Top 4 Tactical Conferences and Exhibits You Shouldn’t Miss

This year’s SHOT Show was a blast for all law-enforcers!

Exhibitors received a lot of attention at the 2014 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas where overall attendance hit a record this year. Visitors, in turn, were overwhelmed by the huge numbers of amazing products, which included the latest tactical gear developments. Guns, knives, boots, bags, watches, pants – you name it – the best gear new and old was all there and worth seeing.


If you missed the SHOT show (see highlights here), but can’t wait until next year to get your tactical gear fix, check out this year’s still upcoming tactical expos:

Tactical Conference 2014: April 29 – May 1


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The 8th annual Tactical Conference, hosted by the NY Tactical Officers Association and the NY Association of Hostage Negotiators, will be held in Verona, New York. It’s open to all Law Enforcement (full or part time), U.S. Military and Corrections.

This highly specialized event offers high-quality training, networking opportunities, and, of course, the latest in tactical gear development. Over 100 vendors will exhibit their new technologies and products and will certainly amaze!

When you’re done browsing around (if that’s even possible), you can attend some exciting courses, training sessions and conferences. These include Ground Fighting and Defensive Tactics, SWAT Certification blocks, Tactical Team Leader Development and many more.

GovSec 2014: May 12 – 14


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GovSec in Washington, DC is one of America’s biggest tactical gear events for government, homeland security and law enforcement professionals. You’ll be able to attend numerous workshops and conferences densely packed into those three days, in addition to the wide array of exhibitors. GovSec’s focus is, as usual, on infrastructure security, cybercrime and terrorism and how to address, deal and resolve challenges related to these areas.

As for tactical gear, it will only be a fragment of the total amount of products which will be available. These are offered by TREXPO which has now joined forces with GovSec in what has become one of the most anticipated industry events. The long list of products additionally includes: personal protection equipment, non-firearm weapons, tactical lightning, shooter and go bags and even law enforcement vehicles. If you still aren’t totally convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should attend.

Tactical Operations Conference & Trade Show: Sept. 21 – 26


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Later during the year, the NTOA will host its 31st Annual Tactical Conference and Trade Show. To be held in Mobile, AL the show is another must-see for anyone working in law enforcement. Longer than the two events above, it features a lot more in terms of training and exhibits.

Among many 16- to 32-hour practical tracks and seminars are Advanced Practical Training (practical track), SWAT Team Leader Development (seminar), and Patrol Supervisor Response to Critical Incidents (seminar).

The Conference also features a lecture by Ron McCarthy, who has served in the LAPD for over 20 years and is one of the most important names behind SWAT. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see him (and even talk to him) in person.

2014 Blade Show: June 6 – 8


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As the show’s own website says: there’s no such thing as too many knives!

While not a tactical training or gear exhibit per se, the Blade Show in Atlanta, GA is still worth mentioning. The event claims the title of the world’s largest knife show and reasonably so. With over 200 booths and about 700 seller tables, there will be more blades than hands to handle them.

A highlight of the BLADE Show is the World Cutting Championship, which will feature modern-day knife wielders as they compete to claim the 2014 title. And if this piques your curiosity, be sure to visit the BLADE University while you’re there to learn more about knife-making from industry professionals.

Which events are you most excited about? Please drop us a comment, we’d be happy to hear from you!

Written by Ivan Petkov

With a big love of travelling and hiking, he is always happy to spend some time wandering around nearby mountains. Combine that with an interest in Chinese poetry of mountain hermits and appreciation for tea, and you have someone who’d rather spend a night under the stars, than under a roof. Then throw in a DIY attitude for anything that needs to be done in one’s home and what you end up with is Ivan. Ivan is also a regular contributor to the Work ’N Gear blog.

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6 thoughts on “Top 4 Tactical Conferences and Exhibits You Shouldn’t Miss”

  1. So this year the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show was all about tactical gear and training… interesting. I wish I could have gone so I could better learn the skills necessary for racially profiling large herds of Deer. I may have even been able to learn secrets from the experts on how to stack up with my fellow hunters, prior to the obligatory “FLASHBANG OUT!” and then the tactical breach of the high mountain meadow full of Elk. I will bet they had a full array of the newest real-ghetto camouflage to use while stalking a perp.

    Sorry I find it funny that the show has changed from a sportsman show into something more akin to a law enforcement conference and toy show. I would still love to go though 🙂

  2. It’s better to have it in case you need it, than to need it and not have it…..Get the basics like good work gloves and knee pads. If you ever have to crawl your way out of the urban jungle, you will be glad you have these in your BOB.

  3. Can there be any doubt that law enforcement is training to substitute for the military that is prohibited by law from being deployed within the US? Ask yourself why law enforcement even thinks that is necessary. This is very worrisome. Everyone be prepared to do whatever it takes to defend yourselves and your families. And I do mean WHATEVER IT TAKES.

  4. HappyClinger, I think you may be right looking at how some law enforcement agencies and individuals are acting, it seems they are seeing how far the people can be pushed. The military is still training for urban combat as I have heard they are building a mock up of a city in VA.

  5. Thanks for the pragmatic, albeit slightly dark outlook guys lol. On the bright side at least we’re still free to acquire similar items to always stay on a level playing field.

    @Brad real-ghetto camouflage could be the next big fashion statement!


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