Equipment Review: Bushnell Backtrack GPS System

Bushnell, Backtrack, GPS, review, backpacking, lost, woods

Bushnell, Backtrack, GPS, review, backpacking, lost, woods

I bought a  Bushnell Backtrack GPS system for a little over $50.00 recently from a deal I purchased on Reading about it – seemed like a great idea and I wanted to check it out.

First time I used it I took it to a Carolina Panthers game to make sure I found my way back to my car. Like most men – I didn’t read the directions and it took me awhile to figure out how to work the thing. Not the Backtrack’s fault. By the way – it did work.

Bushnell Backtrack Point-3 Personal GPS Locator

For a more thorough test – the Bushnell Backtrack GPS accompanied me to Georgia over Thanksgiving. 42 acres of my brothers land affords me plenty of area which to walk around. To get the Bushnell set up – the power button is pressed. Next – the satellite icon in the upper right-hand corner will start to blink. Depending upon weather – it can take a few minutes before it connects up. Once the satellite icon stops blinking – it is ready to go.

Location #1 is set – HOME position

I started with the HOME icon. I selected a spot and held down the right button to MARK the location. My yards indicator went to “0”.

I moved on to the next position.

Location #2 is set – CAR position

At position #2 I selected the CAR icon by pressing the power button once – which will rotate to the other positions. Again – I held down the right button to MARK the location.

I moved on to position #3.

Location #3 is set – STAR position

At position #3 I selected the STAR icon. Again – I held down the right button to MARK the location. Again – the

I moved on to position #3 the yards counter went to “0”.

222 yard to HOME position

At this point – I wanted to see if the unit would lead me back to my initial HOME position. I pressed the power button again which rotated the positioning to HOME and the display showed I was 222 yards from my starting point.

Pretty cool. The arrow did point in the general area of my starting point.

I plan to take this unit on hikes, camping trips, hunting  – as well as have one in my survival kit. For a little over $50 – it is pretty neat. It can also be used as regular compass.

My biggest criticism was the direction the arrow pointed. There were several times it failed to point me in the general direction where the next waypoint was. The yards counter was ALWAYS accurate – so when I move away from my target the counter increased and when I moved closer it went down. That in itself is awesome.

Does this device have any use for the prepper? It does for this one.

One other thing  when I got back from my trip I found it still in my pocket. I turned it on, and once it booted up – 139 miles from waypoint #1. Awesome.

Purchasing information can be found HERE.


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