Firestarters by Crayola

Amazing the things that we all have laying around that have some really great uses and do not even know it. Take crayons for instance. I had read somewhere that they were good for starting fires. I was at Wally World picking up a few things and I told my wife I needed to go get something.

“What do you need to get?,” she asked.

“Crayons.”, I said.

“Crayons? Why in the world are you buying crayons?”, she asked. 

“I think they will make good fire starters and want to test it out.”, I responded.

My response was followed by the biggest eye-rolling in history and a very large sigh, “whatever….”, she said.


I figured I would go with the top-of-the-line Crayola brand. I bought a small pack and after getting home turned into a pyromaniac. Took the crayons out to my grill and started messing with them. In a very short amount of time I discovered something very important…..

They burn and burn extremely well.

What I found was that it works best when you light the non-pointy end. The paper wrapper works as a wick and the melting wax boils and burns. You can see from the picture above that a pretty good flame is emitted. I also found that these burning crayons are fairly wind resistant. A gusting wind will blow them out but a light breeze that may blow out a match or candle has little effect on the crayon.


Lastly – one crayon burns for a pretty long time. I did not time it but at least 15 minutes.

Pretty cool discovery. Have any crayons lying around? Give it a try. It also works extremely well to break the crayons up into smaller pieces – just leave the wrapper on.

Funny though – noticed my hamburgers tasted a little odd after this test for some reason.



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5 thoughts on “Firestarters by Crayola”

  1. Rourke- you are always thinking ! Great idea with the crayons. Caution-crayons also melt if left in the heat.
    As kids I left them on my Dads car dash board -oh boy !! They ran into the car heating grate there.
    Every Aug Walmart usually sells crayola crayons for 25 cents per small box- just before school starts so I
    buy several boxes -good for the grand children for school and for when the power goes out. Arlene

  2. I have been stocking up every August on the crayolas. My wife thinks it is crazy, but when the dog eats my “colors.” We have backups.

  3. Okay that’s cool. Funny about the taste. If crayons are used just to start a fire and not on a grill. Would the taste still be affected?

  4. Quick, someone notify the school police the kiddos are playing with fire sticks. Thanks Rourke. Light the non-pointy end. I get it. Good idea.


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