Awesome Ready-made Hunting Cabin… Or Bug out Location

“Rut Hut” turnkey hunting camp

Well beyond my financial means at the moment – being able to buy a “ready to go” getaway to throw up on some acreage in the country or on a mountain side – would be nice. A local hunting “kingdom” is a dealer for the Legacy Rut Hut. Basically – buy it – and they come build it on the spot and you are ready to move in.

Full kitchen, shower, bedroom, living room with TV, cabinets and closets for storage – and a great fireplace. It has all the comforts.

If you have to “head for the hills” and rough it for a while – might as well do it in style.

Front view
Rear view
Front patio fireplace……cozy
Entering from front patio – stairs to loft on right
Stairs leading to loft
Loft – low ceiling but lots of storage or extra sleeping area
Back patio
View from living room to front patio…..nice fireplace!

The Rut Hut Turnkey Camps by Legacy Quest Outdoors

  • Bedrooms:1
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Size (sq ft):865
  • Year Built:2011

Description: The Rut Hut is 11′ 1/2″ x 58′ (865 sq. feet) and is mobile by design built on 12 inch I-Beam with 6 axles. Comes with 1 bedroom, loft and 1 bathroom, kitchen and living room. It weighs approximately 42,000 pounds and made with over 9,000 screws.

There are several options that can be added and appliances are included. It is built with 100% reclaimed wood from America’s heritage rich past. Every unit purchased, as well as any furnishings purchased comes with its own code upon completion so that you may go online to view your piece coming to life. Price starts at $95,500.00.

Not cheap……but pretty cool.

hunting cabin Pinterest image

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7 thoughts on “Awesome Ready-made Hunting Cabin… Or Bug out Location”

  1. Oh that’s beautiful Rourke! Of course, I wouldn’t want anyone to know where my cabin was located so not only could I not afford something like that, I’d want to build it myself, off grid, to keep it’s location secret.
    Here’s what I’d love to build. It cost less than 5K too, and blends in with it’s surroundings making it even more “invisible”.

  2. You are correct – pretty cool. I agree, kind of pricey at $110 per square foot; but the handwork and “Made in USA” has some definite appeal.

    Have you seen the plans from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company? They even have a couple of cabins on wheels. I suppose you could bug out and still have all the comforts of home.

  3. For $95k I would go with something from these guys:

    Start with one of their basic kits plus a mandatory cupola (excellent venting and a sniper post) and build on a full basement. When the shell is complete install some extra “lead resistant” layering for the walls to complement the concrete. Paint the outside a nice camo pattern to match your setting and you will have not just a simple bug out location but one which can stand up to most of what man or mother nature can throw at you.

    Happy prepping.

  4. While it may be cool, you could build your self a real nice retreat bunker for $110.40 per square foot. Down here in Florida you can buy a used park model for under $10K which is really all the Rut Hut is.


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