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One Method of Emergency Cooking

June 30, 2012 Rourke 1

 by Dawn There are various ways to cook when your electric stove isn’t working due to a powder outage or your normal way of cooking has gone offline for whatever reason.  You probably know many […]

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10 Morale Boosters

June 29, 2012 Rourke 4

 by Jack OK,  so SHHTF (S#!t Has Hit the Fan). You are hunkered down with your preps about you. There are no ‘zombies’ knocking down your door. The first few days will be nerve-racking to […]

G R I T S Guide to Prepping

June 28, 2012 Rourke 8

G R I T S  Guide to Prepping ( Girl Raised In The South ) Chapter 2: THE TOMATO PROJECT By Linda Leonardy   To Begin with there really is no Chapter One. It all […]

The garden continues to produce……

June 26, 2012 Rourke 3

I started my gardening this year in early April.   Back then I started cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash from seed along with a few other things. Here in South Carolina some crops can be planted […]

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A few random thoughts………..

June 25, 2012 Rourke 20

A few things on my mind……   No news today – Valerie is on vacation.   Thinking recently about perimeter alarms. In a grid down situation I need to be able to monitor all sides of my house if I remain […]

When Time Is Running Out

June 24, 2012 Rourke 3

by Sandy Taylor   Do you ever have a “holy crap” moment where you suddenly realized that you aren’t ready – that you aren’t anywhere near as ready as you’d like to be?   It’s […]

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Save Someone Having A Heart Attack

June 23, 2012 Rourke 9 A heart attack (proper name: myocardial infarction) is when the blood supply and therefore the oxygen in the blood is blocked off to one or more parts of the heart. They can occur due […]

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Why I prep for surviving a disaster….

June 22, 2012 Rourke 0

By Annette M Palmer   Some preppers plan for disasters and unexpected events that upset our daily way of life.  Disasters we prepare for might include: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flash flooding, tsunamis and acts of […]

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Guest Post: Post-Crisis Analysis

June 20, 2012 Rourke 0

Post-Crisis Analysis By KM As the alarm on the weather radio sounded once again, my three-year-old son looked up at me with inquisitive eyes.  After a brief pause, I said, “No, that one isn’t in […]

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Survival Muscles

June 15, 2012 Rourke 6

Survival Muscles By “Raptor Medic”   It’s going to happen! All civilizations fail whether it’s from disease, famine, Government collapse, Natural Disasters, Aliens or Zombies. If history has taught us anything it’s that life is […]

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Guest Post: Why Prepare?

June 13, 2012 Rourke 5

   Why Prepare? by Tim     Ironically, I was pondering that question while at work a few weeks ago.  It was about 1:30 in the afternoon and storm clouds started rolling in to the Dallas […]

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June 9, 2012 Rourke 8

by HALB   Okay, sometime soon the proverbial SHTF and you realize you may have to depart for safer parts. We have been fortunate to have benefited from dozens of articles suggesting when, and how to leave.  The best […]