Can You Eat Raw Corn to Survive? Is it Safe?


Every self-reliant person I know spends hour upon hour planning to accommodate the need for food in all kinds of survival situations. Yeah, you can go for weeks without food before you starve, but only a handful of days without food before you’re dangerously low on energy. But one thing that is routinely overlooked in … Read more

Here Are 7 Ways to Make Fishing Hooks

two DIY fishing hooks made from soda can tabs

In any wilderness survival situation, obtaining food is a priority. Though you can stay alive for weeks without any food, you’ll become so mentally and physically degraded your chances of survival will dwindle every day that you do not eat. Naturally, many folks include hunting and trapping gear in their survival kits for the purpose, … Read more

Will Mylar Bags Protect Devices from an EMP?

sealed Mylar bag of white rice with date on it

One of the most devastating, and sadly, one of the most plausible, mega disasters that preppers worry about today is that of an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. Generated by the detonation of a nuclear warhead, a specialized EMP device or even powerful cosmic phenomena, a potent EMP can completely destroy the electrical grid, anything connected … Read more

Here’s How to EMP-Proof Your Vehicle

truck drifting

One of the hallmarks of being a good prepper is knowing what you’re up against. Understanding the nature of the threat, be it a group of people, a natural disaster or an accidental catastrophe is fundamental to preparing yourself against the consequences. No matter how big, no matter how scary, there’s always something that can … Read more

How to Throw a Spear the Right Way

how to throw a spear collage

Among ancient weapons, the spear might well be the king of the battlefield. Compared to swords, axes, clubs, and other melee weapons, spears have major advantages both logistically and operationally. Spears provide reach, and reach equals safety. Spears used as part of a group act as a force multiplier compared to other weapons and spears … Read more

Gopher Snakes: Are they Poisonous Or Dangerous?

gopher snake

You are wise to be cautious when dealing with any snake out in the wilderness, but the similarities between various species, including venomous and non-venomous ones, make the matter of positive identification anything but easy. Confusing a harmless snake for a dangerous one can lead to panic and fear for nothing, and the opposite might … Read more

Milk Snakes: Are they Poisonous? Or Dangerous?

When most people think of a snake, they probably think of a satiny brown, green, or black reptile slithering stealthily through the undergrowth. But as it turns out not all snakes are content with drab camouflage. Some snakes want to draw attention to themselves, usually as a warning to any larger animals to keep well … Read more

Ringneck Snakes: Are they Poisonous? Or Dangerous?

Among every order of animals on earth, there are always a few individual species that seem to go against the norm of expected behavior, color, and other distinguishing characteristics. Among snakes, you might say that the ringneck is that species. These snakes are wildly colored and exhibit a strange “curly cue” defensive pose, but they … Read more

Black Snakes: Are they Poisonous Or Dangerous?

black rat snake

Most people typically think of earth tones, camouflage patterns, and similar colors when they imagine snakes, but many snakes can have striking or even beautiful coloration. One of the most striking colors that adorn the scales of snakes, and arguably the most sinister, is black. From the matte black of the cottonmouth or certain rattlesnake … Read more

Ribbon Snakes: Are they Poisonous Or Dangerous?

ribbon snake

If you live near wetlands, large bodies of water, or any other place that stays moist and damp you have probably encountered a ribbon snake before. These tiny, slender, quick snakes are extremely good swimmers and, if you care to watch the surface of the water, you’ll probably see the rippling wake they leave behind … Read more

Bullsnakes: Are they Poisonous Or Dangerous?

Even if you don’t like snakes, most snakes that you encounter in the wild are nothing to write home about. Most are tiny and furtive, quickly taking cover, and slithering through leaf litter and underbrush to get away from you. However, some snakes are so big, so powerful and so impressive they are genuinely intimidating … Read more

So, Can You Eat Ants for Survival Purposes?

a hand covered with ants

When discussing survival scenarios, especially long-term scenarios or ones where you are trapped in the middle of the wilderness, the topic of hunting for food often comes up, and for obvious reasons. But, this discussion typically overlooks small game, and I’m talking about really small game in particular: insects. Although eating insects is nothing new … Read more

How Long Should My Heating Oil Last?

lighting a DIY lamp running on cooking oil

The use of oil to provide in-home heating used to be far more common around America than it is today, though there are still many cities and northern regions that rely on this old standby. Compared to electric heat, oil heating has advantages and disadvantages, but the obvious drawback is that the oil must be … Read more