How To Start a Fire With a Batteries (5 Ways)

using a 9 volt battery and steel wool as tinder to start a fire

When the power goes out or you are in the middle of a survival situation where you need a fire it is easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t have your usual fire-starting kit or expert skill with primitive fire-starting techniques. Fortunately, there is an easy, improvised way to get your fire started: using a … Read more

West Virginia State Trespassing Laws

west virginia flag

If you want to keep your property safe and protected from trespassers and avoid trespassing when you are out on an adventure, you’ll need a thorough understanding of your home state’s trespassing laws. Only by understanding the trespassing laws in your state will you know precisely where your rights begin when it comes to properties … Read more

Wyoming State Trespassing Laws

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Trespassing is serious business. You might not think there is very much wrong with traipsing onto someone’s land for one reason or another, but I’m willing to bet you’ll feel very differently if someone is on your land. Whether you think it is a proper crime or just more like disrespect, the law tells us … Read more

Vermont State Trespassing Laws

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Trespassing is one of those things that all property owners instinctively get upset about. The idea that someone is on our land, without our permission, is enough to make your blood boil even if they aren’t hurting anything. The nerve of some people! But understanding your state’s trespassing laws is important if you want to … Read more

Wisconsin State Trespassing Laws

Some people think of trespassing as a petty violation, a crime so minor that it hardly warrants worrying about. But this just isn’t the truth: trespassing is still a crime, wherever it occurs in the United States, and in some states it is a very serious crime under the wrong circumstances. Accordingly, you’ll want to … Read more

Washington State Trespassing Laws

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If you own land or property, rent it, lease it or have any other legal entitlement to it you will definitely want to understand the trespassing laws in your state. Only by understanding these laws will you know where your rights begin and end concerning a given piece of real estate, and just as importantly … Read more

Virginia State Trespassing Laws

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If you own property, you’ll definitely want to brush up on your home state’s trespassing laws. This is so you know exactly what your rights are when it comes to keeping people off of your property, and what the requirements are for you, as the owner, when it comes to posting or notifying others to … Read more

15 Scents That Raccoons Hate the Most

two raccoons on a wooden fence

If all you know about raccoons is what you’ve learned from internet videos of them acting adorable, you’re in for a rude awakening when they start hanging around your house. They can break into your trash, infiltrate your attic, and generally make themselves a complete menace. They also carry a variety of diseases that might … Read more

Tennessee State Trespassing Laws

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Although sometimes thought of as a lesser offense, in every single state throughout the US trespassing is still an actual crime, one complete with penalties and potential incarceration as punishment. You’ll definitely want to know the trespassing law if you want to keep uninvited guests off of your own property, and also if you want … Read more

Nevada State Trespassing Laws

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Though trespassing laws are broadly similar throughout the United States, each state still has its own variations on the basic concepts and its own penalties for violating these laws. What is a misdemeanor in one state could be a felony in another. Though you might think you understand your property rights if you haven’t followed … Read more

Iowa State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding where a person’s rights begin and end concerning their property is important for staying on the right side of the law. This certainly counts for respecting the property rights of others in your travels, whatever you happen to be doing, but also understanding when the law is on your side whenever someone is on … Read more

Nebraska State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding your home state’s trespassing laws is critical for protecting your property rights and also to be sure you don’t violate anyone else’s when you are out hunting, hiking, camping, or scouting. But to have a full understanding you’ll actually have to study the law as written in your state’s statutes. “Common sense” does not … Read more

Kentucky State Trespassing Laws

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No matter where you live and no matter what kind of property you own or what you’re living arrangement is, it is in your best interest to understand well the trespassing laws in your state. You want to know these laws both so that you can avoid trespassing while on your own travels, but also … Read more

Hawaii State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding your state’s trespassing laws is important if you want to protect both yourself and your interests. It would not be a good thing to be charged with trespassing for accidentally entering someone else’s property when you were out for a hike, for instance, but it also wouldn’t be good to overreact when someone else’s … Read more

Illinois State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding your home state’s trespassing laws is essential if you want to keep your property safe from people that shouldn’t be there while also keeping yourself safe from undue liability. It is easy to overreact when someone is trespassing, and if you use force when you really shouldn’t, it might be you that winds up … Read more

Maine State Trespassing Laws

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Pretty much everyone understands instinctively the importance of trespassing laws. Whenever somebody violates your property rights, be it around your home or just on your land, you feel it in your gut. Likewise, being a good neighbor and a good citizen means respecting the property rights of others, and to intelligently and ethically handle both … Read more

Montana State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding the trespassing laws of any state where you live, own property, or travel is essential. You’ll need to understand the trespassing laws so that you know precisely what your rights are when it comes to keeping other people off your properties, whether they are developed or not, but also so that you do not … Read more

Delaware State Trespassing Laws

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If you own property, it is important that you understand all the ins and outs of your state’s laws concerning trespassing. If you don’t know the law, you might not have the decisiveness to act when dealing with trespassers. You might also overreact with force to a crime that in no way justifies it, which … Read more

North Carolina State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding a given state’s trespassing laws is vital if you want to avoid accidentally trespassing on the land of someone else when you are out adventuring in nature, and also if you want to protect your property against trespassers. Across America, trespassing laws are broadly similar from state to state, but as you might imagine … Read more

Connecticut State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding a state’s trespassing laws is a critical part of fully understanding your rights as a property owner, and also your responsibilities as a citizen. Knowing exactly what constitutes trespassing and what does not is equally important for keeping unwanted people off of your property as it is to avoid charges of trespassing when you … Read more

Arizona State Trespassing Laws

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Understanding basic property rights begins with understanding laws on trespassing. If anyone can just come onto your property with no rhyme or reason, and without provocation, you really don’t have as much control as you think you do. Happily, all states have laws governing trespass, and each has its own regulations for the declaration and … Read more