5.56mm Ammo Comparison: M193 vs. M855 and Equivalents

5.56 mm

Two of the most common loads for stoking a rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm are M193 and M855 equivalent rounds. I say equivalent to describe them because both the M193 and M855 are military cartridges; any loads proclaiming to be the same on the commercial market are either copies, or very similar to those military loads, … Read more

Comparison: Glock 17 vs. Smith & Wesson M&P9


For the longest time, there was only one dominant striker-fired polymer pistol. I am speaking of course about the legendary, ubiquitous Glock.  So ubiquitous its name is slang for “handgun.” You don’t attain such a status, a status of complete cultural saturation and being the overwhelmingly popular choice of law enforcement without turning out a … Read more

Silenced Firearms for Survival


If you are in a situation where the discharge and report of your firearm carries inherent risk owing to disturbance, adding a silencer (AKA suppressor) is the ideal solution to mitigate those risks. Lessening the noise, or report, of a gun is mechanically very simple, and aside from the cost of the “can” itself only … Read more

The AK Family of Rifles: A Primer


by Chad In the U.S., the AK family of rifles has enjoyed considerable, if controversial, popularity among civilians and American enthusiasm for it is today higher than ever. The AK-47 and its variants are the iconic rifle of the Russian Federation, the former U.S.S.R. and a host of former Communist Bloc states. It is found … Read more

Tricked-Out: A Guide to Firearm Attachments and Modifications

rifle optic

by Chad ***DISCLAIMER: This article is not to be treated as a recommendation or instructions to install, modify or remove any component of any firearm. The author is not a gunsmith. Neither survivalsullivan.com, its principals, owners, operators, contractors or employees, or the author of this article, claim any criminal or civil liability resulting from injury, … Read more

The Great Debate – Revolver vs Semi

revolver versus semi auto

by Chad If there was ever a topic on guns in our modern age that has been covered extensively, it is this one. A dead horse beaten beyond recognition, a broken record played ad nauseum, and still it persists! There is a reason for that. Despite the semi-auto’s supremacy, and the wheelgun’s purported obsolescence, the … Read more

Comparison: Mossberg 500 vs. Remington 870

by Chad Americans are brand loyal, and Americans also love to fight about our preferred brands: ask any group of guys, “Ford or Chevy?” and watch the fur fly. People are passionate about their tools of choice, from hammers to boat motors, and this goes double for guns. You will never hear such impassioned, intricate … Read more

Nuclear Attack Preparation from A to Z

nuclear bomb blast

by Chad You curse moving out of the city for the umpteenth time. Rush hour traffic has turned your comparatively short 12 mile commute home into a snail’s-pace exercise in patience. You wait for your turn to move forward another few feet toward the interstate ramp, phone in hand, scrolling mindlessly through your social media … Read more