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Here are today’s FREE Survival & Preparedness Kindle eBooks. Grab these books while you can – most are available for free for a Limited Time Only!

You can read Kindle books wherever you are and on any device with the Free Kindle App – you don’t even have to own a Kindle to use the app!

These eBooks will cover topics such as survival, preparedness, gardening, homesteading, medical, health, etc.

Remember – prices can change at any time…..


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6 thoughts on “Free Survival & Preparedness Kindle eBooks”

  1. Awesome Rourke – thanks for sharing!!! These are perilous times – people get ready, it’s coming. Keep Looking UP
    Cause that’s where the help comes from. . .
    ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

  2. Fantastic!!! Thanks again Rourke….every time i can add good stuff to my”treasure room”(my personal tag for a library) i am motivated to keep pushing. JBernDrApt-SO true! Keep encouraging us, it is TOO easy to sit back and not move on this. Yes…looking for God’s grace and help. Seems i am needing it more every day…and it is good to know this community is bound by that as well-thanks.

    • I Joyce, Saw your post and remembered that you and someone else asked for a recipe (Chicken Tiki Masala)

      Here it is
      4 chicken breast chopped bite size
      1 can Campbell’s tomato soup
      1 jar Tiki Masala
      1 can cocconut milk or cream (if you want a Thai twist)
      1 cup sour cream or yorgurt

      1. Place chicken, Tiki Masala, Tomato soup in pressure cooker at high pressure for 40 minutes.

      2. When finished stir in coconut or yogurt or sour cream of your choice.

      3. Serve over rice, potatoes, pasta or serve as a soup.

      or “can” it for later use as a food multiplier in preps

      Pressure can at 75 minutes for pints.


      • Yea……!!!!! Thank You for this recipe Badger359, looks really yummy and easy! Love using coconut products…milk, cream and especially coconut oil so i will definitely opt for the coconut milk.
        I buy my oil from Wilderness Family Naturals in 5gal buckets…expeller pressed-ends up being $135+shipping for me is under $15. I also have a 5gal bucket of the cold pressed oil my family uses for soap/skincare which tastes/smells like coconut but costs about twice as much as the expeller pressed which has no flavor(great for cooking!) Nope, no affiliation, i just love the product and really great customer service they provide….thought it worth sharing.


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