Answer from Coleman regarding expiration dates

Heard from several people regarding Coach’s Question on how long canned Coleman fuel will last. Well, The COach had requested info direct from Coleman and finally heard back from them.

Here is their response:

Question: How long can I store Coleman Fuel in the one (1) gallon cans if the seal is NOT broken and still use the fuel in my double burner stove and double mantle lantern without having any problems?

Hello Coach,

Thank you for contacting Coleman. I would be more than happy to assist you today.

Because we ship fuel primarily to distribution warehouses and they distribute to individual stores, we cannot pinpoint retail stores that carry Coleman Fuel. It can usually be found in discount, sporting goods and hardware stores. An un-opened container of Coleman Fuel stored in a dry area with no rapid extreme changes in temperature will remain viable for five to seven years. An opened container stored in the same area will remain viable for up to two years though will be at its best if used within a year. Do not attempt to use Coleman Fuel in an internal combustion engine. Coleman Fuel is very low octane with none of the additives needed for engine use. It burns very hot and will burn the valves out of an engine. For disposal methods of Coleman Fuel that may no longer be viable, please contact the Hazardous Material department of your loca

l Fire Department.

This information is located on the top of the can or lid on the 1 gallon containers. On the 32 oz (1qt.) containers it is located on bottom edge of the plastic wrap.

The numbering system looks like this: CK01A04276. Translated: CK01 is the refiner code, the alpha (usually an A) is the batch # for that year, which is followed by the date, 04276 (04 month, 27 day, and 6 is the year, in this case 2006).

If you need further information, please visit us online at

Thank you,

Appreciate The Coach for bringing up this topic as well as all those that participated in looking for the information and sharing their experience.

Take care all –


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7 thoughts on “Answer from Coleman regarding expiration dates”

  1. Looks like BYU was on target, always great to hear about it from the manufacturer too ;-}

    Coleman Fuel (white gas)
    Recommended Shelf Life:
    6-7 years (unopened)
    3-4 years (opened ¾ full)
    1-2 years (opened ½ full)
    What Happens After Shelf Life: Will not burn as well
    How to Store Safely: Store in original container, in a dry area, with no rapid or extreme changes in temperature
    Highly flammable
    Produces carbon monoxide
    NEVER use indoors!

  2. Thanks Coach for asking and requesting this info. Got three cans of it in my shed as I write this note. Good info to know. Thanks to you also John. Rusty

  3. To Wildchildwandering,

    My understanding is that the date code is the manufactured date.

    Thaks to everyone who respondered.

    The Coach

  4. So ho about my little lp container for the grill or any lp container for that matter how long will that hold anf be viable usable

  5. I have Coleman fuel I had put in MSR fuel bottles for backpacking over 25 years ago. Still burns just fine in my MSR Whisperlite stove.


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