The Very Best Tomahawks for Survival


There is something primally appealing about tomahawks. Something about a crescent blade on the end of a stick that gets the blood up. Maybe it fires the imagination with a vision of a lone, rugged individual making his way against nature. Perhaps its history as a vicious and brutal close combat weapon is an object … Read more

Smith & Wesson’s 686: The Ideal .357 Magnum

smith and wesson 686

by Tim Makay Smith & Wesson makes all kinds of nice guns these days, even rifles, but to the faithful the name conjures images of only one thing: revolvers, and damn good ones. For 100 years S&W has been making wheelguns that have served citizens, cops and soldiers continuously all over the world. They continue … Read more

Overview of the Glock 19 Gen 4

glock 19 gen 4

There is one pistol that is now so popular, so widely used, so plentiful that its very name has become a euphemism for “handgun”. That pistol is, naturally, the Glock. Love it or loathe it this polymer framed titan codified what shooters all around the world came to expect from a polymer framed pistol. While … Read more

4 of the Best Ways to Secure Your Guns

large gun safes

by Tim Makay Owning a gun is a right, but any right worth having carries with it responsibility. Gun ownership is a great example. In the U.S., our natural right to keep and bear arms is further codified by our constitution, but we would be poor exemplars of that right if we did not take … Read more

35 Survival Uses for Salt


by Megan If you’ve come across salt on the checklist of things to stockpile for a SHTF or survival situation, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. If you’re like me, you may not even use much salt on your food at all. When I first started prepping, I didn’t even put salt … Read more

Smart Ways to Carry Your EDC

edc bag

by Charles The EDC “movement” or philosophy or whatever you want to call it is nothing new, never mind the fact that some folks have found a way to buttress the idea as a cool “mindset” or shared belief to make money off of people who enjoy that sort of in-group lifestyle. Carry of small … Read more

How to Remove Rust from a Firearm


by Charles All guns have metal parts, or are made entirely from metal, and metal can corrode. Sad fact of nature when considering what it can do to our firearms slowly over time. Whether you use your guns the way they were intended or keep them safely ensconced in a cabinet or gun safe, rust … Read more

Stocking up on Precious Metals? Might Be a Bad Idea


by Charles Talk to enough preppers about their long-term preps and you are bound to run into a decent number who plan on stockpiling at least a small quantity of precious metals for various purposes. Gold, silver, even rhodium and platinum, you’ll get a fair education form some of them regarding the importance of precious … Read more

Top 10 Friendliest and Top 10 Worst States for Gun Owners

using a gun

by Charles While U.S. citizens enjoy their natural right to keep and bear arms far more than the overwhelming majority of the rest of the world’s residents in other countries, this does not mean that the laws and regulations restricting those rights are applied evenly or consistently throughout the 50 states. This is a fact … Read more