The Colony Review (2013, Series)

  The Colony has an interesting premise, one that is near and dear to most preppers: The world is turned upside down because of a catastrophe and society has collapsed. It is up to a band of survivors to work together and overcome survival challenges if they want to live. For the show’s first season, … Read more

12 Plants that Will Surely Deter Trespassers

cactus plants

Keeping trespassers off your property and intruders out of your home is always to your benefit, but traditional barriers like fences, gates and bars are eyesores and can be expensive. But it is possible to set up significant deterrents to trespassers with various species of unique, thorny plants. This article will tell you about several … Read more

Suburban Survival: The Only Guide You Will Need

houses in the suburbs

When it comes to discussions of survival, particularly long-term survival, the topic centers around two environments: Urban environments, because they are viewed as particularly difficult and rural environments, because this is the ideal environment to survive it. At least, according to some. There is quite literally an in-between environment that gets very little in the … Read more

10 Methods for Gathering Emergency Water

upside down umbrella in rain to collect rainwater

Hardly anyone that has any amount of prepping experience needs to be told now how important water is in a survival situation. Water is absolutely critical to survival, and a few days without enough water can easily kill or incapacitate. This is one of those survival necessities that just won’t wait. However, the need for … Read more

So, Will a Campfire Keep Wild Animals Away?

fire started with a Fresnel lens

When camping in any remote area of wilderness, preppers are often advised to build a campfire not only to stay warm, but also to keep wild animals away. good advice, considering that many wild animals can be a nuisance at your campsite and some can be quite dangerous. but some reports abound of animals in … Read more

The Best 8 Hazmat Suits and How to Choose Yours

man in white hazmat suit

Being prepared to face down the unexpected is paramount if you want to ensure that you and your family will persevere in the face of hard times. Disasters both natural and man-made can turn your life upside down, rob you of every possession and even kill you if you aren’t ready to face them, head-on, … Read more

So, What Exactly is Gray Water?

DIY greywater system from kitchen sink inside to collection container outside

Household and homestead water conservation is a big deal to preppers, and definitely one of the pillars of self-sufficiency. Water is an incredibly precious resource that most of us take for granted, and especially when trying to survive a long-term societal collapse you’ll have to make the best use of resources possible. One term you’ll … Read more

13 Bug Out Scenarios to Practice Today

man running away on street

Most preppers who claim they are serious about survival talk about bugging out, but they don’t really plan for it. Sure, they might have some pie in the sky ideal of throwing their stuff in the car and heading for their first carefully chosen, pre-stocked bug out location, but they make some pretty broad assumptions … Read more

Are EMPs Real?

solar flare

Preppers worry about all sorts of world ending and society toppling events and disasters, and one that is whispered about the most, near the very top of the pantheon of catastrophes is the EMP. EMPs, or electromagnetic pulses are broadly discussed throughout the preppersphere, and feature prominently in all sorts of disaster and doomsday media, … Read more

A Prepper’s Guide to Prepping for Less

food stockpile canned food ramen noodles bottled water

Most veteran preppers know that there is always something to buy or invest in as part of your prepping plan. Supplies, consumables, gear, clothing, training even whole vehicles! This is all well and good when you are swimming in cash, but when your funds are decidedly limited or discretionary money is completely non-existent, prepping in … Read more

So, Is Body Armor worth It?

Body armor is one of those things that defensively-minded preppers think of as a mandatory prep. Considering the number of guns in the United States and around the rest of the world, ballistic threats to your safety are extremely likely. But quality body armor is very expensive and is not necessarily available over the counter … Read more

How Long Do Lighters Really Last?

Zippo lighter

Every prepper buying now knows how important the ability to make fire is. For all the talk about utilizing primitive methods or retro tech, hardly anything is quicker and easier to do in a bad situation than simply utilizing a lighter. Lighters are indispensable tools in a survival kit, but compared to more primitive methods … Read more

Top 10 Methods to Remove a Tree Stump

hollowed-out tree stump

If you own property you will eventually have to deal with the problem of the stumps that trees leave behind once they are cut, or knocked, down. That is just the way it is. Due to accident, damage or deliberate intervention one way or the other trees will eventually give up the ghost and that … Read more

5 Places You Should Avoid During Martial Law

tank with soldiers on city street

Plenty of preppers have a plan for seemingly all eventualities, including societal collapse and tyrannical government overreach, but I regularly see these plans fail to take into account the reality of the likely martial law scenario that will follow. Though it is true you can still get along with the business of survival more or … Read more