VersaPot – The simplest way to a fresh healthy vegetable gardening!

When it comes to aspects of preparedness gardening is one of my favorites. There is just something about preparing the dirt, dropping some seed in it, watering – and then watching as a bit of green breaks through the soil within a few days. Very satisfying.

Although I have an in-ground garden and a couple of raised beds,  container gardening can be rewarding as well. In fact container gardening has some great benefits including weed control, soil selection, and watering frequency.

Choate, Machine and Tool has been a longtime sponsor of this site and an industry leader in firearm accessories and they have developed a great kit called the VersaPot to make container gardening easy, affordable,  and successful.


VersaPot is a simple and revolutionary system designed to alter a 4, 5 or 6 gallon bucket to grow vegetables and flowers using a water reservoir in the base. Growing plants in self-watering buckets has been around for quite a while now, but our design has improved on the old method of using two buckets, one inside of the other, to create the water reservoir.


The VersaPot kits are available as single units as well as multi-packs. The Versapot kit contains the soil plate with 6 legs, 3″ hydroponic net cup, a water fill pipe, and a coffee filter.

By the way – the folks at Choate practice what they preach. Check out the following pictures of their VersaPot farm:


In summary, the VersaPot is an excellent way to get into container gardening whether you are tight on ground space or wish to take advantage of the benefits of using containers.

Check out for more information.

Oh – and I am a user of VersaPot kits as well.














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5 thoughts on “VersaPot – The simplest way to a fresh healthy vegetable gardening!”

  1. I have used a similar product (Earthbox) for over 10 years and must say this type of system is very effective. We have had better luck with tomatoes and eggplant in them than in the ground. The water reservoir is a huge help in the hot SC summer. We have ginger and turmeric growing in one as a test this summer.

  2. Zenblaster Where did you find seeds for tumeric or did you buy a plant? Thanks Arlene

    Rourke- Did you ever procure your retreat structure?


    • No retreat Arlene. Not sure if it is going to be possible. Still looking but it will be next July or so before I will be ready to pull the trigger.

  3. Never heard of this particular product, but have seen similar ones, often homemade. They are a great way to grow your own veggies if space is limited for traditional gardens.

  4. Hi Arlene, I did an Amazon search for “turmeric root for planting” and picked an organic vendor. They arrive as a bag of small roots very similar to ginger root pieces. We planted them after reading some articles online we found. We are working on our herbs and such this summer along with other items. Both ginger and turmeric have sprouted. Since we have them in Earthboxes, we can bring them inside when (if) it ever gets cold. We are also trying out using earthboxes to make a “salad bar” for our chickens, planting various in them and once good size, setting alongside the 2″x4″ wire fence. We figure once its grazed down, we can move it back a few inches to let it grow back out. Jonathan


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