Smartphone Preparedness

By Todd @ The Prepper Wesbite


A few months ago, my mobile phone provider sent me an HTC Sensation (Android OS) to replace my Blackberry that died.  This phone is pretty amazing in that the processing speed is faster than my netbook.  I use the phone for all the regular cell phone reasons: calling, texting, checking email, surfing the internet etc…  But I have also come to realize that it is much more, a preparedness tool.  Baring an EMP or CME, if you have a smartphone, you should try some of these apps and let them be part of the tools that help in your preparedness.  The best thing…all these are free.  However, most require a data plan.

Adobe Reader – I put this APP first because I think it is the most important.  There are many manuals, ebooks and other writings that are provided free on the internet as PDF’s.  These documents are very helpful providing valuable information in a survival situation.  When you combine this APP with an SD Card, you can have a massive virtual library of resources on your phone.  This shouldn’t be your only source of information, but redundancy is important in our “community.”  Plus, it is a great use of time to read up on your preparedness skills when you are caught having to wait somewhere without a book or eReader.

US Military Survival Manual – This is one of many survival manuals that have been turned into an APP.  23 Chapters and 9 Appendix include (but not all): Basic Survival Medicine, Shelters, Firecraft, Food Procurement, Survival Use of Plants.

USMC Summer Survival Manual – Another manual that has been turned into an APP.  16 Chapters and Extras include: Survival Traps and Snares, Tracking, Signaling, Evasion Plan of Action.

Scanner Radio – Listen to police, fire and EMS traffic on this scanner.  This APP will display a directory of available transmissions in your area to choose from.

Beyond Pod – This APP will allow you to download and listen to your favorite podcasts.  This is how I listen to all my favorite survival and prepper shows.

Maps – There are many different Map APPS out there.  Find the best one for you.  Having a GPS/MAP APP has saved me more than once to make a meeting on time.

Flashlight – Provides a bright light for you to find your way.

Weather Channel – Check local weather.  The current weather will also show on the homepage of your phone if you choose to use it.

Evernote – I use this APP to write down notes to self and to keep lists.  When I come across a book that is recommended, I usually create a new note and then use the APP when I go to a used book store.

UberSocial – I’ve chosen to use this APP to access Twitter.  I keep up with #preppertalk when I’m not at my desktop or laptop.

Lookout – Is an anti-virus program that you should always have on.

Juice Defender – is an APP that can be set to help conserve your battery.  There are many different types of settings from Conservative to Aggressive.

There are many many more APPS that are beneficial to the Prepper Community.  Go to  and do a search for “survival” or “preparedness” and see what you come up with.  Take a moment to read the reviews and try the APP out.  If you don’t like it, you can always delete it.

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  1. May I suggest one phor iPhone; Prep and Pantry

    This thing is awesome. You can inventory ALL your supplies and gear ( if it has a UPC) and recall it by name, tag, or location. You can set minimums and maximums for each item. When you add to your stores, just scan it in and log the expiration date. When you use something, scan it out. When you are ready to go to the store, it will make a shopping list for you.


  2. Nothing wrong with having your knowledge handy to study..

    However just assume such devices will either be broken or confiscated by “authorities”..

    Build a few physical libraries of information (books/maunals) put them in a couple locations.

    Seal a Meal them and increase preparedness.


  3. I word of caution on using a scanner app on your smartphone. In many states or municipalities it is illegal to have a mobile scanner, either car mounted or handheld.

    Check local listings for your area.

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