5 Morale Boosting Foods for When the Shtf

We all have a favorite food that we eat either out of pure enjoyment or for the “comfort” it provides.  Me? Kellogg’s Blueberry unfrosted Pop Tarts. Ever since I was a kid regardless of what was happening around me sitting back with a pair of hot Pop Tarts and a tall glass of milk = paradise.

In high stress situations these comfort foods can provide some level of stress release and a calming effect. This would be very welcome.

Let’s face it, when the SHTF and people are freaking out and you are trying to calm them down anything that helps could be a lifesaver.

Here is my list for the top 5 Morale Boosting Foods For After The SHTF:

1.  Coffee – One of the most popular drinks in the United States, coffee is legendary as a MUST HAVE morning drink or functionality for the entire day just may suffer. Coffee can be stored ground with a limited lifespan or in bean form for longer life.

2. Hard Candy – Ever ate a candy cane in the middle of summer? For many it will bring back memories of past Christmas holidays and found memories. Hard candy has an excellent shelf life.

3. Chocolate – Chocolate has a limited life expectancy. Storing in the fridge helps and freezing makes it last for years. Chocolate bars can be vacuum sealed to help extend life as well.

4. Bacon – Imagine the smell of bacon several weeks after the SHTF. Would that not provide some sense of normalcy and lift spirits? Canned bacon with a shelf life of 2+ years.

5. Alcohol – This may be controversial but for many people a comfort “food”¬†would certainly include alcohol. I am not recommending getting sloshed to drown stresses, rather a glass of wine here or there could be very welcome. Some common sense needs to be used with this one.

If there are kids in the group consider special accommodations for them. A few Pez dispensers and Tic Tacs would be good. Finding out some of their favorite snacks or foods that could be stored for at least the medium-term.

Many of us prepare for an uncertain future and want to do at least a little better than just survive it.

While thriving may be too much to ask have some sense of normalcy would certainly reduce the burden on the nerves at least a bit.


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17 thoughts on “5 Morale Boosting Foods for When the Shtf”

  1. Good list Rourke. Just a few quick comments.

    Coffee. Wifey and I have a decent stash of ground that we rotate. With rationing, we can stay caffeinated for a few months. Green, unroasted beans, vacuum packed can last for years. I have about 15 pounds stashed for the S hitting the fan for a longer time.
    Hard candy. I’m not a hard candy guy but it would be a good idea to put some away for others. (Grandkids, barter, ?)
    Chocolate. One of my 5 major food groups. Unfortunately it does not store well. However, cocoa powder lasts longer (unopened) and can do in a pinch. (cake, cookies, hot cocoa for the kiddies on a cold night.)
    Bacon. Of course.
    Alcohol. I like a glass of wine on occasion. Don’t drink much beer or hard stuff. That said, I do have some vodka stashed. It can be used in cooking, making extracts, and it has many uses in first aid.

    Part of the morale boost is just trying to maintain some feeling of normalcy.


    • Thanks for sharing DesertRatJak. I have never been a coffee drinker but a lot of people are. My wife MUST have her morning coffee. I need to stockpile more.

  2. Good lists. Our 5 would be coffee,tea,candy,dried fruit, popcorn. Popcorn and milk eaten at the same time produce an amino acid that is essential-sorry I cannot remember which amino acid !!!( forgive me I am a senior prepper smile!!)Arlene

    Rourke – pop tarts dont do it for me but Rings dings or Yodels-do !!!

  3. how long are the pop tarts good for? would vacuum sealing help? Bought 6 packages from Wal-mart online – prices great and free shipping over $50. Also, bought 6 bags of coffee beans from same place – vacuum seal too?

    thanx for the good ideas –

  4. Chocolate can last for a long long time. I melt chocolate into sterile pint jars and can in a steam bath. I then store the goodies at below room temperature. I have some high quality chocolate that is 10 years old and still tasty.


  5. Tater Tots are immortalized in my Comfort Food Hall of Fame. I’ve had a love/hate affair with those little jewels since I was a kid. Just wish I could figure out how to keep them for the long term, lol. In retrospect, it would probably be better anyway if I could not get them.

  6. Better than hooch, I have proper means to prepare more as a potential trade material for the future. Of course I have six bottles of single malt Glenfidditch well padded inside a five gallon bucket buried somewhere, useful for among other things to toast private treaty.


  7. PR…I have some nice large SS pots and lots of copper tubing for condensers. A lot of sugar cane around here that cuts one of the steps. Know of any recipes to turn citrus into hootch?….gadzillions of oranges surrounding me would be great to tap all of that alcohol.. Regards.

    • Hi rrawhide – regarding vacuum sealing pop tarts I have never done it but am sure it would extend the life some. How much? Not sure. Maybe 50%? Worth a try.

  8. Textures. I agree completely with Rourke’s list, but whatever you do, make sure you have a combination of hard and squishy, sweet and salty. I prefer gumdrops over hard candy, and they actually vacuum-seal rather well. I’m not big on pudding and Jell-O, but when I was out of work I found myself craving those things. Sometimes homemade brownies just aren’t good enough!


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