Mini-survival kit………one example

Sometimes a little can go a long ways. I remember as a teenager reading an article in SURVIVE Magazine where the author was going on an overnight trip on a houseboat with some friends. He wanted to bring a few supplies “just in case”. He managed to put a small kit in his suitcase – along with an Armalite AR-180 which had a folding stock. I was impressed with the article way back then.

Anyways – certain circumstances may demand that carrying a full-sized backpack kit is just not realistic. I decided to put together a small kit in a MTM Survivor Dry Box. The MTM Survivor Dry Box measures inside 8.2 x 5.0 x 4.4-Inch. This is not a large box. There is a built in compass and signaling mirror. Honestly – the compass is terrible. It does not work all that great – but it is better than nothing.

The box closes very securely with 3 separate latches. Once closed – it is very water resistant as it has a built in o-ring seal. There are also attachment points for a shoulder sling or to attach a rope. This thing is made rugged.

Above the contents of the kit are laid out. They are as follows:

  • emergency blanket
  • first aid kit
  • zip-loc bag
  • fire starting kit
  • cylume lightsticks
  • water purification tablets
  • insect repellent
  • paracord
  • compass
  • knife
  • zip ties
  • Maglite LED Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Mini-LED light
  • Glass cleaner packets for eye glasses
  • food bars/crackers
There is room for a couple more items. I plan to add a small fishing kit as well as a cable saw. A couple comments about some of the contents. The zip-loc bag can be used for many things – including holding water. The firestarting kit contains a variety of items including matches, lighters, tinder and more. Insect repellent may not seem like much of a priority-  but here in the Southeast – it is for me.
There is an endless number of kit variations that can be assembled – this is but one.

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3 thoughts on “Mini-survival kit………one example”

  1. Nice little kit you put together, looks like it is probably meant for one person. What is your recommendation for someone with a family, including small children?

  2. Rourke, That is a very good idea. I think I will make one up for the truck and put it behind the seat. I like the waterproof box idea and it looks as though if you wanted to you could put quite a bit more in the box. Maybe a bit more on the first aid side. Cotton balls with vasoline on them and maybe a GMRS handheld radio?

  3. You could wrap the perimeter with some duct tape and even tape other items like fish hooks under the tape. I have some smaller Otter Boxes I believe is the brand that I keep full of matches. I used them on a 4 day hot, wet and humid canoe trip and everything stayed dry.


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