Garden looking good so far…..

The garden is looking good so far this season. In previous years I tended to overpack my gardening space with plants. I guess my thoughts behind this was to try to get the maximum harvest possible as if it was a survival situation. I did use a decent amount of fertilizer (Miracle Grow) so the plants never seemed to suffer from malnutrition. 


This year I planted the least amount ever with a decent amount of space between hills and rows. So far – things seem to be growing rapidly and everything has a deep green color to it. Unfortunately the grass and weeds are enjoying the growing season as well. Twice per week I am out there weeding and it is looking good. I am but a couple days from harvesting some Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash. 


The potato plants are looking great but really won’t know how well they have done until they die off and I look underground. Last year I had good success. Cucumbers are almost to the stage where small ones can be seen. Tomato’s are looking good with one plant having a few growing. 

Under my kitchen window I created a “flower bed” last year. Well – no flowers. I have been planting tomato’s, crooknecks and cucumbers there. Soil is not as rich as in the garden and you can tell looking at the plants, but they are growing.


The three year old blueberry bushes have really grown this year and are double last years size already. My blackberry bushes have flowered and have small berries ripening. I know several spots locally that blackberries grow wild and am looking forward to doing some serious picking – and putting back.

Gardening is probably one of the most important skills that someone can learn and practice in preparation for any long term survival situation. No doubt I have a lot left to learn. One of my next forays into preparedness is going to be having chickens for eggs. When? Not sure but I am looking forward to it.

So – how is YOUR garden doing?



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5 thoughts on “Garden looking good so far…..”

  1. Well, yours is a month or more ahead of mine. We had a frost a bit over a week ago, and may have another yet, although June is usually frost free. Far North Illinois.

    • Hi Paul. Yeah – I definitely take advantage of the long growing season here in South Carolina.

      Take care –


  2. Looking very nice! Down here in SW Florida I’m pulling out old spent plants and mulching heavy for the hot and rainy season approaching. Sometimes I grow okra and sweet potatoes during the hot season but this year I’m just going to let it rest and sheet compost with heavy mulch.

  3. Rourke, the squash looks good, mine is no where near that nice looking. I am trying a container garden for the first time and we will see if I can have success, I have my doubts at this stage.


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