5 barter items to stock up on now

Barter: The exchange of goods or services with other goods or services without the use of money.

At one time our ancestors existed largely on the barter system. All kinds of things were traded including crops, labor, clothing, furs, and tools. Back then a highly complex financial system did not exist as it did today. If we should ever return to those times bartering may become an essential source of commerce.

There are hundreds of items that could be useful for bartering.


Here are my Top 5 Barter Items to stock up on:

Lighters – Lighters are inexpensive, effective, and easy to use. Many can be stored away in a small box and have a very long shelf life.

Food – When food becomes scarce its value increases dramatically. Pouches of freeze dried food are lightweight, tasty, and easy to prepare. A Mountain House 72 Hour Kit is a good way to put back some of these pouches for trading later on.

Candles Candles are extremely high value as they provide heat, assist in firestarting, and provide light. Imagine in a grid down situation where there is no source of light night after night. The evening would become a dreaded and feared part of each day.

Seeds – As the overall supply of food decreases those with the land to grow food will find tremendous value in seeds. Seeds are inexpensive and store well.


Alcohol – Whether one may have a moral objection to the use of alcohol or not doesn’t change the fact that in a SHTF situation stress levels will be at an all time high and people will look for a means to cope. Alcohol is just one method people will use to de-stress and escape the reality of what is going on around them. What specifically to store? Whiskey.


That concludes my Top 5 list. There are many items not on this list that could be. One item in particular I purposely excluded is ammunition.

I totally disagree with the premise of trading ammunition for just about anything unless what is being traded for is absolutely needed. The concern is once the individual has the ammunition they may now believe they have the means to take from you what they want. It is just not worth it.

Happy trading!!




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