Hmm, Why Are Rabbits Born Blind?

baby rabbit sleeping

If you have ever discovered a nest of baby bunnies in your yard, or perhaps you have raised your own, you likely noticed that their little eyes remain firmly shut for the first days of their lives, unable to see. It is definitely adorable, but the little things seem so helpless. Despite our sentiments, there … Read more

17 Types of Food Storage and Preservation Techniques

home canned food on pantry shelves

Preparing for a long-term survival situation, or just a massive downturn in society, means accumulating the right gear, supplies, and provisions. The one provision that most of us are predominantly preoccupied with is food, and with good reason. You might be able to go without food for weeks and still survive, but slow starvation will … Read more

So, Can you Eat Grasshoppers to Survive?

a grasshopper on a leaf

In some cultures around the world, insects feature heavily on the menu. Throughout Asia, Africa and South America bugs make up an important resource of nutrition. Similarly, bugs have commonly been turned to as a food of desperation by those in survival situations or living in times of extreme lack. It sounds gross, and it … Read more

Step-by-Step How to Survive in the Woods

the woods somewhere in Ohio

Probably the most popular, and the most common, theoretical survival situation that preppers game out is that of a woodland survival scenario. Forests all over the world, dark, deep and enticing, all have a nearly mythic proportion in our minds. We are drawn to the woods while we are simultaneously afraid of them, and whether … Read more

Can You Make a Fire Inside a Shelter?

bushcraft survival shelter

One of the single most important and most fundamental survival skills is building a fire. Knowing how to build a fire will help you get dry and keep warm, as well as signaling for help and cooking food. But, in really harsh conditions you’ll need to stay inside your shelter for safety, and this begs … Read more

Can Mud Repel Mosquitoes and Other Bugs?

person walking in mud

I don’t think there is anyone alive who has spent any amount of time outdoors who hasn’t been plagued by mosquitoes and other biting critters. Whether they are trying to suck your blood for dinner or are just biting you out of some misguided instinct of self-defense, it is always aggravating, sometimes painful, and potentially … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Bug Out Bag

green backpack with two water bottles in side pockets

Preppers spend an inordinate amount of time packing, customizing, and generally fussing over their bug-out bags. This is understandable, as the bug-out bag is a central and crucially important prep in all kinds of scenarios. Whether you are facing a calamitous natural disaster or a man-made catastrophe, your bug-out bag, bristling with precious gear and … Read more

Do Ramen Noodles Ever Expire?

uncooked ramen

Ramen noodles. You love them, or you hate them, and probably not much in between. That being said, you have to respect them for becoming so ubiquitous and so cheap. Whether they are tossed into a pack as a reliable if uninspired camping meal or used to desperately stretch the dollars of broke college kids, … Read more

What Can You Store in a Root Cellar?

root cellar

Root cellars used to be the residential standard for storing food long term prior to the advent of modern refrigeration technology. With increasing uncertainty about the status of modern society and especially utilities, root cellars are making a comeback in prepping circles. But what all can you store in a root cellar? Root cellars are … Read more

The 20 Best EDC Flashlights

bushnell flashlight

Ounce for ounce, you will never do better for a useful daily carry tool than a good, dependable flashlight. There is no gun, perhaps even no knife that is as vital in all situations, all seasons, and all places as a flashlight. From boring everyday chores to hardcore survival situations, you’ll always have a need … Read more

How to Make Water Safe to Drink: 10 Ways

filtering water with an Aquamira Straw filter

No prepper needs to be told how important water is in a survival situation. When it comes to material needs, the only resource more important than water is oxygen. Depending upon your environment, you might have water all around you when you need it, but the irony is that the water could be of uncertain … Read more

These 8 Traps Will Catch You a Raccoon

raccoons eating bait

Raccoons are one of the most iconic North American animals, and instantly recognizable thanks to that adorable ringed tail, charming black mask and those expressive, dexterous paws so very much like human hands. Sure, raccoons are cute, but they are also an enormous pain in the butt in many settings, especially one where you are … Read more

10 Ways to Stay Warm in the Wilderness

fire started with a Fresnel lens

Exposure is a constant threat anytime you are outdoors. Or at least it is if you don’t live very near the equator! But in seriousness, no matter where you live and no matter how seasonally warm it is you should not discount the threat you could be facing should the weather turn against you. When … Read more

15 Must-Have Truck EDC Items

truck drifting

One of the most important tools in a prepper’s arsenal is their vehicle. Serving as a conveyance for evacuation or bugging out, a prime mover for mass amounts of cargo or a taxi to get you and your group where you are needed, when you are needed, it is difficult to overstate the flexibility and … Read more

Is it Safe to Heat Food in a Can?

can heated on a stove

Canned food is a reliable, convenient option, and aside from being an everyday staple in the kitchen it also serves as a fundamental part of a long-term food storage plan. You might have seen various depictions in media of people heating up canned food right in the can prior to eating it, but is this … Read more