MSO Minutemen….Are you one?

What is a Minuteman? “Minuteman” –  Minutemen were members of teams from Massachusetts that were well-prepared militia companies of select men from the American colonial partisan militia during the American Revolutionary War. They provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force that allowed the colonies to respond immediately to war threats, hence the name. – Via   The notion of the … Read more

Bugging Out………Digitally!

Bugging Out………Digitally! by Gary Hines   “ITS TIME TO BUG OUT!”  If you’ve ever heard those words before, you know, your heart starts racing, the gears in your head start turning, and all your “fight or flight” mechanisms kick in telling you to flee!  You may not have time to discuss the reasons you’re bugging out, or your options.  The people … Read more

What Level of Prep is Right For You?

by MsKYprepper   I don’t like bees or chickens.  I puke at the mere thought of learning to suture a bullet wound.  I don’t expect to ever become completely proficient with a firearm.  I don’t want my home looking like a security fortress.  I don’t have room to store 100’s of #10 food cans and I … Read more

How to Create a Survival Cache

PVC pipe used for caching purposes

Why would I want to have a cache? Well, pretty much all of my supplies are located within my home. If something should happen and my home was destroyed or I was forced to leave it – the amount of supplies available would be diminished greatly. Should my home be destroyed – all would be … Read more

Top 10 things to get to start prepping…

Everyday more and more people are getting involved in preparedness. The reasons are many however these “newbies” often are confused and just don’t know where to start. This post is to assist in pointing many of you new to preparedness in the right direction. The acquiring and completion of this list does not get you … Read more

Preparedness for older people

Over the past several weeks I have been contacted by several people who are retired or close too retirement age with preparedness questions. At 42 years old and I can only respond the best that I can with the information provided. Many of these people are in tough situations. They are often on a very … Read more

5 Great Ways to Protect Your Home

I don’t mean to scare anyone,  but have you looked at the news recently? The economy isn’t getting any better and as our nation continues to decline ever deeper into economic recession, crime is on the rise. While some may argue that crime isn’t any worse than it was ten or fifteen years ago, few … Read more

Avoiding Prepper Burnout…………..

  Ever look at your efforts in preparedness and think to yourself – “Self, is this all just a waste of time?” Ever think about the hours spent reading blogs, visiting preparedness forums, and making plans and consider that all of that time could have been spent doing something more “important?” I mean – that … Read more

Sailing for Survival

One survival option I have considered over the last year is a sailboat. Within the survival community there are two major camps, the bug-out doctrine and the castle doctrine. Needless to say, each has many variations and are highly tailorable to personal needs and available options. I think for many families the castle doctrine is … Read more

19 Critical Survival Commodities to Stockpile

stockpile items water bleach salt toothbrushes and more

What are critical survival commodities and how do they affect you? First there are many things that are commodities today that will not be survival commodities like computers, and other consumer electronics. But what are they, I think a good definition might be “any necessary consumable material that because of it means of production or … Read more

Smartphone Preparedness – How It Can Save Your Life

Your smartphone can be a vital survival resource in multiple ways, but probably it’s most obvious utility is the purpose for which it is primarily designed, that of communications. Despite the hand ringing and doom-mongering that some in the preppersphere drape phones with, you should know that, in reality, your cell phone is likely to … Read more

Prepping And Stockpiling In Small Spaces

Prepping in small spaces is much easier said than done. So much of what we do revolves around the acquisition of gear and the material provisions so that we may be better equipped when things stop going our way and society starts to come unglued. Everything from food and water to tools and ammunition, things … Read more

Wiping Your Butt After SHTF

empty rolls of toilet paper

Yup….you read that right. Wiping your butt after TSHTF. I don’t think I have every really seen it discussed – but guess what: The bombs can fall, the EMP can burst, and the economy can crash – and people will still have to….err….umm……”go?”. This is going to be tough to write. Here in the United … Read more