INFOGRAPHIC: Bug Out Bag the Essentials


This infographic looks pretty good and I like the organization method of using different color internal bags. A couple things not mentioned include a water purifier and a firearm.

There are lots of great water filters on the market including the Lifestraw, Sawyer Mini Water Filter,  the Katadyn line of water filters.  As far as a firearm that is for another post and the choices are truly wide open.


bug out bag guide



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3 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: Bug Out Bag the Essentials”

  1. Not a bad list, however, I see a lot of superfluous stuff that just adds weight like; black AND blue pen WITH a highlighter, 10″ crow bar, nail clippers and nail file, wire cutters (use the multi tool). Also there is NOTHING for water purification. You can’t even use the water bottle to boil water, aluminum water bottles are lined with plastic. Fire building is a bit light also. Plus, only one MRE. This is really a little “emergency” bag you might stash at the office.


  2. Since joining the “Prepper” community in 2011, I purchased a bunch of survival related items from CH Kadels/BUDK. If you are on their e-mail list, they frequently offer discounts of 20, 25 and even 30 percent. Although this information may prove valuable to someone just starting crisis/disaster preparation, this infographic is probably more an advertisement to shop with them than an accurate checklist. The smaller packs would be better described as “Get Home” as opposed to “Bug Out” Bags.

  3. Hmm. I agree about the pens comment, lack of metallic containers,and lack of food. Never bug out without a rifle and some ammo. Gotta eat, dudes!!! I also have five sets of wire snares, and a hand held ham radio, and a small solar charger. I keep it all in my car some hidden in various places, but all ready at had.


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