How Solo Stoves work…..


I recently came across this picture that shows how a Solo Stove works. I own one and love it. Not just because the Solo Stove is a sponsor of mine but the thing is just great. Lightweight, portable, and easy to use – the Solo Stove is an excellent backpacking stove to have in a survival kit or get home bag. 

With a nearly endless fuel supply (wood) the Solo Stove can be relied upon to cook many meals. I reviewed one back in 2012 – check it out HERE.

For more info on the Stove – visit their website at

Do you have a favorite mini-stove?

 – Rourke




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  1. They all work pretty much the same as a “hobo” stove – just a tin can with vent holes. But for ease of use and transport my favorite is an Emberlit. It has interlocking plate and it folds flat for easy packing (

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