5 Great Ways to Protect Your Home

I don’t mean to scare anyone,  but have you looked at the news recently?

The economy isn’t getting any better and as our nation continues to decline ever deeper into economic recession, crime is on the rise. While some may argue that crime isn’t any worse than it was ten or fifteen years ago, few can deny the correlation between the crimes of desperation and our nation’s current financial state. In these trying times, you can’t afford to leave things up to chance – you need to protect your home and what’s yours.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Upgrade the locks. If you just recently moved into a new residence and the locks might be old, then replace them. Of course, be sure to check with your landlord if this is an apartment. You can purchase decent-quality locks at your local hardware store.

2. Don’t be such a showoff. If you have drapes or shades, consider drawing them when you turn in for the night. Especially if you have any rooms where you keep your big screen TV, gaming systems, etc. The less you advertise the less reason an intruder has to let themselves in.

3. Don’t forget about man’s best friend. While not a guaranteed intruder-stopper, statistics show that thieves are less likely to come in if a dog is present. A dog can also be trained to effectively defend your home but you should consult with a professional before attempting any guard dog training. After all, you don’t want your dog popping off on someone who doesn’t deserve it or, worse, a guest.

4. Purchase a firearm. Use your discretion, with this one. Take into account just how dangerous your particular neck of the woods is and really think about the consequences – especially if you are a family man, with children in the home. If you do have children, make sure you properly store your firearm to avoid any potential tragedy. Also, if you are going to get a gun, make sure you know how to use it. Go to the range and get some proper training and remember: a gun is a weapon, not a toy. Don’t draw on anyone or anything you don’t intend to destroy.

5. Invest in a home security system. There are a number home security systems to choose from, but the one many people swear by is ADT. Make sure you do some research though and find the system that is right for you. Many of these systems come with preemptive measures like outdoor signs or window decals that can further deter any would-be intruders.

And remember that these are not guarantees. One can never know what a person is capable of when they are desperate and determined enough, but at least these suggestions can give you a fighting chance.

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5 thoughts on “5 Great Ways to Protect Your Home”

  1. Plant bushes which have spines (holly is a good example) under your windows on the back and sides of your house. Most unlawful window entries do not occur on the street side (must be some issue crooks have with the neighbors observing their activities). Spiney plants create a natural deterrant – bad guys don’t like pain any more than you or I.

    Whenever you get a new toy (TV, computer, M-4 with all the goodies, etc) take the packaging to a dumpster (best if you have permission) or at least break the boxes down and put them in trash bags rather than set them at the curb for everyone who drives by to note your newest acquisition.

    Put a sign in your front yard which reads “We firmly believe the US Consitution and the attendant Bill of Rights gives us the inalienable right to use firearms to defend our lives and property. However, our neighbor is a pacifist liberal who believed guns should be restricted to police and military. Choose wisely”.

  2. You reference the security system through ADT, but you can get the same benefit from a DIY installation and without the monthly fee. Not trying to plug any one system, but an example is

    Elk M1GSYS4S Gold Security System with Semi-Flush-Mount Keypad from SmartHome.com

    Get a similar system from a similar source, but the interesting thing is that you can program the contact numbers to direct them to your own cell phone with backup contact numbers to either a neighbor or another family member.

    Other options include adding a personal alarm pendant for family members to carry in the house (The “I have fallen and can’t get up!” scenario) or the programmable RF controls which can flip lights on and off on some random schedule for the “I appear to be home, but not” scenario.

    The house we live in had one installed when we moved in. I eliminated the monthly service charge, but enjoy the benefits all by changing the contact numbers.

    Just a thought and observation.

  3. security system Is useless if we are hit with a EMP or a HEMP . When SHTF comes your home needs to be already FORTIFIED. JUST SAYING . Mine is . thanks for every thing you send me it’s in a file.

  4. A sign in the yard that indicates the company and type of home security installed actually helps thieves get into your home! A thief can find out particulars about your system, then be able to tell when your system is armed and you’re away. A few practice runs to make sure they have your system figured out and when you’re away from home, they disarm the system and have their way with your “stuff.”


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