ENTRY #8, #9 and #10: SHTF “Go To” Knife photo contest

Here are a few entries in the MSO SHTF “Go To” Knife contest. The best one selected will win a Gerber Machete Pro.

I am not looking for a picture of a knife laying on the kitchen counter – somehow make it unique and interesting. Set your entry apart from the rest. This could be something unique with the picture or maybe the description – or both.

Send your contest entries to emergencycd(at)gmail.com. Make sure to include the picture and tell me a little about why you have chosen this as your SHTF knife.

The contest will run through March 1st. Each entry will be presented here on ModernSurvivalOnline. Anyone entering the contest must be willing to supply their name and address should they win the so it can be shipped to them.

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From Bill

This knife has been in the family for many years and belonged to my Dad.  He always used it.  When I got it, out of my parents estate, it did not have a handle.  When I got into survival and paracord I made the handle.  It must be made of good steel because it gets a little rust, but holds an edge better than any modern knife I have.  I keep it in the back of my jeep, which I back into the garage, so it is always with me and very handy around the house and yard.


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From Bill

Attached is my SOG Jungle Primitive that my son surprised me with for Christmas off my Amazon wish
list! It’s sharp and been very useful, found I can do a lot with it.
As you can see I’ve trained my wife’s doll to use it in case of a Zombie apocalypse! Keep Looking UP!

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I attached the knife I use for EDC and would be the only defensive knife I would ever equip myself with.  This is because it works for defense like nothing else.  Its unique design lends itself to an entirely different manner of use.  I know you are on the East Coast, but if you ever make a trip through Flagstaff, AZ (Grand Canyon, Prepper Fest, etc.) Contact me and I will teach you how this knife works.  I sell this knife and the training that goes with it.  I would be happy to train you for free so you can review it.

Rourke: Looks like a heck of a knife. Appreciate the offer.

fixed on sheath

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  1. I am a little internet slow…. where can I find the other entries? I have, through searching on the ‘knife’ tag, found 1,2, 3, and 4, but cannot for the life of me find 5,6, and 7.
    Is there a spot where the entries are run in a string?


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