1. actually install as many ground plane wires that you can in your case after modeling probably 32evenly spaced in a complete circle.
    Remember that 2m is line of sight and pine tree needles are notorious absorbers of those wavelengths.

  2. Thanks B.J. After the j-pole recommendation, and now yours, think I might have to get this out to the field for some testing with different antenna configurations.

  3. Thanks BJ!

    I’ve used a similar approach so I could push 5/8 wave over 5/8 wave antennas up into trees. They require a ground plane to work and give 5.5 db of gain. I’ve had great results as long as I took care with the ground plane and tuned the assembly with an antenna analyzer.
    I always do the “big two” with VHF and UHF antennas:

    1. Get it right
    2. Get it up

    It works and the range increases are pretty dramatic.

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