salt water, otherwise known as saline water, what you can do is turn it into fresh water, through a process called desalination. This process is being used more and more as a viable means to get freshwater for those who need it. It’s also very applicable in a … Read more

Planning a Survival Food Stockpile

by Karen The issue of stocking up enough food for societal collapse, or even just extended emergency situations, is one of the first things people think about when they are prepping. This is a good thing, because aside from having safe shelter and water, food is the most important thing to have stored away. This … Read more

How to Make Smoke Bombs

smoke bomb explosion

by Nicholas Disclaimer: the advice given in this article is for information purposes only. Before making smoke bombs, check the rules and regulations where you live. Always use protective equipment. Smoke bombs are a firework-like piece of equipment that, as the name suggests, will produce smoke once they are ignited. They have found a place in the … Read more

Making Your Own Walking Stick

boots and a walking stick

by Pearl A walking stick serves a number of uses. It is often used in hiking, to help navigate uneven terrain. It can also be used by those injured and the elderly for support and balance. If you have a lot of miles ahead of you, using a walking stick will help you cover more ground … Read more

Keep Breath Fresh and Germs at Bay Post-SHTF with DIY Mouthwash


by Megan When planning for post-SHTF, a do-it-yourself (DIY) mouthwash recipe is one way to keep your breath fresh, keep nasty bacteria at bay, and help your gums and teeth stay healthy. Sure, your stockpile includes some store bought mouthwash, but that will eventually run out. Personal hygiene, especially oral hygiene, is still an important … Read more

How to Organize a Bug Out Bag

man with backpack

by Nicholas You may be at the point where you have spent several months, if not entire years, researching different types of bug out bags and the gear to put inside of it. Throughout your research, you’ve likely come across a great variety of opinions on what the best overall type of bag is and … Read more

What are the Best Survival Flashlights?


by contributing author When you are preparing for a potential disaster, the type of flashlight you buy can make it or break it. Most people think all flashlights are equal. If it shines pretty bright and is fairly durable, it will get the job done in any situation. This way of thinking, however, is foolish … Read more

The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Gear List

Though a bug out bag can help you last anywhere between a couple of days to a week, a well-equipped bug out vehicle can help you survive for weeks away from home, just in case you didn’t get to or don’t have a bug out retreat. In today’s article I want to focus on the gear … Read more


Hi, I’m Dan Stevens, the new owner of this website. As you probably know, John moved on to another project, leaving me with the difficult task of bringing fresh new survival content. I’m confident that me and my small team of contributors will write with high-quality info. We’re probably going to write 1-2 articles per week and increase the … Read more