Do Preppers Want the World to End?

I have seen that many non-preppers make comments such as “You must be hoping that TSHTF so you can justify spending all this money on all this stuff you have.” Another comment I have seen is “You must be pretty paranoid.”

Those are some of the nicer ones that can be published here. A significant remainder revolves around weaker, lesser people projecting their own actual lack of capability on to me as some sort of compensatory reaction for a massive flaw in my mentality or physiology. But I digress.

Do preppers want to see a world-ending scenario unfold? No, I believe that the VAST majority of preppers out there do not want some major disaster or event to occur. Non-preppers who perceive as much are likely just misinterpreting a prepper’s enthusiasm for learning new skills, and engaging in interesting activities as “doom-seeking.” A rare few individuals might pine for the apocalypse, but most prepper’s do not.

nuclear blast

Whew, now with the rest of the post. If we are being honest, maybe this is a question that warrants a little further investigation.

I have said before that the worst mistake you can make is becoming a victim of your own frame of reference. The moment you stop rigorously questioning your assertions and beliefs is the moment you stop learning, and that means you stop growing.

In the sections below will explore what I think are a few possible reasons that folks who are outsiders to prepping show some trepidation, or even outright disdain towards people who choose to take radical and total responsibility for their own personal outcomes, rain or shine.

Excited People Over-share

Have you ever been around someone who was all fired up about a new undertaking or perhaps thoroughly engrossed in a hobby? It seems to be all they will talk about, and they’ll go on and on about it in excruciating detail!

Consider crossfitters, for instance. If you know anybody who has taken up the program and stuck with it you’re probably already acquainted with the vaguely disconcerting, almost cult-like influence it seems to have on their personality. They won’t stop shouting its benefits and singing its praises from the rooftops!

That’s a fair assessment all right, and in many ways preppers, especially new and excited preppers, will be similarly keen to share their undertakings, experiences and enthusiasm with other people- whether or not they are willing listeners.

These hapless listeners could be coworkers, family members, or friends who don’t necessarily have the same outlook and want the same things from their lives.

Now, think about this without bias. If somebody was taking extraordinary measures to get prepared for events and occurrences that you, perhaps rightly, would consider the end of the world and they were doing it with all of the excitement of a child heading towards Disneyland, what would you think?

You got it: I think it’s fair to say it could rustle your jimmies a little! It would appear to such a person that they were frankly excited about something terrible happening, and that sort of attitude is always gravely unsettling.

But, let us look at it in the correct context. A person who is prepping, especially one still pumped up on the “honeymoon period” of prepping is going to be doing lots of interesting, new things that might well serve as a sort of hobby for them.

They’ll be buying gear, getting outside, hiking, camping, working out, learning how to shoot a gun, learning how to spot bad guys, read a map and much, much more.

You have to admit, considering that most people lead pretty boring, sedentary lives this burst of new activity, engagement with brand new topics and exposure to new experiences and most importantly the great outdoors is probably going to get most folks revved up.

In short, I don’t think it is fair to say that people behaving in this way are eager or excited for doomsday, a major disaster or anything else.

It just so happens that they enjoy the work they are putting in and the learning taking place to get prepared for that event, and that those activities are in and of themselves entirely innocent and entirely enjoyable. You can’t fault them for wanting to tell their friends about it.

The True Test – Deliver, or Die

There is another facet to consider, one that I think many of my readers who are “driver” or A-type personalities will understand, especially men.

Every, single man wonders if he will be good enough to pass the test. If they can stand up to what life or his enemies can throw at him. He wonders if he will barely scrape by with his heart still beating or he will trounce them effortlessly and easily. For most people, this is nothing more than a passing, curious thought or a daydream fantasy at best.

But preppers are not “most” people. Preppers put in the time, money, and honest-to-goodness sweat equity to make sure they have the skills to pay the bills.

And let’s talk facts: they aren’t getting ready for the weekend amateur ballgame, tossing horseshoes at the family reunion or trouncing their nieces or nephews on the latest fighting video game.

No, they are getting ready for real life, no-shit events that will put their lives and the lives of their family members in danger- Serious business!

It is mildly ironic, then, that in much of the developed world those circumstances are vanishingly unlikely to occur, even on a small scale, personal level. A car accident, as bad as they are, is just about the most severe disaster that a person will have to endure.

Hey, that is bad enough, and reason enough to become proficient in both performance driving and basic trauma care! But more to the point the great, big, slam-bang apocalypse that topples societies and changes the face of the globe is extraordinarily unlikely to occur in anybody’s lifetime. I think we can all be thankful for that, honestly!

However, this leads to a curious state in some preppers; a feeling, some might call it a yearning, to put it all on the line and really see if they measure up. To see if they have what it takes to endure and persevere. To see if they have the strength to overcome adversity in the gravest extreme.

And there is almost a sort of melancholy that accompanies this feeling, knowing the stats and figures on just how unlikely they are to need the skills they have spent a significant fraction of their life mastering will never be needed for real, and all of their effort is just to maintain a sort of permanent standby readiness. A noble end, and one that they likely do not regret, but this yearning remains.

A person such as this who’s really feeling the frustration of this existential problem might well vocalize it and various ways, even if they aren’t thinking their words through entirely. I have no doubt whatsoever about the genuine motives of people like this, and the Lord knows I have been one of them before out of boredom, aggravation or restlessness!

But it is also too easy to see how a person lacking such a context for their life and efforts could easily perceive such an attitude as a misanthropic craving for a big smash up to happen, and that might make a person look a bit off in the eyes of another.

Put another way, it is no different from the noble efforts of a surgeon, police officer, paramedic, fireman, or any other skilled profession that revolves around the plight of others wanting to put their skills to the test when they are needed.

Indeed, many of them probably pray that a day will come where their skills will never be needed, but the desire to be useful is inherently human, not born of malice, and we should not think poorly of preppers who are merely eager to be useful.

But There Are Some Who Choose Darker Directions

I have to be honest here: I would not be truthful to say I have never known any peppers who sincerely wished for a cataclysmic event or the legitimate end of the world as we know it to occur. I have. Some of them I have even called friends.

Though it is impossible to say what truly, ultimately, rattles around in the minds of such people, they would profess openly that they are merely eager for a sort of big “do-over”. These preppers have grievances, major ones, with the world and many of the people in it.

Maybe they’re just upset at the direction that our country is taking. Maybe they despise certain political parties, and the social and cultural changes that they have implemented. They might particularly resent the changing landscape, and their very own community.

If there’s one thing I know is true, it is that things never, ever stay the same and age does not necessarily bring wisdom. But if you are lucky, age will bring an acceptance to bear gracefully the things you cannot change. Some folks don’t get that at all.

And so even if you cannot understand their sentiments you can at least understand their thought process that brought them to this eagerness for doomsday.

These guys (and a few gals) tell themselves that with their skills, their preparation and their steadfast refusal to give up the old ways, it will be they who are standing strong and proud, exemplars of the way things were, the way things should be and, in the aftermath, the way things are.

They’ve convinced themselves that the soft, the decadent and the crazy will be swept away or will perish shortly thereafter and then the long but noble task of rebuilding the world as it ought to be will get underway proper.

To them, modernity and many of the people in it are symptomatic of a greater sickness that will inevitably result in the true extinction of mankind if we are not fortunate enough to undergo some corrective measure in the meantime.

That corrective measure could take the form of a great flood, an asteroid, a nuclear exchange or one of any number of possible scenarios that they could pluck out of a hat. To them, any of them will do, so long as the current order is dramatically shaken up or swept away.

A Personal Story

Before I close out this article with a personal story about this very subject, let me say that I do not hope for any legitimate SHTF scenario or doomsday itself in the context of wanting to leverage that event in order to get one over on the people that I feel have wronged us, or wrong the nation.

I generally don’t associate with those people if I’m giving any choice, as pessimism, vanity and nihilism of that scale is a poison of the soul that is hard to stop.

Furthermore I don’t delude myself about my chances, or anyone else’s, in the event of a legitimately catastrophic disaster. You know all those innumerable, faceless casualties that make up the millions and millions of dead or missing in all those mega disaster movies?

Yeah, you, me and everyone we know are likely to be among them when that happens for real, no matter how hard we try to prevent it! Sometimes, all you can do is hope against hope then rage against the dying of the light. That’s humanity for you, but it is called “doomsday” for a reason.


The other day I was talking with a friend who has some concerns and is leaning towards preparedness . He asked me a similar question about what I hope happens. I told him without any wavering that I pray, decades from now, it turns out that absolutely nothing happens.

I went on to say that I certainly would not consider my investment in preparedness a waste of time. The food I buy will not go to waste. The bullets I buy will be used or will get passed on. The medical supplies will be there in case of some accident. For whatever reason, preparedness comes natural to me and just flat-out makes sense.

Now, what I said next kinda caught my friend off guard. I told him that there was one situation, one possible circumstance that I hope TSHTF, and that it is only the sincere hope that if it does occur it is not too far off. He looked at me with surprise.

I told him that if TSHTF, that if some major disaster or event is to take place – I would want it to happen while I am still alive so that I can help my family and friends get through it.

Does that mean I hope it happens? No, it doesn’t, and I believe how I feel is similar to how most of those other preppers out there feel.

How about you? Do you hope for a chance to test yourself, or do you outright want doomsday to happen?

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last update May 5th 2021

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31 thoughts on “Do Preppers Want the World to End?”

  1. I do not hope for the SHTF to happen. As a matter of fact I hope it never does happen. With that said, things do happen and that is just the natural state of things. We live on an ever changing planet, we also live in an unpredictable world. Being prepared is just smart, plain and simple. Knowing that things are bound to happen is it not wise to be prepared rather than hoping that things won’t happen? You buy auto insurance with the hope that you never have to use it. You by homeowners insurance hoping that you never need it. Prepping works the same way. If you are hoping that something terrible goes wrong then I think you probably need to visit a psychologist and get put on medication.

  2. I’ve heard this comment couple of time also. My response would normally be to ask them if they have any kind of insurance. Haven’t met anyone without any kind of insurance yet!

    House insurance?!?! Are you hoping your house burns to the ground?
    Car insurance?!?! Omg, you must really be paranoid
    Medical AND healthcare?!?! (You get the picture by now….)

    It gets people to start thinking for themselves: Maybe this guy isn’t paranoid, he just might have seen a theat to his (and his family’s) safty that I haven’t seen yet. It just might be interesting to hear what he’ preparing for…

  3. Nice blog subject. I too have to deal with what people think from time to time. You better believe when some of the folks I know learn that I have been saving dryer lint they have a good laugh. The laugh was on my son over the 4th of July weekend when he could not get his tinder to start a very small bonfire because it was so humid all he could do was make smoke. I began prepping when I lost my job three years ago for some of the very reasons you brought up. Food stores are for any emergency, job loss is not the least of them. Having food stores has been one of the smartest things I have done. Medical supplies recently came to good use when I suddenly got an infection in my leg. The spare wraps, bandages and pads really came in handy at a time when I was out of work and had to bandage my leg every day and really could not walk well enough to go purchase what I needed. No, I do not hope for SHTF but I have learned I need to be ready to help myself and my family; that is the best reason of all.

  4. I’m a prepper but that doesn’t mean I want the world to end, I want to be ready incase some major event happens so I can take care of my family. I also carry a spare tire but that doesn’t mean every morning on the drive to work I pray for a flat tire just so I can use it. In the event a SHTF happens the people who mock us will be begging us for our resources and knowledge, that is if they can stay alive long enough to ask for it.

  5. I think that most folks that are into preparation as a lifestyle, have had that kind of input or worse. I know I have, even from family members. Your point is well stated, preparations are never wasted. It may not be a catastrophic event, If you live on two incomes, it may be as simple as losing one. If inflation gets worse, it may mean less trips to the store. If nothing happens, I can bless others with some of the stuff or skills I’ve developed. It’s a win win. Prepare for the worst, pray for the best.

  6. I feel exactly the same way . I have been a volunteer fireman for the past 24 years and we have a saying it is better to have us and not need us than to need us and not have us . For me prepping is the same way . Its better to have the supplies and not need them than to need them and not have them .

  7. All things come to an end, it’s a natural cycle – Birth, Growth, Decline, Death.

    So I don’t hope for it societal collapse but I do expect it – and prepare to live through the transition – and thrive after things cool off. In other words societal collapse is inevitable.

    I can see some advanced preppers wanting to see it happen sooner… kind of like watching a dying loved one suffering. In fact our friend in this case (first world society) is so terribly sick that it won’t go quietly. In fact many people are so ill-prepared to hear the truth that humans must live within our means – when they are faced with this reality they will go kicking and screaming until they meet their own maker.

    So I can’t imagine anyone is looking forward to the transition… be it’s inevitable. What life will be like on the other side depends a lot on how we vote, spend, and prep today. Prep well my friends.

  8. Whatever happened to the philosophy of “Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst” or “A Good Scout is Always Prepared”?
    Being prepared for any number of dire events is certainly not the same as actively hoping they will transpire.

    Anyone who has more than one day of food in their pantry or more than one roll of toilet paper in the bathroom (preparing for the eventuality that they may not have time, money, or access to the grocery store tomorrow) or who has at least one Band-Aid in their medicine cabinet is a Prepper. The only difference between them and me is the depth of forethought on the possible eventualities.

    Keep up the good work, Rourke.

  9. I love that question. For years people ask me why I carry a weapon? I tell them because I can. Then they ask me if I’m paranoid. I say no. Before they keep moving thru this mindless questioning I tell them, look I have a fire extinguisher at home and its loaded. Does that mean I paranoid that my house is going to burn down, no.

    I also like the loaded gun question. I ask them what would be the point of carrying an empty gun? All my family, beginning with my wife question me as to why I do what I do, because nothing will ever happen in America.

    I pray to God every day that I’m wrong and TS never HTF. I tell my family and friends I hope to look back and everyone gets a good laugh at the things I’ve done over these last 3 years.

    Nothing will be wasted. I have 12 Grandchildren to eat the food during camp outs in Nonno’s back yard and they all will learn how to shoot.

  10. the only reason i would want TSHTF would be for it to hopefully really cut our government down to proper size… we can’t keep affording to pay more and more with less and less for us to actually live on for our efforts. (and only for the government to take from us to give to someone else who does not contribute to the system)

    but i feel not matter what – if TSHTF or if not – the government will eventually assume complete dictatorship control.

    ironically, they’ll probably be able to use TSHTF to their advantage to speed that along.

    (WTF that challenge post thing had me scratching my head as to what i was supposed to do)

  11. So few preppers I think they are on the wrong track here. I think the millions and millions of drivers with auto insurance want to cause accidents. I think the millions and millions of homeowners are intending to see homes burn to the ground. No kidding! This is a real risk! Why else would they buy that insurance? The government needs to investigate. Can you imagine how many auto accidents and home fires could be prevented if we crack down on these people???

  12. Rourke,

    I totally agree with your assessment that most preppers hope like heck they will never have to use their supplies in SHTF situation. Does that make the process, the time and the expense any less important? Of course not. Life deals us joker cards (of the bad type) at the most inconvenient times and it is on those occasions that the preps will become invaluable.

    I figure that in the best case, I will have supplies that I can access if I don’t feel like running to the store (20 miles round trip) and first aid items that can be used until the EMTs arrive. I will have power if a storm knocks out the grid for three days and I will be able to cook if my stove is on the blink. There are just so many situations where my preps will come in handy that I would never consider them a waste of time or money.

    I do feel that life as I have known it for most of my adult life has changed and that it may never be the same. But that is quite different from an end of the world situation. I hope and pray that others will recognize this as well and that a doom and gloom mentality does not prevail and prevent people from embracing the good things in life (family, friendship, good health) because they are simply too preoccupied with some impending implosion of society and mother earth.

    There will always be those that want to criticize others for their beliefs. In this case, I like to remind people that survivalist is not a dirty word and neither is the term “prepper”.


  13. Rourke,

    Despite the increasingly sad state of affairs our country–and even more so, our world–is in, I will never hope for an end-of-time scenario to unfold. Most preppers, I feel, are simply being prudent, using the common sense that Our Maker saw fit to endow upon most of us. That being said, I couldn’t agree more that if everything is bound to soon lead to a “hell in a hand basket” situation anyway, then I would much rather be around, despite any and all hardships I may have to personally endure, in order to care for my mostly unprepared family.

  14. Rourke,
    I’m on the same page you are. I hope and pray that we don’t have a SHTF situation. However, all of my preps will be used regardless of any type of “event”. I also hope that if it does hit the fan, that I am around to help my family also. Particularly because most of my family members don’t believe that it can happen in the good ole USA. They are in denial. Fortunately for them I’ve got their backs. Unfortunately for them, if it ever hits the fan there will be an “I told you so, now eat your beans.” 🙂

    I find people’s reaction to preppers curious. They all rotate food and supplies just like us, only on a MUCH smaller scale. When they run out of something they go get more. When I use one of my preps I replace it. The biggest difference is that I keep my inventory, whereas their inventory is kept in stores. In many ways I find prepping to be more convenient. I shop when there are sales and when it is convenient to shop. I don’t run out of things, therefore I don’t HAVE to stop on the way home and get more.

    Pray for the best and plan for the worst!


  15. We don’t want any doomsday to happen, but history shows us that this is what’s ahead unless we take preventive action – soon.

    The Bible predicts plainly that men’s sinfulness will eventually bring judgement from God. History also shows us that wars and disasters are part and parcel of the human condition, so we’d best prepared, first by becoming right with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and then by heeding the warnings of Scripture and the signs we can see plainly around us.

    If and when TSHTF, we also want it to happen soon, while we are still young and healthy enough to take on the challenges.

  16. I agree with you completely, remember the old phrases “Prepare for war, prey for peace”, “Good offense, is a good defence” etc…. The sad reality is that even though the prepper community is growing it will still pale compared to the rest of humanity. Some how it’s more intelligent to do nothing and stand in long lines after an event with empty containers waiting for H2O and MRE’s from the Nat’l Guard or FEMA. When the Loma Prieta earthquack hit us in CA, all of the sudden those that new me were showing up to see what I had. With some of my friends and family it like the more degree’s they have the less common sense they have. My sister told me recently inlight of the NWO, and finances an such, I should be more balanced. I felt like telling her, when you come knocking on my door when the SHTF or a local event, that you sister need to be balnced, just wait for FEMA or such they will takecare of you eventually, that what yor experiencing is just your imagination because I have food and water, meds, vitamins so I am just fine thank you, bye.

  17. I never understood why anyone would really want the world to end, wrol, shtf, etc. Being ready for uncertain times/events is great but I really, really, don’t want to live in my basement. I don’t know anyone else who would either.

  18. I feel TSHTF moment will be when the whole US economy (then the world economy) fails. Do I want it to happen, NO! Do I like this, “kicking the can down to the next generation”? NO! If it is to happen let it happen so that we can start to rebuild. No more raising the Debt Ceiling, no more Bailouts, no more “Too Big To Fail”. Let it fail so we can rebuild now before it happens while most of the world is burning.

  19. Ask them: “Do you want to get a serious, life-threatening disease?” If the answer is no, then ask them why do they buy health insurance? Why do they have jumper cables in their car? Their car is working fine right now, why waste that money? Or any other questions along those lines might help to get the point across.

    I don’t want TSTHTF. I’ve yet to find a prepper that wants that to happen.

    On the other hand, in the interest of total honesty, I’m going to be somewhat smug if things go to hell, and I’m prepared and people around me aren’t.

    If someone goes to a baseball game, and they’re the only one who has brought an umbrella with them, they’re going to feel pretty darn good (and dry.) if it rains.

    I’m not going to be ashamed of preparing for the worst, there are worse things one can do with their money.

    And I humbly reserve the right to say a big fat “I told you so.” if/when (hopefully if, and not when) TSHTF.

  20. NOPE!!
    I like my recliner, AC and my tv
    I dont wanna use my car, home, life, health insurance, nor my fire extenguisher, nor my sick leave, nor my plot at the cemetary neither

  21. We prepare for the worst of the worst situations. Although my blog is “What if IT is today”, I hope and pray that “it” is not a catastrophic event. Every week “it” happens to all of us. Around here it could be a skinned knee, a broken headlight on the truck, a power outage, 6 unexpected visitors showing up at dinner and spending the night, or running off an intruder trying to break into your home – or in our case a skunk! Being prepared means being able to handle whatever is thrown at you without panic because you can maintain the same degree of composure as normal due to your preparations.

  22. I certainly DO NOT wish for the proverbial ‘S” to hit the fan. Although, I believe, that there are some who so badly want that “I told you so” moment that they will anxiously await it…until it happens.

    I read on a blog somewhere that you shouldn’t do anything to prep that doesn’t improve you or your situation. For instance, I have recently started gardening, albeit unsuccessful so far, but I am getting better. At first, I couldn’t get my tomato plants taller than about 6”, now they are much taller…still no tomatoes, but it is progress. My point is that I am learning a lot, spending time with the kids in the sunshine, and getting some exercise. I am all around better for it, will be even better when I get those darn tomatoes.

    I think a lot of the negative reaction and suspicion of preppers has to do with the ‘survivalists’ from the ’80s. I don’t remember all the specifics, but the ‘news’ had them all pegged as anti-government, racist, radicals who were doing everything short of active subversion to overthrow the guv’ment. That may have even been true for a few, but it sure left a bad image of the survivalist lifestyle on John Q. Public.

    Great topic Rourke,

  23. I read some years ago that if anything happened to stop the trucks from hauling thing that the supermarkets and food stores would be empty in 72 hours or less . I did not believe it but I ran into an old friend of mine from high school that is a manager of a food lion store and I asked him that question . He told me “Bobby you have no idea “. He said I bet we get 30-40 trucks a day into his store maybe more if you consider all the venders making deliveries . He said that in 24-48 hours most of the food would be gone that you would want to eat and it would take another 24 hours more or less to get rid of all the things that they don’t sell a lot of . Just something to think about . Have a great weekend !

    • Thanks Robert –

      I certainly believe it. Here in the South a coming snowstorm will clean out a grocery store.


  24. I for one do hope it all comes crashing down. We have built a society much like Babel or Sodom and it’s end will not be the end of man but an opportunity to make a new beginning. I don’t wish suffering and death upon the unprepared masses but I believe the fact is we have traded freedom for safety and comfort, just like Franklin warned against. We are selling our humanity short and only a correction will give us the freedom to be great, to be men again! Fear not the one who can kill your body but the one who can kill your soul and drag it to Gehenna.

  25. I certainly do not wish that there would be a need for the sm but ever growing prepper supplies (everybody has to start somewhere,) I have managed to accumulated. Somewhere in my head … I’ve always been a prepper. Read about it 30 and 40 yrs ago. I study the patterns in things … events, history, the way people carry themselves …I’m analytical and then I process what I learn from studying. After a particularly bad hurricane on the sm and fragile peninsula on which I live, I watched the bees. Bees as good “people”. You can learn much from studying the “small ones” in our world. People pay them no mind …but they are all about their society…as are we! In that time … their nest became unuseable. They became angry! Exhibiting frenetic behavior. They had lost their center and their capacity to connect with one another. Things were off-kilter in their world! …After that one incident I began to notice over time, that people are much the same … we have great capacities to reinvent, rejuvinate and rejoin … but when our environment changes suddenly, thru any means, we sag in our abilities… until we can process the events that have brought us to where we are! I have friends whose daughter became separated from her parents during Katrina … she wasn’t physically injured … but attempted to rejoin them and put herself in grave danger doing so. Her capacity to understand and assimilate the knowledge that she was getting at the time flagged under a curtain of fear … but the grace of God brought her through. However, she now suffers from PTSD… (as would and WILL most folks who endure the elements, risking perceivable, life-ending developments along throubled paths to safety). I have been thru some very difficult periods in my life and have found that people along life’s road over the many yrs that I have lived … have brought me to the realization that, while you may be trying to reach safety … there are others along your path who have quite different objectives. Treachery is one that comes to mind. Profit is another… as is… control (whether from others or “other organizations”)… The objective of others may seem to be for my direct and immediate beneift … but I have prepared my mind in such a way … that I am less needy in many areas than most. I have understood my life to have been on a different trajectory. Therefore, I have armoured myself spiritually… to be able to assimilate fast-moving changes in knowledge and circumstances. Like fast twitch muscle fiber … my brain is locked and loaded to accept negative outcomes. I am wired. My body may not move as fast as some, but I will make up for it because I have endured much hardship and trust in positive outcomes! It is panic and fear that are my enemies and I have dispatched them … and learned in the process not to lean on my own understanding of things as I perceive them to be. I know I have the advantage and my abilities as a nurse, having to make fast decisions … has taught me that I may not know everything I need to know … but I can still make safe and good decisions. What fool would wish evil to ensue, just because he has made preparations! I had three boys … I prepared for the fact that I would bring home a viable baby each time I went to give birth. I bought clothing, diapers and believed in my ability to feed my boys naturally! (Heck I even bought and packed a birthday card for my husband, who had a birthday the next day … because I KNEW with a wholesome degree of certainty that I wasn’t gonna duck out for a quick trip to the drug store while I was @ the hospital … they frown on that sorta stuff)! I had to do what I could to prepare … but did I ever doubt for and instant that I would produce the “food” my children needed? Not for an instant! God provided for their every need and now that they are grown to men and some have even reproduced, I see… though this world is fraught with pitfalls … that I can provide my guys with benefit from my greater exposure to the harsher realities of this life. They are learning common sense along the way … it isn’t something that gets automatically imparted… but more acquired and apprehended! I know that someday I WILL most certainly die. So too will my sons! Do I wish it to come at a time certain … and because I KNOW it will happen just as I know that night follows the day! Would I want to control it? Most certainly NOT!!! I want to live as long and a fruitfully as I am able! But because I am aware that at some time I will die … my family has their instructions! But here’s a little point to ponder! … That while I’m on disability … I am not allowed to own funeral expence insurance etc… because it is considered an asset and in order to acquire disability ins. you have to be pretty destitute… and the gov’t wants you to stay that way! They too, know you will die! And it seems even more likely that if you’re on disability that it might happen sooner rather than later! But … no!!!… no planning ahead for YOU! Here’s my take on this whole thing! … I KNOW with a great deal of certainty in my own mind that “chaos theory” is real. I buy it, I get it! I have invested in it … but I do NOT like it! It’s just that timing is everything in “the market”, in fishing, in hunting, and in gardening. I’m going to prepare more because I like certitude … it makes me comfy … and it beats the uncertainty of what the government has prepared for me. Thanks on that one! … I’ll stick with the “Big Guy” .. He has a plan for my life … and I’m stickin’ with a winner!

  26. I do not want the STHF!!! When I discuss what I am doing, I always tell them it is just like buying insurance. Most people believe that they don’t have the money to prep or don’t know where to start. I always tell them to buy two of the things they like to eat and can store on a shelf. The other question is, “How do you know how much to store?”. My answer is always the same. You will know when you feel comfortable with what you set back. It’s like going on vaction. You take what you need to get by for the number of days you are going to be gone. How long do you think a particular problem might take to resolve?

  27. I don’t want the world as I know it to end; after all, in my part of the world, things are relatively good. However, the signs of change are everywhere, and just like the autumn colors tell us that winter is coming, the signs say change is coming. People buy winter clothes; once upon a time they put food by for the winter. I think a very long winter is coming, and it’s wise to be ready.


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