Infographic: 13 Skills You Need for SHTF Preparation

Life is about choices. The decisions we make impact our quality of life and the legacy we leave. For the prepared, the choice to always be ready for survival is clear. This includes food, water and supply storage but also being prepared to survive in the elements. Collecting water, cooking wild game and shelter construction are all vital survival skills. To be truly SHTF ready, you’ll need advanced skills like modifying AR-15’s with different accessories. Take a look through this infographic and make sure you have the skills to survive.

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4 thoughts on “Infographic: 13 Skills You Need for SHTF Preparation”

  1. I like well thought out infographics, especially those organized like a computer flow chart. I think many people would have a problem with the water section, specifically that old oft quoted solar still. The only time I have ever seen one work well was in an area the humidity was so great, dew formed like rainwater – and of course in those areas one usually has a host of better water options.

    Pan fry a rabbit it its own fat? Come on. Bake or roast makes more sense.

    I especially like the closing graphic. For the unprepared and inexperienced, a group would probably offer more options. For those experienced and prepared, the nuclear family is about the optimal group. Adding inexperienced or unequipped members would only dilute precious resources.


  2. Survivors should be careful when preparing wild rabbits or other +rodents” for food.
    They do periodically carry bubonic plague or other pathogens. Its’s recommended that
    good rubber gloves be worn when when cleaning wild rabbit. Rabbit is very tough to
    chew, I roasted or boiled the meat. The northwestern mountains here have snowshoe
    rabbit and other ground burrowing animals which are edible

  3. You’re welcome Rourke
    You have a great site. I’ve been a survivalist for 40yrs. I spent 4yrs in Alaska,
    and have extensive experience in Washington’s Pasayten Wilderness-North Cascades.
    Worked in timber industry 28yrs. No, I don’t sleep near rushing streams where a
    bear can sneek up on you.
    Best Regards


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