Comparison: Glock 17 vs. Smith & Wesson M&P9


For the longest time, there was only one dominant striker-fired polymer pistol. I am speaking of course about the legendary, ubiquitous Glock.  So ubiquitous its name is slang for “handgun.” You don’t attain such a status, a status of complete cultural saturation and being the overwhelmingly popular choice of law enforcement without turning out a … Read more

Silenced Firearms for Survival


If you are in a situation where the discharge and report of your firearm carries inherent risk owing to disturbance, adding a silencer (AKA suppressor) is the ideal solution to mitigate those risks. Lessening the noise, or report, of a gun is mechanically very simple, and aside from the cost of the “can” itself only … Read more

Nuclear Attack Preparation from A to Z

nuclear bomb blast

You curse moving out of the city for the umpteenth time. Rush hour traffic has turned your comparatively short 12 mile commute home into a snail’s-pace exercise in patience. You wait for your turn to move forward another few feet toward the interstate ramp, phone in hand, scrolling mindlessly through your social media notifications, when … Read more