7 survival lessons from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on television. It is fiction of course and I catch myself often saying – “Oh come on man……what about ??????” But hey – it’s entertaining. What the apocalyptic show does do fairly well is offer up situations to consider when looking at your preps.

7 Survival Lessons from The Walking Dead (1)

Here are 7 survival lessons from The Walking Dead:

1. There is strength in numbers. Within a group there will be a multitude of experiences, knowledge, and skill sets. Diversity is good when you never know what kind of situation and problem falls in your lap. The lone prepper will struggle securing a perimeter as well as completing all the essential tasks. Rick, Glenn, and group have survived hordes of zombies due to having sufficient numbers.

2. Have a plan. Although prediction of every possible scenario is not realistic having a set of basic plans is necessary. Communication of this plan is a must as well. If there is a need to relocate/bug out – where will you go? Although some fly by the seat of their pants like Daryl Dixon he survives due the writers of a script. Make plans. Make procedures. Communicate them to all involved.

Trust no one. This really is about non-family. You just never know what is going on in someones head and what their intentions are. Someone can come across one way but underneath be something else entirely. How many people on The Walking Dead have seemed to have good intentions however reality brought forward something quite different? Remember the Governor?


3. Never let your guard down. Pretty much sums it up. In a survival situation keep your head on a swivel and eyes wide open. Far too often just when it seems like things are turning around for Rick and the gang someone gets their leg eaten.

4. Mental preparedness is just as important as beans, bullets, and band-aids. Losing your cool in a stressful situation can lead to some pretty bad consequences. Many have panicked on The Walking Dead and ended up being the main course of a herd of zombies.

5. Medical preparedness is essential. Survival situations can often present rough, physical conditions. Injuries are bound to happen. Whether it be a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or zombie infestation medical care is critically important.

6. It can always get worse. Yes – it could. Just when things seem to have gotten as bad as they could get Murphy may show up and take it to a new level.

7. Get in shape. Survival situation tend to get physical. How often do you hear of those who survived disasters having to travel miles on foot, tread water for hours, or run from zombies. Numerous times in The Walking Dead the slow get eaten and the fast survive. Physical conditioning matters.


Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.


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3 thoughts on “7 survival lessons from The Walking Dead”

  1. GOOD points….The Walking Dead, never started watching. There’s many a TV show i would have liked to see, many i am sure would be very informative even though they are fictional/science fiction. But i tend to be”all in”when i start watching and even with the ability to record there is never enough time for everything. Sort of ironic, it is probable our future will seem unreal/out of a movie till our minds catch up…if they ever do. For those of us never in the military, i know this aspect could be our downfall. Thanks once again Rourke and all for the information you share that gives us a chance.

  2. Fiction??!!! WTF!!! Hordes of zombies relentlessly pursuing a small band of Americans who believe in their right to defend themselves with firearms seems pretty realistic to me.


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