Sig Sauer 2022 9mm – not for me

Sig, 2022, 9mm, combat, pistol, review, survival, preparedness, TSHTF, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI

Sig, 2022, 9mm, combat, pistol, review, survival, preparedness, TSHTF, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI

I recently purchased a Sig 2022 9mm pistol. It was $349 brand new in the box. Good deal? Well – that is a matter of perspective.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to shoot it and – for me at least – this thing…..and please excuse me… sucks. It is accurate, reliable, has great sights, feels decent in the hand, is affordable, and the trigger pull………absolutely terrible.

This is a double action pistol with a decocker. If the hammer is down – you can pull the trigger like a revolver to move the hammer back and fire the round in the chamber. Subsequent rounds will be in semi-automatic. The double-action pull is extremely long. Just awful. The single action trigger pull is not heavy – just long again. Quick follow up shots are not easy.

M1 Carbine, Sig, 2022, survival pistol, trigger pull,

I had great difficulty shooting this pistol. It just felt uncomfortable. I cannot deal with the trigger pull. The price of this pistol is inline with the S&W Sigma pistol – which I have had one. I would much rather shoot the Sigma than this Sig.

Obviously I am disappointed. There are many people out there that like the Sig – and that is fine – but not for me. I heard the name Sig – which has a reputation for quality and reliability. This pistol may have both but I will take my M&P or XD over it any day.

I will be getting rid of it this week.


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  1. Rourke
    Wish you would have asked us BEFORE you bought. I work in a gunshop as my “hobby” job, and could have warned you about the 2022 sig. I’m sure I’m not the only gun guy out here, and i for one would be happy to help.

    sorry for being too little too late.


  2. I am not a SIG person my self, but it is new and will need a break in period. I have a Browning Hi-power and it’s still going through it’s break in after 200rnds. XD’s and Glocks are nice too. I have a Ruger 9mm, that is smooth as glass and shoots about anything, its a Dbl action like yours, Am old school and preffer that SA though “cocked and locked”. The bad guy better have bionic hearing when I drop my thumb safty down, it’s all he’s going to get.

  3. I agree with your conclusion Rourke and I’ll take it one step further. Every dealer in my area is pushing the Sig. I think they know people dont like the trigger pull. Good news is you should be able to get rid of it for what you have in it.

    I really need to add a 9mm for standardization reasons but I have not settled on one yet. I have it down to the Browning, Berretta and Glock. I like the Browning but they are not very common so I’m leaning to the Berreta and Glock because they are very common and lots of spare parts out there.

  4. I read your review, and I would agree. I am not partial to revolvers or pistols that have hammers due to the fact that the trigger pull is (to me) arduous. I have a Springfield Armory XD-9 9mm pistol, and I LOVE IT! The grip and trigger safety is superb, the trigger pull is smooth as well as the slide action, and the accuracy is wonderful. I love shooting it, and let some friends shoot it for the first time, and they were grinning from ear to ear. Sorry you bought a lemon of a firearm. I had one too, but I traded it for my XD-9, best thing I ever did. Thanks for the posts, keep ’em coming!

  5. Sometimes what’s good for one isn’t necessarily good for another. One suggestion: if you like every other aspect of the pistol you could always have the trigger worked on by a gunsmith. Not sure what they’d charge, but it might not be a bad deal.

    I had a Glock 22 (40 cal) once upon a time. Everyone ranted and raved about it and how great the model 22 was, but I absoliutely hated it. The feel of it simply wasn’t for me, so I ultimately wound up selling it for less than what I’d paid. It shot fine, did what it was supposed to, etc., but I simply hated it with a capital H.

    Oh well, live and learn.

  6. I’ve got an older 2022 9mm and a new one in .40. The older gun has a wonderful trigger pull within the parameters of the DA/SA trigger pull, the newer one has trigger pull comparable to yours. Or at least it did. I have a number of Ruger revolvers and I learned the value of repeated dry firing in improving trigger pull. I’ve been doing a dry fire trigger job on the .40 and the pull is improving. Dry fire practice is good for improving trigger control anyway. Don’t give up on it yet.

  7. I had a SiG 225 (single stack 9mm/ex-police issue). My problem with SiG’s has always been the length of the trigger and trigger pull. I sent my 225 in and had them put the SRT trigger and action in it (about $100). I gave it to the UPS guy on Wed and the following Wed he gave it back.
    Results: The best double action semi-auto pistol trigger I’ve ever used in 34 years of firearms ownership.
    PS. I am a BIG 1911 fan so double actions have a long way to go to even get an ‘Okay’ from me.

  8. Rourke,

    I’m a huge fan of Glocks, let me get that out in the open. However I had a HUGE learning curve to get used to the trigger as I was raised on Colt 1911s. My first G21 was big, ugly and had a horrible trigger. (Most new Glock shooters will agree that Glocks have a bad trigger.)

    The problem you discuss with the DA/SA trigger on the Sig is one of the reasons I don’t like the M9. Don’t get me wrong, the M9 is a damn fine weapon. It’s just not for me, the grip is “wrong” and the DA/SA trigger is a mother. Still shot Expert with it in the Corps, but I was longing for my slab-side Colt (I had hidden back at the barracks. Shhhh!)

    Your experience with the Sig is why I don’t get into calibur/platform wars. IMO the 9mm/.40/.45 will do a fine job. As I posted before, as an intruder I’d rather face a person afraid of the recoil of the .45 in their hands than a practiced and confident 9mm owner.

    Your experience also re-enforces my “teachings” to people who ask me, “BP you know about guns, what should I get?” I tell them, get what feels GOOD in your hands, never mind the calibur. Then try to find something in a bigger calibur that feels like that. If you end up with a 9mm, so be it. Next find something that will never. ever. break.

    Thus a 1911 lover (Colt deep bluing is next to Gawd IMO) started to love a dull black brick. The Glock is a tool, the G21 is my primary, the G30 is my CCW, my Colt is my prefered “Get off my lawn” weapon.

    To misquote the movie Troy about the Glock, “That (weapon) was born to end men’s lives.” And I carry them for that purpose.

  9. I might have missed something, but why didn’t you shoot one before you bought one? Not trying to be a jerk, but isn’t that a pre-req for buying a weapon?

    • JeSter –

      Its not a pre-req for me. I do research in forearms and “typically” will hold one, feel the trigger, check out the action, etc. There is little opportunity to test-fire firearms in my area – some – but not much. I bought the Sig on a whim because of the price.

      Thanks – Rourke

  10. I am not a Sig Sauer person either. I know there are people that love them and I am certain they make great pistols but they are not for me. Like most people, it really comes down to personal preference. I like my Glock and I like my Springfield XD-9. Another handgun I am looking at is the Beretta PX-4 Storm.

    I just have one question about the Sig. Was there a gun shop in your area that rents handguns? I have a great shop in town where I can rent just about any type of handgun out there. I don’t think I would ever purchase a pistol without firing it first. That might not be the case in your area but I try and recommend it to individuals when they are thinking about purchasing a handgun.

    Live and learn I guess. I am sure most everyone who has been shooting for awhile has purchased a rifle or handgun that they have had second thoughts about….I know I have.

    Better luck next time.

    • Hi Ben –

      That would have been a good idea to check one out first. I kinda went for the purchase on a whim.

      As you said – you live and learn.


  11. Rourke

    Now I realize that that most people have there faves. I’m a sig guy. That being said I will only shoot there SRT trigger on a 229/226 and 220. But I shoot and carry sig 1911s, some of the best 1911s made. No gun is perfect It’s a matter of finding what works best for you. A realible sidearm that you can make hits with is what is most important. So whatever you deside on, take it for a test drive, and good luck.


  12. I bought a new Sig 2022 in 40 S&W. I on’t know what your problem is with it, maybe weak hands? I have no problem what-so-ever. Quick followup shots, very accurate. Some people just aren’t made for Sig.

  13. I have a sig 2022 and love it but no matter whats out there , there will always be whinners. Thats why they make so many different models. When you start dropping the hammer you dont even notice the trigger pull. Just when you are sitting around playing with it, you do but as I said before, whinners about everything.

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  15. Feels good, accurate, reliable but you don’t like it because of the trigger? If the trigger was so bad, your accuracy should have gone out the window.

    None of the striker fired guns have a good trigger. Glock, HK VP9, XD, Shield, but you learn to live with them.

    If I had a pistol with a bad trigger but it was accurate, I would consider keeping the thing. Especially if it came at a great price point.

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