Gorilla Tape – Here’s Why You Need It

Duct tape is one of the most useful additions to a survival stockpile that can be made. Super versatile in many applications – I know of nothing else that can replace it. I have several rolls of duct tape – but have found a different type that I will be stockpiling – Gorilla Tape.

I own a 1991 Ford Ranger P.O.S. that gets me back and forth to work with decent gas mileage. Problem? My oldest son “accidentally” shattered the drivers side window last year. I got by with a piece of plexiglass, some plastic sheeting, and duct tape. Honestly – I had to re-tape and re-tape all winter long.

Gorilla tape

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Enter: Gorilla Tape.

This past weekend I picked up a roll of Gorilla Tape. I cut a new piece of Plexiglass, put up some new plastic, and secured it all in place with Gorilla Tape. This stuff is awesome. Extra thick and super sticky. I can tell this stuff is going to hold together much better than previous efforts.

I am not discounting regular duct tape – if you can find good stuff. The past few brands I have tried – including some popular names – failed miserably. This Gorilla Tape is high quality.

So – the Assignment of the Week: Get a roll… or 12!

Take care all –



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5 thoughts on “Gorilla Tape – Here’s Why You Need It”

  1. Great idea, Rourke.

    Gorilla Tape may well work on the automotive plastic, I hope so. A heads-up to others who may not have tried it: Regular duct tape will only stick to most standard automotive-interior plastics for a few days, if at all, even after de-greasing. Double-sided foam tape may last a month our so, if you are lucky.

    A while back I had a ‘brilliant’ idea – taping window screen inside my van windows while camping, so I could still roll the windows down for ventilation, but keep bugs outside. Needless to say, I gave up after about a week and a roll of duct tape.

  2. If duct tape can’t fix it… it can’t be fixed…

    I would also recommend keeping a roll of strapping tape around the house, the stuff with nylon fibers inside. Much stronger than duct tape, but no where near as versatile. Just use it when strength is the major concern, or strap it with strapping tape and seal it with duct tape…

  3. I have been using gorilla tape for over a year beats duck tape hand down.AT almost 6$ a roll i will pass on a dozen .but 1 or 2 are worth the cost and you can get it in a lot of colors.On that window if you cut it to slide in the track then use wood wedges plus the tape it should last.


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