This weeks assignment: Toilet Paper

Consider a post-apocalyptic world. Consider the comforts of modern day living are mostly nonexistent. You have stockpiled food, water, medical supplies, etc. You are cooking in your dutch oven and fishing with your ample supply of tackle that you have put back. Your spouse sticks there head out from behind a tree and requests…..”Honey…..please bring me a roll of toilet paper.” You go to the storage shed – open the door…..and nothing. The last roll has been used.

Someone is not going to be very happy when you hand them a pine cone.

OK – maybe I am exaggeration the importance of toilet paper but I can tell you one thing – I am not sure anything that works better.

A lot of toilet paper can be stored in a medium sized area. The boxes above each hold 48 rolls and I purchase them at SAM’s. Best price around that I have found. Pick up a little bit extra each week – will not take long to have a decent supply.

When TSHTF – have lots of toilet paper.


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  1. TP is one of those items we’ll all sorely miss (pun intended) when it’s gone. As an alternative, consider hanging onto those phone books the phone companies like to drop on your doorstep as they’ll make a viable alternative.

  2. Got to love the POM toilet paper at Sam’s. It is one of the few things that I store in my garage since I don’t have to worry about the heat destroying it. In a house with 3 girls you never want to run out of this! At our house I am the prepper. My husband goes along with me for the most part but he does give me a hard time when he see’s all the paper goods that I have stored up. Since we are all electric at our homestead I worry about power outages for the most recurring issue and I don’t want to waste our precious water supply on doing dishes so lots of paper plates and plastic silver ware are also on my shelves. Keep up the great work.

  3. I am going to go to sam’s or costco and see what I can pick up today. Very good and comfortable idea. The thought of a pine cone makes my butt itch!! lol

  4. Just curious, when the store shelves are empty what 3 items will you really, really miss?

    My list is toilet paper, reese’s peanut butter cups, and olive oil. I can make soap, can vegetables, tan hides, sew clothes, resole boots and shoes, dry or smoke meat, reload cartridges, scavange nails and lumber, and milk our goats. There are a number of items I will remember fondly if the SHTF, but those 3 items will really be a pain to do without.

  5. Toilet Paper degrades at a fairly rapid rate.. to what degree depends on environmental conditions (Humidity, temperature etc)

    Don’t just stick a dozen cases of POM on the shelf and call it good..Use it oldest case first replacing case by case. If you are in a damp area you may need to seal and use desiccants.

    Good enough.

    Vacuum Seal a few rolls for vehicles and rucks (possibly half rolls), Occasionally check to see they are still serviceable.

    Like they say.

    “The Jobs not finished till the paperwork is done”

  6. Another useful idea is to take a big package of TP, pull out the cardboard cores with a pair of needlenose pliers (depending on brand, some cutting may be required), squish flat, then stick them in one of those vacuum-cleaner-evacuatable bags that you may find in the ‘closet storage’ section of that same megamart. Suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner hose and watch them take up a lot less space.

    Clean, dry, rodent-and-termite-free, and smaller than the original case.

    You can start seedlings in the cardboard tubes or make fire-starters, you don’t just have to toss ’em.

    A roll of TP stuffed inside an empty resealable-lid coffee can is also a VERY useful addition to your vehicle emergency kits 🙂

    Not that I would have even considered such a thing, EVER, even on very long trips, but, in truly dire straits, the metal highway barriers at the side of the road are a decent ‘seat’ height. “Just sayin'” …….

  7. I love the survival guides and all the tips. But the emphasis on TP seems out of touch with a post apocalyptic era. Yes, for short term, stock up. But for a year ?? Has anyone been to asia, venezuela or columbia. They don’t have TP, and they are living. A cup of water and a rag will do. Makes me wonder if you are really thinking, radiation, hazards, war and TP . Water and rags work people, no need for 500 5 gal containers of TP . Really ??

    • bruno –

      Point taken. In my preps I desire to try to make my family as comfortable as possible during whatever crisis may erupt. It may be a week without power after a hurricane – it may be much worse. Hopefully stashing away several cases of toilet paper would be worth it.

      A cup of water and a rag is an option – which will require additional water to clean out, and the waste water will need to be disposed of well away from your location.

      Thanks – Rourke

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