Review: Grover Rocket Stove

I received my Grover Rocket Stove from a few weeks ago. It showed up quickly after shipment.

I have used it several times and so far – very impressed. This is a great tool – and like most tools there are limitations. So…..on with the review.

Grover Rocket Stove

Purpose: The Rocket Stove is a cooking stove to be used whenever there is an absence of power, propane, or other regular cooking fuels. Additionally, an absence of large quantities of wood is not a problem.

Utilizing small quantities of twigs and sticks – as well as leaves, newspaper, dryer lint and other similar items to get it started – is all that is required.

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Rocket Stove up and running.

Construction:Very rugged and durable. The stove consists of the main larger unit and then the removable legs. Once I assembled it  – which was very easy – I was very impressed with its construction.

This thing is rugged and built to last. Weighing in at around 10 pounds and sitting with a wide stance – it is very sturdy on level ground.

There are no sharp edges to potentially cause injury. A handle is provided for carrying – which is large enough to accommodate gloved hands.

Method of Use: Using the Grover Rocket Stove is very easy – but does require attention.

Once started – the stove must be monitored and fed to maintain heat. Beyond that  – simply throw a pot or pan on top and cook away.

Getting it started– I have had success dropping 2-3 pieces of newspaper into the chimney down into the chamber – and then adding 2-3 small dry twigs.

Light the newspaper which burns and ignites the twigs. I also have used cotton balls and petroleum jelly to get things going.

Taking it to the next level –Shortly after igniting the initial twigs – I drop a few more into the chamber – some being a little larger.

Maintaining the stove– Once a steady fire is going – I add larger diameter sticks into the lower side-opening  to feed the stove.

The end of these larger sticks burn and feed the fire. As the ends turn to ash – you simply have to push the stick further into the chamber to expose the non-burnt end to the flame.

That is pretty much it. Just keep it going and place your cooking container on top.

Burn chamber…….feeding the stove.

Field Use: As stated above – that procedure can be used pretty much anywhere outdoors. Just this morning I experimented cooking some eggs – which my oldest son enjoyed.

Like any other cooking source – the amount of heat has to be regulated so as not to burn your food. This can be done with practice with the Rocket Stove by increasing or decreasing the amount of material added to the chamber.

Rugged and durable – I believe this could sit at a campsite outdoors for weeks and still be usable.

Water simmering….getting ready to boil.

Value:  The cost of this unit as of this writing is around $135 with Free Shipping. I believe this to be a high quality item that will last a very long time.

In the event of TSHTF situation the Grover Rocket Stove can provide a method of cooking that will not rely on an uncommon fuel source. Pretty much anywhere you are wood can be found. I feel the value is quite good.

Cons: I have pretty much been totally positive with this review – and I think with good reason. There are a few negatives that I can mention – and they are truly minor.

  • Due to the wood burning nature of the stove – ash is generated which can fall back onto your food unless it is covered. So – just take precoutions  and cover your food.
  • Smoke is generated – sometimes very heavy depending on the type of wood and its moisture content. This may be detrimental to your operational security (OPSEC) – which may be a concern or may not be.
  • I would like to see an adjustable top so you can move your cooking container further away from the chimney. This is not difficult to do yourself with some same sized sockets, rocks, or any other non-burning objects.

Those cons are very small – and the good points heavily outweigh the bad. I am glad I have mine and will be using it for years to come.

For more information – visit They have lots of other unique items as well. Please tell them Rourke sent you.

Take care all.

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  1. I bought a Rocket Stove and oven a few years ago – both are excellent in construction and function. This unit will be providing us with cooking and heating for a long time after TEOTWAWKI. Get’em if you can!


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