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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

- Thomas Jefferson


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General Survival


This section consists of downloadable content related to General Survival topics – such as wilderness survival, basic preparedness steps, as well as other information that does not fit neatly in other catagories.

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 3 Day’s Emergency Preps

72 Hour Supplies

Abrupt Climate Change Scenario (study)

Desert Survival

Emergency Supplies Checklist

 Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Family Disaster Facts

Get Ready Now – Homeland Security

How to Avoid Getting Lost

How to Prepare for Any Disaster

How to Prepare for Disaster

Winter Survival

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 To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question


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To Download Video’s – Right Click on Link and Select “Save As” , then Select Download Location on Your Computer

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After an Economic Collapse – Gear

Basic Survvival Prep for 2012 Part 1

Basic Survival Prep for 2012 Part 2

Benefits of 550 Paracord

Homemade Fire Tinder

How to Make Blowgun and Darts

Long Term Survival Supplies For The Home

Medium and Large Alice Packs

Mini Fishing Kit

Nutnfancy – Concept: Urban Survival Kit – Part 1

urban survival kit

Nutnfancy – Concept: Urban Survival Kit – Part 2

Nutnfancy – Concept: Urban Survival Kit – Part 3

Preparedness for Older Americans

Prepare Now! Part 1

Prepare Now! Part 2

 -SPECIAL – Preparedness for Dummies

PVC Survival Cache

Ready Instructional

Ready Pets

Survival Cache Part 1

Survival Cache Part 2

What Makes a Good Survival Knife

Wilderness Survival  – Part One

Wilderness Survival – Part Two