One Method of Emergency Cooking

 by Dawn There are various ways to cook when your electric stove isn’t working due to a powder outage or your normal way of cooking has gone offline for whatever reason.  You probably know many of them especially if you camp out even sporadically.  There are all sorts of camping and backpacking stoves with different … Read more

10 Morale Boosters

 by Jack OK,  so SHHTF (S#!t Has Hit the Fan). You are hunkered down with your preps about you. There are no ‘zombies’ knocking down your door. The first few days will be nerve-racking to be sure. You will be busy securing what you can, monitoring the situation and generally getting into a survival routine … Read more

G R I T S Guide to Prepping

G R I T S  Guide to Prepping ( Girl Raised In The South ) Chapter 2: THE TOMATO PROJECT By Linda Leonardy   To Begin with there really is no Chapter One. It all starts with a $9.98 twenty pound bag of extra long grain rice from our favorite discount store, a couple dozen … Read more

The garden continues to produce……

I started my gardening this year in early April.   Back then I started cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash from seed along with a few other things. Here in South Carolina some crops can be planted twice to get two rounds of growing. Just this past weekend I had to pull up a few cucumber and … Read more

A few random thoughts………..

A few things on my mind……   No news today – Valerie is on vacation.   Thinking recently about perimeter alarms. In a grid down situation I need to be able to monitor all sides of my house if I remain bugged in. I am working on a “tripwire” type system is pretty simple. The squirrels love to run along the … Read more

When Time Is Running Out

man in the woods

by Sandy Taylor   Do you ever have a “holy crap” moment where you suddenly realized that you aren’t ready – that you aren’t anywhere near as ready as you’d like to be?   It’s like when all the birds suddenly lift off at the same time and make a rapid exit into the horizon. … Read more

Save Someone Having A Heart Attack A heart attack (proper name: myocardial infarction) is when the blood supply and therefore the oxygen in the blood is blocked off to one or more parts of the heart. They can occur due to poor heart health, old age, family inherited conditions, extreme stress and many other factors. They appear with symptoms such … Read more

Why I prep for surviving a disaster….

By Annette M Palmer   Some preppers plan for disasters and unexpected events that upset our daily way of life.  Disasters we prepare for might include: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flash flooding, tsunamis and acts of terrorism. In the Midwest folks dealt with an outbreak of deadly tornadoes; several which hit my rural area in less … Read more

Guest Post: How to Put Together a Bug-Out Bag

This article is a guide to creating your own bug-out bag. A bug-out bag is collection of items put together to help you survive and thrive in an emergency. If you need to leave your home in a rush, the contents of your bag should allow you to be as self-sufficient as possible.   Bug-out … Read more

Guest Post: Post-Crisis Analysis

Post-Crisis Analysis By KM As the alarm on the weather radio sounded once again, my three-year-old son looked up at me with inquisitive eyes.  After a brief pause, I said, “No, that one isn’t in our area.”  He turned to his book again, continuing to look at the pictures.  Relieved that we didn’t have to … Read more

Guest Post: Avoiding Prepper Burnout

  Avoiding Prepper Burnout by Arlene      As the main, long  time consistent prepper in my family and as a real life farmer and therapist I would like to share a few ideas to prevent prepper burnout. I would also like to hear others ideas about the burnout prevention topic and also about using … Read more

Better Body Armor for Female U.S Army Soldiers

Better Body Armor for Female U.S Army Soldiers By Jason Stevens – Body Armor Expert   Most of the manufacturers design Military Gears according to the requirements of the Male soldiers. This is the main reason why female soldiers face difficulty in finding proper combat uniforms for themselves. The body armor available for females causes … Read more

Survival Muscles

Survival Muscles By “Raptor Medic”   It’s going to happen! All civilizations fail whether it’s from disease, famine, Government collapse, Natural Disasters, Aliens or Zombies. If history has taught us anything it’s that life is unpredictable, and for that reason it always pays to be ready for the worst. Most preppers know the basics of … Read more

Guest Post: Why Prepare?

   Why Prepare? by Tim     Ironically, I was pondering that question while at work a few weeks ago.  It was about 1:30 in the afternoon and storm clouds started rolling in to the Dallas area.  I heard the sirens go off just before I was asked to come into the building that I was … Read more


by HALB   Okay, sometime soon the proverbial SHTF and you realize you may have to depart for safer parts. We have been fortunate to have benefited from dozens of articles suggesting when, and how to leave.  The best suggestion of course, is to relocate to a safer area or retreat “before” the crash or collapse of social order. And … Read more