Equipment Review: WonderMill Junior Deluxe Grain/Flour Mill


I am relatively new to grain mills. Last year I started purchasing varieties of wheat to supplement my food storage program and needed a method to grind it. I picked up a small manual grinder which worked fine other than it would take a few hours to grind enough flour to make a loaf of bread. As I continue to increase my preps – including stored wheat – I needed a better grinder.

Enter: the WonderMill Junior Deluxe Grain/Flour Mill.

First off I want to say that the pictures that follow just do not do the Junior Deluxe justice. This mill is built extremely durable and fit and finish is fantastic.  It is powder coated for easy clean up.

Initial testing took place after opening the box it was shipped in and assembling the mill. Directions were clear and easy to understand. Assembly was also simple and straightforward.

Included in the box:

  • Junior Deluxe Mill
  • Set of stone grinding heads
  • Set of stainless steel burr heads
  • Heavy duty double clamp system
  • Drill bit attachment (optional accessory)

First order of business after assembly was to attach the mill to some railing.  The heavy duty dual mount system can be attached to tables, counters, or in my case railing up to 2″ inches thick. The Junior Deluxe can also be permanently mounted directly to a counter or table via 4 holes on the base of the unit.

Once mounted looking into the hopper I realized this thing holds quite a bit – over a quart. This makes for more grinding and less filling = gets the job done faster.

For this initial testing I choose some white wheat to grind up. I prefer white wheat over hard red wheat. Just a personal preference though I store both.

I filled the hopper, snugged the stones adjustment knob and began to turn the large handle. It took me several adjustments before I was able to get the ground wheat to exit the machine as a fine flour. It was very easy. Once the final adjustment was made flour continued to pour out of the Junior Deluxe as a couple of us took turns working the handle.

I was really impressed with the output which was much higher than my other smaller mill.

A few final comments:

  • The mount never loosened up during the grinding which went on for around 45 minutes. I really yanked, pulled, and pushed on this thing and it stood up just fine. I really expected for it to loosen up and require additional tightening but it just never happened.
  • The Junior Deluxe is capable of generating fine flour, cracked grain for cereal, ground coffee, flax, herbs, and even nut butters.
  • The flour guide works extremely well directing all four into a bowl placed under it.


Storing wheat and other bulk food products is inexpensive and of tremendous value to the survivalist/prepper. Having a grinder to handle the daily needs of a family is also valuable. The WonderMill Junior Deluxe is absolutely capable of providing great performance for years and years.

Highly recommended.


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  1. You said that your old mill took a few hrs to get enough flour for a loaf of bread. So how fast will this one put out the same amount?

    • Raptor – I put out 7 cups of flour in about 45 minutes. my small one did less than half that in the same amount of time.


  2. That sounds pretty good. Price seems pretty reasonable too. ur post came at the prefect time im in the market for a mill. thanks for the info.

  3. Rourke, I looked at the Junior when I was in the market for a grain mill. In the end I ended up going with the Grain Maker Mill. After several years of use I am still just as happy as the day I bought it! One of the advantages to it is that I can hook it up to a staionary bike to power it. I also like that I can adjust the grind of the grain. With my mill I have made everything from pastry flour to cracked wheat even corn meal. Enjoy all the possibilities that you have with your new mill! Amy

  4. Just looked this up with the reviews. $219 for the Deluxe, $169 for the basic model. The big difference is the deluxe comes with the stainless steel burrs-there are others… The stone burrs are used for creating flour.
    Good review.

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