The garden continues to produce……

I started my gardening this year in early April.


Back then I started cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash from seed along with a few other things. Here in South Carolina some crops can be planted twice to get two rounds of growing. Just this past weekend I had to pull up a few cucumber and squash plants that had produced everything they could. I replanted both cucumbers and summer squash.


In past years I have done this same thing with limited success. Generally I am able to get the plants to grow however produce production was not nearly as good as the first round. There are likely several reasons for this including a lack of nutrients in the soil, growing the 2nd round in the midst of the summer heat, and to coincide with the previous not watering enough.


This year I added some Black Kow compost to each replanted hill. I am hoping to keep a close eye on the watering to make sure they get what they need.


In other “gardening news” my blackberry bushes have done better than I could have imagined. These are planted in a 4′ x 8′ raised bed and covered with bird netting. These were first planted last year and with this success, I am looking at doing more.


My small backyard gardening paradise continues to amaze me both in the work it requires as well as the feeling of satisfaction it provides each time I pick something.



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3 thoughts on “The garden continues to produce……”

  1. Rourke, Great job with the blackberries. I have had the same problem with second plantings. It seems that it just gets too hot here in Central Oklahoma for the plants to produce very well. Of course I still do it because I love to garden.
    My blackberries really produced this spring, but before I even got a handful the birds came in and stripped all the berries off. At least they have all bloomed a second time and seem to be producing well. Now I just need to get some netting on them to protect them. I use them along the fence line that runs next to the road to our east. Pretty and functional all at the same time. Plus my chickens love to lay under the blackberries when the summer sun really gets going!

  2. A Cheep iragation method is to take a 5 gallon bucket and drill a small hole in it (start verry small) fill with water place next plant to be watered. Also the use of a piece of white sheet to shade the plant during the heat of the day helps.

  3. Nice post. It always feels great to see that our hard works has turned into success. Especially in gardening it gives more happiness and satisfaction in seeing the seed come alive because of our hard work.


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