FIREARMS WEEK: Glock 17 Gen 3 Review


by J Dodson

Earlier this year I decided to buy a semiautomatic handgun. The purpose of this pistol would be home defense and SHTF, if it came to that. Considering I hadn’t bought a pistol in 15-20 years, I was excited to see what was being offered.

Early on I determined the cost of ammunition would be a big factor in my purchase. I settled with 9 mm due to the cost and availability of ammunition.

I decided I wanted a full size pistol for a longer sight radius, hence greater accuracy. I also wanted high capacity magazines, so a double stack was in order.

After shooting several different pistols that fit my criteria over the course of several months, I chose a gen 3 glock 17. After shopping around, I found the deal I liked. It came in a case with two 17 round magazines, I was ready for some range time.


I found the glock very easy to operate. Recoil was negligible. I like the way it fit my hand, it’s just plain fun to shoot. I had no issues with its operation thru 200 rounds on range day one. I returned home happy with my purchase and cleaned the weapon thoroughly.

The factory sights on my G17 were sufficient, but for HD use I knew I wanted night sights. Luckily, the same gun shop where I bought my pistol offers free installation of in-stock night sights. After determining the price wasn’t inflated, I settled on a set of ameriglo’s. When I dropped the 17 off for sight installation, the gun shop was offering special pricing on cerakote applications, I decided to have the slide coated in burnt bronze.


The sights are plenty bright in low light conditions, I like the 3 dot versus stock glock, I was happy with the purchase.

Back to the range I go, again no issues. Love the sights, the cerakote is flawless, it really makes this gun my own. While at the range this trip, I shot a friend’s glock 19 with a 3.5 lb ghost ultimate trigger kit. Bad idea. The trigger was awesome. Less take up, shorter reset, lighter pull, I had to have it.

Back to the gun shop I go. I think those guys enjoy seeing me come in. The great part about the ghost kit is the cost, about $32 for the complete kit, and ease of installation. I installed it myself, which was a learning experience, but it helped me to learn the ins and outs of the glock 17.

A note on accuracy, the pistol is more capable than I am. I can consistently pattern my shots, they tend to be a little high and left. [Rourke: This is typical of a right-handed shooter using a bit too much finger when pulling the trigger] However, I am not certain that some of this isn’t me. I am hopeful that with more range time the impact will move toward the center.



After over 1000 rounds thru my glock, over several trips to the range, I have to say I am still happy with my purchase. I haven’t had any issues, my accuracy is improving, it’s still really fun to shoot and most importantly, I am gaining confidence with this weapon. I know that I can strip the glock down, reassemble, and it will operate when the trigger is pulled. Anyone interested in a semi-automatic handgun would be shorting themselves by not considering this pistol.

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3 thoughts on “FIREARMS WEEK: Glock 17 Gen 3 Review”

  1. my son bought gen 4 glock last year. after shooting it i like it just as much as my sig 226. we settled on the 9mm.the glock 17 would be my choice if i was in the market for a handgun. the gun just shoots. no problems, easy to clean, nights sights, the 9mm works best for my family. have a merry christmas and happy new year

  2. I had spinal neck surgery courtesy of a texting driver, I sustained permanent nerve damage and I m having grip strength issues. I had to let go of my Glock 22 gen4 and my Glock 42. However I recently picked up a brand new G17 gen3 and with the single recoil spring I have no trouble pulling the slide back on my Glock 17 gen3.


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