8 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Most all of us have a bottle – or twelve – of hydrogen peroxide put back. Did you know that its uses are more than just wound disinfection? Hydrogen peroxide actually has a multitude of uses and makes the storage of it even more important.

Oh and by the way there is a reason hydrogen peroxide comes in a dark brown bottle. It is because light will ruin its potency.

It should be obvious to see how all of these uses are directly related to preparedness.

Here’s the list……

Tooth Cleanser – mix with baking soda to make an extremely effective tooth cleaning paste.

Antiseptic Mouth Rinse – Hydrogen peroxide can help with canker sores as well as kill germs causing bad breath. Consider diluting with water to verify it won’t cause too much irritation if used full strength.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Pour a half a cup into the toilet bowl and let sit for 20-30 minutes. Come back and wipe clean.

Pet Saver – If your pet swallows something they shouldn’t have and you need to make them throw up simply get them to drink some hydrogen peroxide. Very effective as within minute the animal will be vomiting.

Disinfect and Clean Wounds – the most obvious use.  Irrigating the wound with hydrogen peroxide can help clear away dead tissue and kill bacteria.

Acne and Boils – Just like treating a wound the use of hydrogen peroxide on infected acne and boils and greatly increase the healing. It works!

Athlete’s Foot – There are different types of fungus that cause athlete’s foot as well as jock itch. Many people have had success treating these fungi with hydrogen peroxide.

Household Cleaning – Disinfect your countertops by  mixing hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts. Remember to keep the mixture away from light to protect the hydrogen peroxide from loosing its strength. Something to consider if no other cleaning agents are available.

Hope this list generated a few ideas and will get you to put back a few extra bottles.

Gotta get going now. Heading to the dollar store to pick up a few bottles of hydrogen peroxide.


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5 thoughts on “8 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide”

  1. Another great use for Hydrogen peroxide is to get rid of skunk smell on your dogs.
    mix the following:
    1 quart of Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
    1/4 cup baking soda.
    2 TSP Dawn Dish detergent (the blue stuff)
    mix it in a bucket (it will fizz)
    Don’t wet your dog first, but soak your dog in the mixed solution for 20 minutes.
    make sure to keep the solution out of your pets eyes (use a sponge to wipe around their face)
    Knead solution into their fur ensuring to get every part of your dog.
    Be especially careful around their eyes, if their eyes appear red and swollen contact your vet.
    Do not premix this solution as Hydrogen peroxide degrades in sunlight.

    This works great I had to use this 2 days ago on our 3 dogs, the smell completely goes away…now, if I can only spray it around my yard.

  2. My household is prone to ear/sinus infections that used to require antibiotics and days of agony until the drugs kicked in, particularly when it involved jaw or tooth pain. Several decades ago, my mother-in-law shocked me when she suggested putting peroxide in the ear, but we’ve sworn by it ever since.

    Assuming that you’re one of those who doesn’t scream in pain when you get water in your ear, just lay flat and have someone slowly spoon peroxide in your ear (less than a teaspoon full). Do it slowly, because it’ll probably be cold and might be a little uncomfortable. Wear an old shirt and keep a ratty towel handy for spills. Stay like that for at least 10 minutes, then tilt your head and let the liquid drain out. If you catch the infection early enough, one treatment is all it takes. For more severe infections, do this once or twice a day for 2 or 3 days. Since more than 1/2 of our family is allergic to penicillin, I’m always thrilled when we can avoid antibiotics.

  3. OTC strength hydrogen peroxide is used to induce vomiting in dogs. Forced down the throat with a lot of foaming and unhappiness on the canine’s part, eventually it will ALL come up. Such is usually indicated when a dog ingests a rat poison such as ROPAX. As such poisons cause bleeding from the capillary beds, so in addition to promptly inducing vomiting, the dog should receive a shot of vitamin K to increase clotting capacity.

    Concentrated hydrogen peroxide and red fuming nitric acid make a potent and common rocket fuel.

    Trivia for the day.



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